Should You Go through Tifa’s Stuff in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth?

What happens if you do that?

By GamesRecon

We’re kicking off Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth with a blast from the past, going straight into a flashback that takes us to Nibelheim. That’s the little hometown of Cloud and Tifa, filled with all the childhood memories. As you’re strolling through the town, soaking in all the nostalgia, you find yourself at Tifa’s doorstep. Inside, there’s a tempting opportunity to do a bit of snooping around her place and check out her stuff inside the house. The big question appears: Should you do that or not?

Here’s the deal with this Nibelheim past—it’s packed with the moments where you’re kinda nudged to poke your nose into things. Like, say, visiting Cloud’s mom; that’s part of the main gig to push the narrative forward. But when it comes to Tifa’s house, even though you gotta be there to move on, the game throws you this curveball: Do you need to go through Tifa’s belongings?

It’s like the game is constantly asking, “Hey, what would Cloud do here?” But when it comes to looking into her stuff, it feels a bit more… personal, you know? Sure, exploring is part of the adventure, but there’s this line between being curious and being, well, a little too nosy. So, as you stand there, in the middle of Tifa’s house, you’ve gotta make that call.

Should You Check Tifa’s Stuff in FF7 Rebirth?

So, you’ve stepped into Tifa’s house in Nibelheim, and it starts pretty standard. While you’re wandering around, soaking in the vibes of the place, Tifa and Aerith are watching Cloud’s every move, and let’s just say, they’re not exactly thrilled with his curiosity. This whole scenario builds up to a big question: Do you rifle through Tifa’s items or not? It’s a tougher call than deciding what to order for lunch, honestly.

Looking into her items isn’t a must-do for moving the storyline further. Sure, you’ve gotta check out her house and stumble upon the piano in her room—that’s part of the journey. But actually, going through her stuff? That’s totally up to you. And don’t worry; the game won’t slap your wrist too hard if you do decide to peek. The biggest thing you’ll have to deal with is Tifa and Aerith giving you side-eye, maybe thinking you’re a bit nosy.

Using 'No, I was making a joke.' dialogue option.

But if you don’t like the idea of snooping, the game’s got you covered. You can always back out with a quick “No, I was making a joke.” dialogue option to cover up the things. It’s pretty much the same deal when you’re exploring other nooks and crannies of Nibelheim during the flashback. Most of the time, you’re following the script to push the story along, but poking around in Tifa’s personal space? That’s one of the rare moments you get to call the shots. And even if you do take a peek, it’s not like it’s going to change how she or anyone else feels about you in the long run.