How to Defeat Lord of the Shore in Hogwarts Legacy

Here's how you can defeat and subdue Graphorn Lord of the Shore in Hogwarts Legacy.

By GamesRecon

In Hogwarts Legacy, you’re in for a magical ride filled with all sorts of enchanting creatures throughout the storyline. One of the most tough beasts you’ll meet in this game is none other than the Graphorn known as the Lord of the Shores in Hogwarts Legacy. You’ll face this enemy during the main quest, San Bakar’s Trial. This Graphorn isn’t just any ordinary creature; he’s the most dangerous one you’ll fight in the game. And to keep progressing through the story, you must kill him first. Sounds difficult? Don’t worry, this guide will explain how to kill the Lord of the Shore in Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Legacy: How to Defeat Graphorn Lord of the Shore

Fighting with Graphorn Lord of the Shore in the first phase.

Defeating the Hogwarts Legacy Lord of the Shore is a thrilling and challenging encounter, and I found some great tips to help you out. Before you even think of facing this Graphorn, you should equip yourself with talents like Wiggenweld Potency for extra healing, Swift to dodge those rapid attacks, and Maxima Potion Potency for a serious damage boost. Also, make sure your Ancient Magic bars are at maximum capacity – they’re very helpful in this fight.

When you’re in the middle of serious combat, you’ll see rocks and barrels around. Get the help of these with your Ancient Magic Throw to deal some damage to the boss. The Lord of the Shore is fast and will charge at you with his full force, so be prepared to dodge quickly to avoid any damage. Even if you receive a blow from him, just chug a Wiggenweld Potion while you’re down to bounce back again with a maximum health bar. Also, consider using the Eduras Potion to bolster your defense abilities for the second part of the fight.

Deliver your strikes on him with a few rocks, drink a Maxima Potion, and then unleash your Ancient Magic. This action will cause some damage to Graphorn and he will become vulnerable to attacks for a bit. Take advantage of this situation because this is your perfect chance to strike him with strong Hogwart Legacy spells.

When the Lord of the Shore’s health becomes halved, he enters into his second and more aggressive stage. His attacks become faster, requiring you to dodge more skillfully and attack more quickly. But by having three Ancient Magic bars in your inventory, you will be able to get past this part. Same as what you have done in the early phase, drink a Maxima Potion, put a blow to him with Ancient Magic, and follow up with your powerful spells. Repeat this a couple of times, and he’ll be down for the count.

Kneel or Attack choice at the end of Lord of the Shore Boss Fight in Hogwarts Legacy.

Once the Graphorn’s health is critically low, a cinematic will trigger. The beast will charge at you slowly, and you’ll be faced with a choice: Kneel or Attack. You should choose to Kneel, which will end the combat, and a cool bonus, you can subdue and mount him as your rider in the next travels of your game’s journey.

There you have it! A detailed guide to taking down one of the most challenging bosses, these strategies will give you a solid plan to defeat the Lord of the Shore in Hogwarts Legacy and progress further in your game’s storyline. Furthermore, you can read more Hogwarts Legacy guides given below or visit our walkthrough page for all the details.