Dragon’s Dogma 2: How to Get Wild Furie in DD2

Bring your Mystic Spearhand skills to legendary status.

By GamesRecon

In Dragon’s Dogma 2, Wild Furie is the coolest Mystic Spearhand Weapon Skills out there. If you’re into dishing out a relentless barrage of slashes and magical attacks that keep your enemies at bay, this skill is perfect. Pressing that attack button repeatedly delivers a storm of moves for a prolonged assault. This guide explains how you can get Wild Furie in Dragon’s Dogma 2 and why it’s important in your game’s journey.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 Wild Furie Weapon Skill

The Wild Furie skill in Dragon’s Dogma 2 is pretty nice for anyone playing with the Mystic Spearhand build. With this ability, you can dash forward a bit and then unleash a ton of attacks. But there’s more – your magic clone joins in on the fun, too kinda like a tag team of damage, perfect for when you’re focusing on taking down a tough enemy or want to sweep through a bunch of baddies huddled together. And the cool part is that if you’re feeling button-mashy, you can keep hitting the Weapon Skill button to do Wild Furie over and over again, though it’ll consume you more Stamina each time. It’s very handy for automatically targeting and taking out groups of smaller enemies in front of you.

Where to Find the Mystic Spearhand Maister and Get Wild Furie in Dragon’s Dogma 2

DD2 Melve Map Location

First, you need to head towards the Melve where you should meet with Sigurd during the Readvent of Calamity quest. In this task, you have to help him to defeat Drake. Taking down this fierce creature is your way into the Mystic Spearhand realm. After this battle, Sigurd doesn’t stick around; he heads off to a new spot. You’ll want to go to the southwestern end from Bakbattahl. Follow the road that splits off towards a forest, and you’ll eventually run into what looks like an old coliseum. That’s where you’ll meet Sigurd again, hanging out near the camp, gearing up to send you on a wild ride.

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Fight with Drake in Dragon’s Dogma 2

He’s got a task for you, there’s the Drake causing trouble in Melve, but it’s not your average fire-breathing dragon. This one’s got some serious power and can poison your whole party. But don’t worry, having a Mage pawn in your group can turn the tides in your favor. Your best bet to beat this beast is to go after the red areas on its body – those are its weak points.

You’ll keep hitting those weak spots until it basically can’t move anymore. That’s your chance to go for its head or face – the most vulnerable part. But you gotta be quick! Before you know it, Drake will be back on its feet, ready to rumble again. Just rinse and repeat this strategy. Sigurd’s got your back. Now and then, he’ll buff your team, making you temporarily invincible to Drake’s attacks. That’s your cue to go all in with your attacks without worrying about getting hit back.

Once you’ve defeated Drake, Sigurd will then say, “I see it in your eyes; you are ready to learn.” He’ll hand you the Paladin’s Enigmata scroll, and that’s your source to unlocking the Wild Furie skill in Dragon’s Dogma 2 (DD2). It’s a bummer, but your Pawn can’t learn it since they can’t become a Mystic Spearhand.