How to Get More Portcrystals in Dragon’s Dogma 2

Here's how to get a lot of Portcrystals to improve your travel efficiency.

By GamesRecon

If you’re someone who loves or hates the idea of no fast travel in a massive RPG, the news about Dragon’s Dogma 2 probably had you sighing in dismay or jumping for joy. It’s a big shift, changing how the game feels and plays, either adding to its charm or challenge, depending on how you look at it. Even though DD2 doesn’t have a typical fast travel system, fortunately, you have something in the form of Portcrystals, which offer a strategic method to navigate the map more efficiently and quickly.

In this guide, we’ll explain how you can get your hands on more Portcrystals. This way, you can make the most out of every journey, whether you’re trekking through uncharted territories or moving around to previously discovered locales.

What are Portcrystals in Dragon’s Doga 2?

Portcrystals are rare and valuable crystal items fixed at specific locations that allow you to teleport to your mentioned areas within the game’s world. Initially introduced in the first Dragon’s Dogma, their role continues with some upgrades in the sequel. These crystals can be placed at various points on the map, and by using Ferrystones—another handy teleportation item—you can instantly travel between these points.

Where to Get Portcrystals in Dragon’s Doga 2?

The journey to your first Portcrystal begins with progress in the storyline. Captain Brant rewards you with a Portcrystal once you come back to him after completing his task of investigation. This early crystal sets the stage for a more expansive use of fast travel as you further explore the game.

Bay Wayside Shrine Map Location

After your first taste of teleportation, you’ll be keen to have more or I say as much as you can to speed up your travels. You can also purchase them at the Bay Wayside Shrine located in Battahl. To find this vendor, you must get into a cave on a beach where you’ll meet an NPC known as The Dragonforged. Here, you can buy not just Portcrystals but also Ferrystones and an Unmaking Arrow, using a currency called Wyrmslife crystals. Don’t have this currency and don’t know how to get it? Check our guide on how to farm or get more Wyrmslife crystals.

How to Obtain a Lot of Portcrystals?

Here’s how you can acquire more of these handy items:

  1. Completing Quests: Many DD2 quests reward you with Portcrystals and notably, the “A Trial of Archery” quest and the main quest “Feast of Deception” in Vernworth are the source of that. Completing these missions, as part of the game’s storyline or as side missions, results in earning a Portcrystal as a reward.
  2. Exploration Rewards: Adventuring to specific locations like the Forested Griffin’s Nest or the Misty Marshes can also yield Portcrystals. Although it’s not an easy feat to travel to these areas, you have a couple of options. You can head north from Checkpoint Rest Town through the Ancient Battlegrounds, or if you prefer a different route, take the eastern Strange Corridor. These are often found in chests or as rewards for exploring challenging areas.
  3. Sphinx Riddles: Solve the Sphinx’s riddles “The Riddle of Madness” and “The Riddle of Conviction” to receive these Portcrystals. Both are part of the quest “A Game of Wits” and thus can be very fun, but most certainly challenging, ways of gaining more crystals. The “Riddle of Conviction” uses a duplication trick and can be very profitable.
  4. Purchasing from NPCs: As I already told you above, some NPCs, such as The Dragonforged, sell them for Wyrmslife crystals—one Portcrystal costs you 20 Wyrmslife Crystals. This method is an easy and fastest way to obtain these travel items if you have enough currency in your inventory.
  5. Player Interaction: Occasionally, when your main Pawn returns from helping any other player, it might bring back a Portcrystal as a gift. It’s a rare treat for sure—Portcrystals are pretty valuable, so it’s not every day someone parts with one.
  6. Microtransactions: Portcrystals are purchasable through the game’s store as a microtransaction. It can cost you hard-earned real money, so this may as well be the last thing you’d want to pick. Doesn’t matter if it’s the Xbox, PlayStation, or even the Steam store, the pricing is all the same at $2.99 across the board at the time of this writing.

Portcrystals in Dragon’s Dogma 2 can be moved at any time, which means it gives you the ability to model your network of fast travel points according to your current needs in the game. Such flexibility greatly helps in the strategic planning of travels and missions through the various regions of the game.

Moreover, you are free to place Portcrystals anywhere on the map as a fast travel spot for the future journey, but the game actually limits you to only 10 active placements at any time. Use them wisely—perhaps dropping one near a dungeon or resource-rich area that you intend to revisit. You can always pick up and move a Portcrystal, should your strategic needs change.

What are the Other Options for Fast Travel in DD2?

Dragon’s Dogma 2 offers other quirky modes of transportation such as oxcarts. Though slow as a snail, they do provide you the ability to move from one location to another in this scenic and less death-defying way that other games compel. For a more daring but dangerous method, there will be a chance to force yourself into riding a griffin. It will require little fight, though its reward is to carry you quickly to a far-off location.

Getting and using the Portcrystals effectively is a mixture of strategy, combat skill, and exploration. Afterward, it will be necessary to collect these same crystals in the course of the game either through direct combat or by buying them. To this should be added planning and a pinch of luck, and the way around the massive world of Dragon’s Dogma 2 will be easy and comfortable.