Dragon’s Dogma 2: How to Get Black Freakish Mane

It's very useful crafting item to upgrade your gear.

By GamesRecon

Collecting materials in Dragon’s Dogma 2 is as important as landing the perfect strike on a griffin mid-flight. These materials are the bread and butter for healing your party, curing the pesky debilitations, and, most importantly, upgrading your gear to legendary status. In this guide, we will talk about a rather elusive material – the Black Freakish Mane. You might be scratching your head wondering where to find it, but worry not, I’ve got the lowdown on getting this rare item for your crafting needs.

How to Get Black Freakish Mane in Dragon’s Dogma 2?

The Black Freakish Mane isn’t just lying around for the taking; you’ve got to earn it by facing off against the Gorechimera. This beast is no ordinary foe; think of a chimera but dial up the intimidation factor to eleven. Your adventure begins in the far north of Vernworth. Equip yourself with the necessary gear and head to the Waterfall Cave. It’s a bit of a trek, and the cave itself can be a maze of twists and turns, but keep your eyes on the prize. You’ll find the Gorechimera lurking in the northwest section of the cave, in a spacious ground that seems almost designed for showdowns.

Obtained Black Freakish Mane from the Gorechimera.

Combat with the Gorechimera follows the same beat as fighting a regular Chimera as they have similar attack patterns without much difference. So, you can use all those tactics and tricks you can employ against any Chimera. Victory will be sweet, not just for the glory of the kill but for the Black Freakish Mane or two that’ll drop as your spoils of war. But that’s not the only encounter you can have with this boss, but once you progress to the endgame, and the world takes on a red-ish hue, you will come across Gorechimeras again in new spots.

When planning to fight against a Gorechimera, you should need to be at least level 21 or 22. Make sure your Pawns are tough as nails. They’re your rock in this showdown, and having a solid team can tip the scales in your favor. This boss has got some moves, and you better be ready to move and dodge. Paying attention to its attack patterns is key. Once you’ve got a handle on that, you can prepare and strategize to keep yourself from getting serious damage. Each encounter with a Gorechimera is an opportunity to obtain the Black Freakish Mane, but patience is key as the drop rate is not guaranteed.

What is the Use of Black Freakish Mane?

Once obtained, the Black Freakish Mane can be used to upgrade various pieces of equipment up to level 3, covering a wide range of gear from armor to weapons. It doesn’t matter if you’re the sword-swinging type, a master of the arcane, or someone who enjoys sniping enemies from a safe distance – the Black Freakish Mane has got something for everyone. It’s like the Swiss Army knife of crafting materials. No matter your playstyle or class, you can level up your gear with this valuable crafting item.

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