How to Find Goreminotaurs in Dragon’s Dogma 2

A walking treasure hunt for the bold players.

By GamesRecon

In the sprawling world of Dragon’s Dogma 2, you’ll stumble upon all sorts of mighty creatures, but the Goreminotaur is somewhat special from others in the game. With an appearance that sets it apart from its bull-like kin, finding one is a bit like searching for a diamond in the rough. But is it worth the hunt? Aside from the sheer thrill of the chase, these Goreminotaurs are walking treasure chests, dropping items that can be valuable for anyone brave enough to face them. This guide tells you where you can find a Goreminotaur in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

Where to Find Goreminotaurs in Dragon’s Dogma 2

You won’t get a whiff of this beast until you make your way to the countryside of Bakbattahl. It’s there, amidst the rugged beauty, that you’ll find Sandspire Cave – the home turf of the Goreminotaur. Look for a cozy little entrance by a campfire at the bottom of a basin. That campfire is more than just a spot to toast marshmallows; it’s where you encounter this enemy. Before you start your dual with the boss, make sure you’re loaded up with the best equipment. It’s a battle that demands the best gear and potions you can muster.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 Goreminotaur Cave Location

The moment you step into the cave, use your torch to light up inside. The Goreminotaur has the knack for blending into the dark, thanks to its black skin and thick fur. But his glowing red eyes will help you to spot him in the dark. Fighting this behemoth requires a good strategy. Aim for its horns as they are his weak spots. It sounds simple, but don’t let your guard down. This creature packs a punch way harder than any of its kin you’ve met before.

When you defeat a Goreminotaur, you can look forward to getting your hands on a variety of valuable loot. From Aged Beast-Steak to the elusive Wakestone, each battle could drop something new and exciting. But, there’s no telling what you’ll get each time, so if you’re after something specific, be prepared to face off against this beast more than once.

It’s important to note that these drops are not guaranteed with every defeat. However, given that Goreminotaurs, like other bosses in Dragon’s Dogma 2, will make his appearance quite often. So, if you’re in it for the long haul, looking to farm some rare items, keep checking back. Who knows? You might just get lucky on your next visit.

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