Hogwarts Legacy Black Family Motto Explained

Let's discover the Hogwarts Legacy Black family motto mystery and solve the main story quest.

By GamesRecon

Ever found yourself neck-deep in a quest, sipping on some Polyjuice and thinking, “Okay, I look like Professor Black, but what the heck was their Hogwarts Legacy Black family motto again?” Yes, been there. If you’ve been grinding through ‘The Polyjuice Plot’ in Hogwarts Legacy, you know exactly what I’m on about. That potion might give you the looks, but there will be no memories at all. Even if you’re just here to zoom through the open-world quest and gain access to those nice Hogwarts secrets, I’ve got your back.

Remember our good old Harry Potter days? When Hermione accidentally turns herself into a cat using the Polyjuice potion, that is hilarious and slightly terrifying. That’s the same tricky brew we’re dealing with in Hogwarts Legacy. In this game, you’ll come across the quest post ‘The Headmistress Speaks’. If you’re like me and sometimes forget the intricate details of the Wizarding World, don’t fret! I’m here to help you connect the dots.

What is the Black Family Motto in Hogwarts Legacy?

Hogwarts Legacy Black Family Motto - Having a talk with Scrope

This is your main move to understand the Hogwarts Legacy Black family motto; head over to the Great Hall (and maybe grab a snack while you’re at it because it’s the Great Hall!) and find Scrope to have a chat. Choose the dialogue option “It’s to do with purity of blood”. Yes, a bit dark and not the kind of chat-up line you’d use at a Hogwarts ball, but it gets the job done here.

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Scrope, being the absolute legend he is, spills the beans. The motto is “Toujours Pur”, which if you didn’t ace your French classes at Hogwarts (or regular school), means ‘Always Pure’. And given the Black family’s whole Muggle-Wizard segregation vibes, it totally tracks.

The Black family has always been super obsessed with keeping the bloodlines “pure”. So, this motto is basically their whole family ethos in a fancy French phrase. That’s it! You’ve unlocked the code, and you didn’t even have to face a boggart or duel a Death Eater.

What Happens Next?

After you’ve flexed your detective muscles, head upstairs and move to the left. But a heads-up: the Polyjuice potion’s effects are fading faster than Fred and George’s inventory on April Fool’s Day. Before you turn back to your fabulous self and blow your cover, find a spot to hide to protect yourself from the hot water.

The quest will be complete once you’ve done your best invisibility cloak impression, you’re good to go. Head back to the headmaster’s room and whip out your wand. Cast that Alohomora level 3 spell (pro tip: wiggle, swish, and flick) and unveil the path to one of those top-secret Hogwarts Legacy goodies.