How to Unlock Magick Archer Vocation in Dragon’s Dogma 2

An archer's quest for magic and might.

By GamesRecon

Magick Archer sounds like it straight up decided to add a bit more flair to the word “magic,” and honestly, it earns that extra ‘k’ because it’s easily one of the most thrilling classes to play in Dragon’s Dogma 2. This vocation brings a new meaning to “arrow dynamics,” combining the finesse of an archer with the wow factor of magic. Rather than the typical arrow-flinging business, here you are, launching magical arrows out of a bow.

Though it’s not handed to you from the start; you’ve got to earn your way in and getting this vocation is a thrilling side quest all on its own. We’re about to guide you through unlocking the Magick Archer in Dragon’s Dogma 2, making your journey in Agamen Volcanic Island not just another walk in the park. This guide tells you how to unlock and get the Magick Archer vocation (class).

How to Unlock the Magick Archer in Dragon’s Dogma 2

Dragons Dogma 2 Magick Archer Vocation Unlock Guide

Firstly, you’ll have to go to the southern edge of the map from the town of Battahl. From there, travel southeast towards a location known for its volcanic activity. This path will lead you to a quest named “Put a Spring in Thy Step,” which is crucial for unlocking the Magick Archer vocation.

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To reach this location, it’s recommended to use an Oxcart from Vernworth and head straight to the southern territories. As you navigate through this area, you’ll encounter a cave network that houses a dwarf named Gaustafr. You need to assist him through his troubles and agree to escort him to the hot spring town of Geyser Hamlet. This journey is not without its challenges, but employing stamina-restoring items and a bit of ingenuity can help you complete it more smoothly.

The quest will be complete once you reach the hot springs. There, you’ll meet the man’s wife named Cliodhna, she reveals herself as the Magick Archer-Maister and grants you the Magick Archer vocation along with the Spellbow’s Paradox, a unique weapon that symbolizes your new class. After this encounter, just head to any Vocation Guild to switch classes and obtain your free set.

Being a Magick Archer means mixing up archery skills with magic for some explosive results. You can snipe enemies from a distance and cast spells that support and revive your teammates. Just a heads up, though—this class loves to chug stamina, so keep an eye on your resources. For those who like to explore, get into strategic fights, and enjoy a mix of magic with archery, going for the Magick Archer is totally worth the effort.