Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown The Deserter Quest Walkthrough

It involves finding the soldier's friend and a Cannonball from his body.

By GamesRecon

Along the way in your journey in Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown, you will encounter many side quests that will enrich your adventure and reward you with useful items, such as Soma Tree Petals that can increase your health. One of these side quests is The Deserter, which involves finding and helping a lost soldier who has been trapped in the Hyrcanian Forest for over thirty years. In this guide, we will show you how to start and complete The Deserter side quest in Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown, and what you will get as a reward.

How to Start The Deserter in Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown

You can start The Deserter side quest during the main quest Lost in Mount Qaf, when you first enter the Hyrcanian Forest in search of Menolias, the legendary archer. Right after you spot the first Wak-Wak Tree, keep heading to the right. You’ll find a tunnel that leads to this open area with the three stone pillars.

On top of the platform which appears after striking the flower.

Take out the Bow of Menolias and aim for this red glowing flower on the left wall. When you shoot it, a mushroom platform appears, and you can use it to jump across the archways. Once you’re across, you’ll find a small opening that takes you to the cave. Inside, there’s a big healthy soldier with a massive cannon.

Big soldier is asking for the help.

The guy’s story is that he was on a mission to attack King Darius’ palace but ended up stuck in this creepy forest. He’s pretty bummed because his buddy went missing during the attack. If you’re up for it, you can help him out by finding his friend. You will see the options to accept or decline his request. If you select Accept, it will begin The Deserter mission.

How to Complete The Deserter Quest in Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown

Finishing up The Deserter quest is kind of a bittersweet adventure. You have to find the soldier’s mate, but unfortunately – the guy’s already dead. From his body, you need to bring back a Cannonball he was carrying.

Got another platform after attacking the glowing flower.

Head back to where you came from and look for a spot to drop down from the ledge. Then, take a stroll down the slope and keep your eyes peeled for a red glowing flower with veins on it, on the left wall. Again use your bow to shoot the flower, and another platform appears. Hop on this to reach a ledge on your right.

Soldier friend's dead body hanging in the air.

Keep moving, and you’ll end up in an area with a busted water wheel on the back. It’s a bit of a sad scene here – you’ll see the soldier’s friend, unfortunately no longer with us, his corpse hanging from a rope near a stone pillar. To get him down, jump onto the pillar and use your sword to cut the rope. When you examine his body, you’ll find the Cannonball. Now, take the ball back to the soldier – he’s going to be relieved to see it. With the Cannonball, he finally blasts his way out of the cave. And that’s how you wrap up Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown The Deserter side quest.

What is the Reward for The Deserter Side Quest

Before leaving, the soldier will give you a Soma Tree Petal as a reward for your efforts, which is a rare and valuable item. If you collect four of them, you can increase your maximum health. It’s definitely worth the effort, especially since the quest isn’t too tough. To make use of this awesome petal, you need to find a Soma Tree – a big tree with fruits that glow. You’ll come across them in different spots as you play the game. When you find one, just walk up to it and interact. You’ll consume the petals and, it will boost your health.

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