How to Beat General Uvishka in Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown

Here's how to defeat the leader of the Kushan army.

By GamesRecon

General Uvishka is the first boss you encounter in Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown, and he can be very tough to face if you are not prepared well. He has two phases: one where he rides a horse and attacks with a long spear, and another where he fights on foot with more speed and agility. This guide tells you how to defeat General Uvishka in Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown.

General Uvishka Boss Fight Phase 1: On the Horse

General Uvishka is attacking with his long spear from the horse.

In the first phase, General Uvishka’s barreling towards you on his horse, spear in hand, ready to swing, thrust, or even slam it down on you. Here’s what you’ve got to do – when he comes at you with those basic attacks, press L2 at just the right moment. You’ll parry him, he gets staggered, and that’s your chance to hit back.

You can also do the slick move where you slide right under his horse. Just push forward and hit R2. It’s a great way to dodge his attacks and get yourself in a better spot. Sometimes, you’ll see his eyes glow red, or he’ll do the dramatic high jump – that’s your cue that he’s about to unleash an unblockable attack. You can’t parry these, and trust me, they hurt. You should either dodge away or leap over them to stay safe.

Don’t forget about your potion, you’ve got the handy potion that you can use to heal up, but just once, so make it count. Remember, you’ve only got three health bars at this stage. So, how do you end this phase? Keep an eye on his health. When it’s low, he’ll go for a yellow attack. Parry that, and this will trigger a cutscene where you knock him off his horse and move on to the second phase.

General Uvishka Boss Fight Phase 2: On the Ground

General Uvishka attacks with his trident and tries to stab it straight.

Once General Uvishka in Price of Persia: TLC is off his horse, things get a bit simple to face, but don’t let your guard down. Now, he mainly uses just two attack moves, and with a bit of practice, you can block them pretty easily. But keep an eye out – he’s still got that flying unblockable attack up his sleeve. He can’t use it too often this time, but when he does it, he usually aims for the middle area.

Here’s the trick to beating him: watch closely. When he pulls back his trident, get ready. He’s about to do a forward lunge – block it, and then hit hard with a combo attack. The other move to watch for is when he lifts his weapon in the air and pauses for just a split second before throwing it at you. Parry it, and then you can use some combo moves to damage him greatly. Taking down General Uvishka wraps up this boss fight and you can keep progressing the storyline in Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown.

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