Final Fantasy 7 (FF7) Rebirth Final Boss Fight and Ending Explained

From Aerith's tragic fate to the epic boss combats and beyond.

By GamesRecon

So, we’ve all been riding the emotional rollercoaster that is Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, right? From the get-go, this game promised us a whirlwind of action, nostalgia, and fresh twists that had us on the edge of our seats. And as we approached the ending, the anticipation was sky-high. Would it stick to the script, or throw us a curveball? Would our beloved characters find their peace, or were we in for more heartache?

Well, the wait is over, and we’ve finally got our answers. But, as with any great story, the ending leaves us pondering and wanting more. In this article, we’re not just recapping the epic showdown with Sephiroth and the fate that befalls Aerith; we will go into the heart of FF7 Rebirth’s climax. We’ll explore the multi-stage boss battle that had us gripping our controllers tighter than ever, and unpack the intriguing twist of multiple timelines that’s set to redefine everything we thought we knew about the world of FF7.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Ending Overview

Despite all our hopes and theories that the remake might take a different path, it stayed true to one of the most heart-wrenching moments in gaming history. Aerith, our beloved flower girl, meets her fate in a scene that’s as beautifully tragic as ever. It’s a moment that ties us back to the original game and reminds us why this story has such a special place in our hearts. Further, the final boss isn’t just a straightforward duel; it’s an epic multi-stage showdown that puts you in a tough situation. We’re talking about a battle that pits you against Jenova and Sephiroth, with a twist – Zack Fair, Cloud’s old buddy from SOLDIER, jumps into the fray as a playable character.

The game explores different timelines, adding layers of complexity and setting up some mind-bending possibilities for the trilogy’s conclusion. To sum it up, the ending of FF7 Rebirth is a rollercoaster of emotions, strong battles, and narrative twists that leave us eagerly waiting for what comes next. It’s a fitting continuation of a story that continues to captivate and surprise us, proving once again why this saga is a masterpiece of the RPG genre.

Aerith Leaves Us in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

It’s the moment in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth that probably had us all staring at our screens, mouths agape, hearts sinking. Yes, I’m talking about Aerith’s death. Despite all the fan theories, the hopes, and the desperate wishes for a different outcome, Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth followed through with one of the most iconic and heart-wrenching moments in gaming history.

Wooried Aerith praying in Forgotten Capital

So, there we were, following Aerith to the Forgotten Capital, the buildup to this moment was intense. The party, led by Cloud, learns about Sephiroth’s plan involving the Black Materia, and the tension just keeps escalating from there. Aerith, with the worries in her mind, believes she can summon Holy to counteract Meteor, and off she goes, without letting anyone else in on her plan. Aerith kneels in prayer, surrounded by whispers, and then those ominous black feathers start floating around. You could feel something was about to happen.

Sephiroth attacks Aerith from above

Sephiroth makes his dramatic entrance, descending towards Aerith. Cloud, our hero, tries to intervene, but it’s too late. The moment Sephiroth’s blade strikes, the job has been done. And there it was, the moment that had us all holding our breaths—Aerith just… collapses. And as she does, something tiny white glowing orb  rolls from where it was hidden behind her, right into the water. That little glowing pearl is the White Materia, the very thing capable of summoning Holy.

Cloud holding Aerith and she is comforting him

Cloud’s reaction is heartbreaking. The confusion, the grief, the rage – it’s all there. And Sephiroth is just taunting Cloud by saying “Your tears are empty. Just like you.”, playing mind games, trying to break him further. But in Aerith’s final moments, there’s this beautiful, poignant strength as she reaches out to Cloud, comforting him with her last breath. The rest of our party comes bursting in, finding themselves smack in the middle of this deeply sad moment. And there’s Sephiroth, ever the drama king, spouting off about all the intense feelings swirling around us. Cloud, fueled by a storm of emotions, can’t hold back anymore. He goes for Sephiroth, and just like that, the battle we’ve all been gearing up for is finally happening.

Final Fantasy 7 (FF7) Rebirth Final Boss Fight: Defeat Sephiroth

Jenova Lifeclinger Fight Scene

First up, you will be up against Jenova Lifeclinger, in all her creepy, otherworldly glory. This part of the fight is like a dance, dodging her AoE attacks while chipping away at her health. It’s a test of patience and precision, making sure you’re not in the wrong place at the wrong time. Once you’ve got her number, though, and she’s down for the count, you’d think it’s time to breathe easy. Suddenly, Zack comes onto the stage from rather mysterious void of white mist. Here, he sees the Cloud who is fixed at one pose while hodling his long blade and aren’t moving. But then Zack hits on his shoulder and they enter into the encounter with the final boss.

Cloud and Zack having encounter with Sephiroth.

Now, both of them are side-by-side against the tough enemy, and we’re thrust into a battle against Sephiroth himself in his human form. Having Zack there, playable and fighting alongside Cloud, is a nostalgia trip that hits all the right notes. Switching between him and Cloud is as easy as pie, and let me tell you, having both Buster Sword legends side by side is something else. Zack’s moves are kinda like Cloud’s but with his twist and some pretty cool unique skills.

Zack saying CLoud to save Aerith when aparting

Together, they make staggering Sephiroth look like child’s play, chipping away at his HP until it looks like victory is in the bag. But then, classic Sephiroth move, he slashes Masamune right through the ground, splitting it apart. Just like that, Zack and Cloud are torn from each other, each thrown back into their own worlds. And Zack leaves Cloud with these parting words, “Save her.” It’s like he’s hinting that maybe, just maybe, there’s a chance to undo Aerith’s fate in the next part of this wild ride.

Cloud against Sephiroth Reborn

Then, Sephiroth pulls a fast one on us, morphing into this wild, mutated version of himself known as Sephiroth Reborn. What comes next is the crazy cinematic cut between not one, not two, but three intense battles happening simultaneously. Cloud battling Sephiroth’s lower half, Zack taking on the top half in a setting that’s eerily reminiscent of Aerith’s church, and the rest of the gang facing off against a Bahamut Arisen Whisper. Each fight has its rhythm, and its strategy, pushing you to adapt and overcome. And those Bahamut lasers are brutal but utterly fantastic.

Cloud and Aerith in last showdown agianst Sephiroth.

The climax of this whole saga is a dual between Cloud and a human-form Sephiroth, with Aerith stepping in to lend her support. It’s a battle that’s as much about wits and strategy as it is about brute force. The dynamics of having to balance attack and defense, while Aerith provides the much-needed support, showcases the depth of the combat system in Rebirth. Sephiroth keeps trying to get under Cloud’s skin but he’s not having any of it this time. He just shrugs off Sephiroth’s mind games like they’re nothing.

And in the end, Sephiroth smiles and admits that he has underestimated him. Cloud then asks why he’s smiling and Aerith says because he knows the it’s not the end. Then, in true dramatic fashion, he takes off, soaring away into the sky, while those mysterious Whispers start swirling around again. It’s like, “See you later, try harder next time.” And just when you think it’s all over, the game throws yet another curveball with the introduction of multiple timelines.

Different Timelines in FF7 Rebirth

As we reach the climax of FF7 Rebirth, it becomes clear that we’re not just dealing with a linear story. But we’ve got ourselves multiple timelines. Yes, it’s like we’re suddenly in a Final Fantasy meets Doctor Who crossover and I’m here for it. In one scenario, we have our main gang, battling Sephiroth and dealing with all the emotional turmoil that comes with it. Then, there’s this other timeline where Aerith and Zack are still kicking it, alive and well. It’s a twist that opens up a whole can of narrative worms, making us rethink the events we’ve witnessed and ponder the possibilities of “what if?”

Cloud holding Aerith in the last cutscene.

After the big showdown with Sephiroth, Cloud’s there holding Aerith, calling out to her. But then, she blinks, and smiles at him, like she’s somehow not dead yet. Cloud’s mind is racing, especially when he spots that White Materia dropping into the water, but he can’t quite piece it all together.

Zack in Midgar Church thinking was that fight a dream?

On the other hand or world, Zack is in the Midgar Church wondering, “Was all that fighting even real?” But it felt way too vivid to be a dream. By understanding he’s hopped between worlds or something, he is now ready to weave these timelines back together. But it seems like only Cloud and Zack know this two-timeline deal for whatever reason.

Aerith death's mourning scene

There’s a touching bit where Barett, Cait Sith, and the others are fixing up the Tiny Bronco, all while mourning Aerith, totally oblivious to her standing right there with them. And it’s all seen through Cloud’s eyes; he’s talking to Aerith, asking her what comes next. It’s like he’s got one foot in this world and the other in… well, somewhere else. Most probably, he’s going to use this insight to steer the gang in whatever comes their way in the grand finale of the Final Fantasy 7 remake saga.

This whole multiple-timeline shenanigan adds a layer of depth to the storyline that’s both intriguing and slightly maddening. It challenges us to consider the implications of our actions in one timeline and how they might ripple through to another. Plus, it sets up some tantalizing scenarios for the future of the series. Like, how are these timelines going to intersect further? What does this mean for our beloved characters? And, most importantly, how can we use this knowledge to our advantage in the battles to come? It’s a bold narrative choice, throwing multiple timelines into the mix, but it has us eagerly speculating and theorizing about the future.