Hogwarts Legacy Crossed Wands Duels Guide

Learn expert tips and strategies to conquer the Crossed Wands duels.

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Hogwarts Legacy experience is more than missions; Crossed Wands Duels is one of them. Subject to the order in which you completed tasks in Hogwarts Legacy if you can recall Sebastian Sallow mentioned an illegitimate dueling club. This enigmatic institution is called Crossed Wands, and if you want to refine your combat talents before venturing into the world, this is the place to go. This Hogwarts Legacy Crossed Wands Duels guide helps you do your best and win the Crossed Wands matches.

Crossed Wands duels are unlocked on your first day as a student. Once you’ve obtained Accio and Levioso, you’ll receive a sidequest requiring you to speak with Lucan Brattleby. If you desire to visit him, you’ll find him in the Clock Tower area near a quick travel point. The crossed wands duels have three rounds and while moving forward, each round becomes progressively tougher than the last. Your goal, pretty much, is to outlast your opponents and defeat them. Don’t worry, you can ask Lucan to start a practice battle against a training dummy. This allows you to practice combos and air juggles using various spells.

Crossed Wands Duels Round 1

Hogwarts Legacy Crossed Wands Round 1

This duel is the easiest one among the three. This duel initiates a 2v2 fight where Lucan pairs you with your partner Sebastian Sallow – the guy from Defence Against the Dark Arts Class against two students. Firstly, you need to break through the yellow shields. Spell Levioso will do this job for you. After breaking past the shield, pressing R3 targets and aims at adversaries without training. Press R to toggle in between the targets.

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Beware of these opponents as they will have Protego Charms active, making them immune to spells unless you hit them with a corresponding spell of the same color. In this case, Levioso first focuses on combating one target. Sebastian will give you cover from one student, so you only have to defeat one target. Defeat the targets and Lucan will reward you with 180 EXP.

Crossed Wands Duels Round 2

Crossed Wands Duels Round 2

Lucan has prepared a new duel lined up for you in the second round. There you have a choice, you can either do it solo or bring a friend, Sebastian or Natsai. Bringing a partner makes the quest slightly easier. You need to break through their violet shields with a force spell like Accio. Focus on one student at a time and switch to another.

You must break through their violet shields with a force spell like Accio. Focusing on one student at a time, break through a violet shield first, and take down the student while it is still in the air, then move on to the yellow shield student with Levioso. These students will give you a tough time. So, don’t forget to block the incoming assaults with the spells Protego and Stupefy. Lucan will again reward you with 180 EXP.

Crossed Wands Duels Round 3

Crossed Wands Duels Round 3

This is the championship round, and before this round, you’ll have a training session to practice your spell combinations. You’ll counter four students with the support from Sebastian or Natsai or you can also go solo. Lucan will send you an Owl for the final duels call, although this won’t happen until you have learned Incendio. It’s your most potent spell, dealing a massive amount of damage. One limitation is that it has a fairly small range, but you may compensate by using Accio to draw foes to you.

You’ll encounter enemies who have yellow, blue, and red Protego Charms, which makes them resistant to spells unless they’re applied when you juggle enemies in the air to give them serious damage. To turn the fight in your favor, you should make enemies in the order of blue, yellow, and red.

The reason is simple – you can easily take down yellow and blue Protego, but the red one is a bit difficult. Cast Accio against your blue opponent, combo into Incendio, and then basic attack them into oblivion. Yellow is a bit more hard than blue. Cast Levioso, hit them with 3 basic attacks, cast Accio, then Incendio, and then take their last breath with basic attacks.

After these two, you’ll left with two enemies, one with red protego and one without charm. You can take down the non-red one with any of the spell combinations. For the one with red Protego, first, you should break her shield casting Incendio, but this will put the spell on cooldown, which delays the duel. Instead, juggle him in the air and then give him damage, then use Accio, Levioso, and Incendio to finish them out in one catastrophic combo.

Crossed Wands Duels Rewards

In addition to the MXP, you will be rewarded with a Crossed Wands Champion Garb after completing all three rounds, which you can equip from the gear menu in the outfits section.

Tips to Win Duels

If you find it difficult to fight against enemies, we cover you here with some tips. Here are some strategies that can help you:

  • Mastering Your Spells: You’ve got your wand at the ready, but what spells should you cast? That depends on your dueling style. If you’re the aggressive type, you must use Expelliarmus to disarm your opponent. And if you prefer a more defensive strategy, Protego will block the incoming spells.
  • Combos Combinations: Combining spells can give you an advantage in any combat. To surprise your opponent, follow up Stupefy with a fast Levicorpus. The more you practice, the more effective your spell combinations will be.
  • Take Environmental Advantage: You’ll find many objects lying around to use to attack your opponents and use them. You can either throw them in attack or hide behind them to survive the opposition spells.
  • Don’t Forget to Dodge: Remember, the trick to winning the fights isn’t only using spells, but dodging to protect yourself from opponents’ spells too. Movement is crucial in a duel – use the dodge mechanic to avoid incoming spells.
  • Use Your Potions: Apart from spells, there is a variety of potions to boost your stats and help you win difficult battles. The game includes potions that improve both attacking and defensive abilities.

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