Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Livestock’s Bane Quest Walkthrough

Help the poor farmer by killing the beast who is causing trouble for him.

By GamesRecon

In Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, the Livestock’s Bane quest is a puzzling little side quest that’ll have you playing detective on Oliver’s Ranch. If you’re thinking about whether the side quests are worth your time, I will say yes. They’re not just filler; they’re the spice of the game because they add depth to the story, flesh out the characters, and they’re a goldmine for the sweet rewards.

So, what’s the deal with Livestock’s Bane? Well, it’s all about helping out a rancher named Oliver. This poor guy’s livestock is being terrorized by a mysterious creature, and he needs your help to track it down. It’s a perfect chance to test out the new scent tracking feature and show off your chocobo’s sniffing skills. Stick around, this guide walks you through how to complete Livestock’s Bane quest in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth.

Final Fantasy 7 (FF7) Rebirth Livestock’s Bane Walkthrough

FF7 Rebirth Livestock's Bane Quest Guide

The adventure begins at Oliver’s Ranch, where our protagonist Cloud, and his companion Red XIII learn from the innocent farmer that a beast is attacking his farm and creating a lot of trouble around this area and he needs your help to fight this creature. Oliver is distraught, and it’s up to us to solve this mystery; that’s when the quest starts.

Track Scent with Chocobo

On the chocobo following the color trail.

First, Red XIII will jump over the barn and try to track the scent but his nose isn’t strong enough to completely smell it, so you’ll need to rely on trusty chocobo’s scenting ability. By pressing Left on the D-Pad, our chocobo will sniff and pick up the trail, and then you need to follow the golden scent trail through the Grasslands.

Defeat the White Terror

White Terror Fight

Following the trail leads your party to the coast, where you will encounter the White Terror – a formidable white wolf with no elemental weaknesses. This battle tests your strategic prowess, as you need to deplete its energy by continually attacking or blocking its moves. Once its energy is drained, it becomes staggered, allowing you to deliver a devastating blow.

Livestock’s Bane Quest Rewards

Once you have killed the White Terror, return to Oliver, who rewards Red XIII with some delicious mutton and the whole party with XP and an Owl Bracer. This quest not only gives you a taste of victory but also strengthens your bond with Red XIII and sets us up for the next quest, “Where the Wind Blows.”