How to Defeat the Brute Boss in Dead Space Remake

By GamesRecon

The Brute Boss is one of the toughest and most formidable enemies in Dead Space Remake. Its massive size and powerful attacks can make it difficult to defeat, but with the right strategy and weapons, it is possible to overcome this challenge. In this guide, we will go over the tips and tactics you need to know and tell you how to defeat the Dead Space Remake Brute Boss.

If you’re looking to defeat a Brute necromorph during the Dead Space remake’s fourth chapter, “Obliteration Imminent,” be sure to read out this guide. We’ll outline everything you need to know to take down this formidable foe.

Dead Space Remake: How to Beat the Brute Boss

For now, it’s not as hard as it was once in the original Dead Space to defeat the Brute bosses. It means your victory chances are much greater and you can do it without having a hard battle. Back in 2008, the graphics back then weren’t always the clearest and perfect, so you couldn’t tell if your shots were landing or not – so you had to play it safe or risk it all!

In the Dead Space Remake, there are some changes done to the boss, and the Brute’s unprotected areas are now covered in pulsating sacs, which are not different from the nodules you’ve previously had to strike to eliminate your opponent. Damage to the Brute’s sacs is where it’s most vulnerable, and doing so will result in its quick mortality.

Before looting the Main Atrium, ensure that you are properly supplied. Once you feel prepared, proceed toward the Security Room. Moreover, if you’ve got a Stasis Pack in your belt, you just might be the one to win this battle! But, if you don’t, you’ll need to make a quick stop at the nearest store and get your hands on one or two. It’s the only way to recharge Stasis in this room, and it’s the key to defeating your foe.

Fighting with the Brute Boss in Dead Space Remake

The Brute can be very dangerous because of its sneaky speed and brute strength. After approaching the Bridge, you will be in front of the boss for the first time and if you haven’t recharged your stasis completely before reaching this fight, you may be in high danger. In a nutshell, make use of your stasis unit to deliver the blows to the Brute. Then swiftly move around to the back and open fire on its sacs. When you see the Brute’s blood or ichor burst out, you’ll know you’ve landed a direct shot. The Brute topples over with remarkably little strength, granting you access to the Brute Force trophy and its associated achievement.

Brutes may appear intermittently throughout your journey of the game, appearing in situations where you should have to defeat them as there will not be any situation to ignore the fight. However, the method to take them down is the same that we discussed above. The strategy is to back away and cease movement, then move around them and target the nodules sacs until they are neutralized.

The other great way is to put powerful explosives to use, and a Brute will be dead in seconds. You can use your kinesis to toss a red fuel tank in its direction and then sit back and enjoy the mayhem that ensues. It only takes a few well-placed blows to bring the seemingly invincible foe to its knees, allowing you to enter the Security Room. You can use the bench in the Armory, which is above, to perform any necessary upgrades, and use the adjacent control panel to launch the lift.