Where to Find the Dead Space Peng Treasure Statue

Let's find out the Peng in Dead Space Remake to complete achievement and grab some rewards.

By GamesRecon

Dead Space Remake is an intense, action-packed horror video game set in deep space. The game follows the story of Isaac Clarke, who travels to a derelict spacecraft called USG Ishimura and finds himself battling alien forces known as ‘Necromorphs.’ Along his journey, Isaac comes across several hidden items and treasures that can aid his progress. One such treasure is the Peng statue, which is well hidden in one of the vents on the Ishimura. This guide will provide where to find the Dead Space Peng treasure statue and reap its rewards.

Peng is one of the collectible items in the game, a valuable artifact that players can find and sell for a healthy sum of money. What’s more interesting is that you will get a total of $30,000 in exchange for this valuable treasure in Dead Space Remake. The Peng statue can be found with minimal effort and is conveniently close to the final Marker Fragment necessary for the secret ending. Its acquisition is of utmost value, as it provides a lot of ammunition, medical supplies, and weapon upgrades. It should not be overlooked, and this guide will help you to find the Dead Space Remake Peng statue.

How to Find Peng in Dead Space Remake

For the ultimate Peng experience, access the text log in the hangar between two docking causeways for a sneak peek of the location. The writer of this entry laments the necessity of concealing the precious item amid other packages sent out, and Cargo Bay is the spot for that.

Cargo Bay of the Hangar Tram Control in Dead Space
Hangar Tram Control area in Dead Space!

To find the Peng treasure in the Dead Space Remake, you must wait until Chapter 11, when you can access the locker in the Cargo Bay of the Hangar Tram Control area. You’ll need to go down the stairs and then make a left turn to get there. Before you can get to the locker and uncover the hidden item, you must move the boxes piled up out of the way using your Kinesis.

After you’ve cleared up space by removing the boxes, you can access the Peng loot stored inside the locker. You’ll be able to get the “There’s Always Peng!” Trophy or Achievement after acquiring this item. This particular collection is one-of-a-kind and cannot be obtained anywhere else in the game, so it is crucial to take advantage of this opportunity.

The Peng treasure has an exceptional value of $30,000 in the latest Dead Space release, making it a worthy investment if sold at any store you visit. Collecting the Peng provides players with an undeniable sense of accomplishment and makes them feel powerful, further increasing the enjoyment generated from playing Dead Space.

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