Baldur’s Gate 3: How to Rescue Volo in BG3

You should save this innocent while interesting guy.

By GamesRecon

In Baldur’s Gate 3, Volo is a famous bard and scholar who has a knack for getting into trouble. As you start your journey in Faerun, you’ll bump into him a few times, and those encounters can go in a bunch of different directions. For now, he gets caught by the Goblins and you need to rescue him. This guide will show you how to save Volo from the goblin camp, and whether you should trust him or not.

Where to Find Volo in Baldur’s Gate 3

The first time you run into Baldur’s Gate 3 Volo is at the Druids’ Grove in Act 1. He’s very excited and curious, wanting to talk with you about your adventures and the whole goblin situation. He has a mind to sneak into the goblin camp to get an up-close look at their culture and society. If you’re cool with it and give him the approval, he’ll wave goodbye and head straight to the camp.

Volo Performing in Goblin Camp

Finding the goblin camp is not hard, this camp is located in the southwest of the Blighted Village. You can either take the scenic route by following the road or zip right over there using the fast travel point. Once you’re in the camp, you’ll find Volo has attracted the audience there, entertaining a bunch of Goblins. He’ll spot you and try to have a conversation with you, but it won’t be long before his captors realize they’re not too happy about the interruption and whisk him away to a cell inside the Shattered Sanctum.

How to Rescue Volo in Baldur’s Gate 3

Volo caught in the cage.

To free Volo, you need to follow him to the Shattered Sanctum, which is the temple of the goblin god Maglubiyet. The place is crawling with goblins and hobgoblins. You might have to roll up your sleeves and fight your way through, or if you’re feeling sneaky, tiptoe around them. Or why not get creative? Put on a disguise, talk your way through, or pull off some slick Deception or Persuasion moves to mingle with the Goblins and slip into the temple. Volo’s being held in a cell on the right side of the sanctum, pretty close to where the goblin boss Gut is lurking.

Chatting with the Gribbo Goblin who has cage key.

There’s a goblin, Gribbo, who’s got the key to Volo’s cage. You’ve got a few options to get that key from Gribbo – try to convince her to give you the key by passing a Deception or Intimidation check, or show off some of those mind-bending BG3 Illithid powers if you’re up for it, or just sneakily pickpocket the key. Worst case, you might have to fight her or pick the cage’s lock.

Once you’ve saved Volo out of the cage, he will be very thankful and offer to come to your camp. He even has an invisibility potion handy to sneak out of the camp without anyone noticing. You can either welcome him to your camp or tell him to hit the road.

Should You Trust Volo in BG3?

Conversation with Volo in Baldur's Gate 3

If you let Volo stay at your camp, he will greet you the next time you rest. He will express his gratitude and also give you the Blazer of Benevolence, which is especially very handy if you are into bard stuff. Then, he becomes curious and starts asking about the Mind Flayer Tadpole in your head. Turns out, Volo fancies himself a bit of an amateur surgeon and offers to help you remove the parasite. He’s convinced he’s got the know-how to pull it off.

Now, you’re at a crossroads; let Volo play doctor and hope for the best, or kindly decline his generous offer. If you’re feeling brave (or maybe just curious), and you let him at it, Volo will have you lie down and prepare for the tadpole-extraction surgery. But spoiler alert, I hate to say it, things go sideways. Poor Volo ends up giving you more of a black eye than a medical miracle, failing to remove the Tadpole. He’s mortified, of course, and tries to make it right by handing over a magical eye he stumbled upon in his travels. This isn’t just any replacement; it lets you see things you couldn’t before, like invisible creatures.

On the flip side, if you’re not feeling adventurous and say no to the whole eye-poking saga, Volo will back off. He won’t hold a grudge or anything. He’ll still hang around your camp, ready to fill in with his thoughts and advice on whatever comes your way, helping you gear up for what’s ahead.