Where are the Spaceship Parts in GTA 5: All Parts Locations

Find and get all spaceship parts in GTA 5's quest.

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In Grand Theft Auto 5, many secret treasures are located across the map. These objects are hidden here and there, and once the players collect them, they allow access to a lot of previously inaccessible content and features. Out of these secret items, GTA 5 spaceship parts are the ones that you should not want to miss out on as they give access to a new vehicle and a unique achievement. In Grand Theft Auto 5, you will find little shining things called ‘Spaceship Parts’ around Los Santos. In most cases, you can find them concealed in buildings, cracks, or even under autos.

Far Out is one of the game’s optional missions but requires a long time to complete. As soon as Michael achieves the ‘Fame or Shame’ objective, Franklin will be eligible to take on the ‘Strangers and Freaks‘ mission. This is where you can find Omega, a spiritual leader who foretells the coming of space aliens on Earth. For some reason, Omega thinks there are alien spaceship parts in GTA 5 hidden across the Los Santos map, and it’s your job to track them down. After a spectacular interplanetary disaster, a total of fifty spaceship parts are scattered all over the land, and all of them have a few excellent arguments.

Omega, the extraterrestrial conspiracy theorist who told you to locate and find these items, will pay you a respectable sum of money and show you a great deal of admiration. Furthermore, completing this mission will provide you access to the Space Docker vehicle and an exceptional achievement named Beyond the Stars. Although, it is very time-consuming or challenging to locate all of these parts. So, if you want to complete this task but don’t know where these items are placed, this guide will tell all GTA 5 spaceship parts locations so you can get all of those without much trouble.

GTA 5 Spaceship Parts Map Locations

All GTA 5 Spaceship Parts Map Locations

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If you want to open and finish this quest, then first wrap up the game’s primary objective, Fame or Shame, and overtake Franklin’s role. After that, head to Sandy Shores’ eastern portion, where you can find Omega. Get close to him to kick off the Far Out quest. If you meet these conditions, you can collect all 50 GTA V spaceship parts from the following places.

Part #1 – Los Santos Naval Port (Elysian Island)

This item is in the water close to Pier 45 on Elysian Island and Naval Port. The wreckage of a sunken boat rests in the water next to the dock. The spaceship part can be found by diving into the middle of the ship’s ruins.

Part #2 – Los Santos International

The Los Santos International Airport is where you can pick up the one spaceship part. It is located just south of the airport’s hangar, close to the beach. Police do not approve of driving out here, so please be careful.

Part #3 – Los Santos Gas Company (Elysian Island)

The Los Santos Gas Company is where you may get this item. It is located on Elysian Island, in the middle of a pipeline between two gigantic spherical gas tanks. You can get to the top of the tanks by using the staircases on the western side. Locate the component floating between the tanks linking both of them.

Part #4 – Cassidy Creek Bridge (Raton Canyon)

Underneath the Cassidy Creek bridge in Raton Canyon is where you will find the spaceship part and you can see it below the beams. I believe this is the most challenging section to access. Landing a chopper on the concrete beam or dropping via parachute will be necessary to get there.

Part #5 – Calafia Bridge (Cassidy Creek)

The item lies on an island just below Calafia Bridge. Upon that island, close to some shrubs, you will find the one other GTA 5 spaceship part.

Part #6 – Rancho Towers

Here you are at the sculpture’s foundation, which resembles the Watts Towers. The item is lying on a bench in one of the towers behind locked doors.

Part #7 – Southern Island

You can find the object on the island at the southern end of the Pacific Ocean. This island has a piece located on a big rock.

Part #8 – El Burro Heights

This is the location towards the Rancho’s eastern side. You’ll need to make a quick trip to the beach under the highway. There is storm drainage on the beach that is located south of the roadway.

Part #9 – Murietta Oil Fields

The spaceship part can be found in the center of a lengthy stretch of roadways close to the Murietta oil fields. It is lying in a green cargo container placed beside a blue crate.

Part #10 – Murrieta Heights

Murrieta Heights is home to this specific part within its dam. Follow the freeway south toward the city from its eastern end. The alien starship part is located next to the dam, which can be accessed through a pathway.

Part #11 – Strawberry

In Strawberry, underneath the road towards the Vanilla Unicorn’s northwest, is where you’ll find this spaceship part. That is at the homeless encampment, beside a couch beside the Olympic Freeway.

Part #12 – Central Los Santos Medical Center (Davis)

The spaceship part is available on the helipad roof of the Los Santos Medical Center. You may get to this chopper landing zone by approaching the Emergency Room drive-up from the west, climbing the ladder there, and afterward turning right and climbing the next available stairs.

Part #13 – Vespucci

The Liquor Hole at Vespucci Canals is the place to visit. You may find this item above the store on a billboard located on Palomino. Make a U-turn and head around the building’s back to the stairs that will take you to the location.

Part #14 – Textile City

Get yourself to Simmet Alley Market, and then make your way through the alley indicated by the banner on top. After entering it, Look for the Bean Machine cafe, the spaceship part is lying just close to this machine.

Part #15 – Underground

You can reach the building by returning to the tunnel you used when completing the Jewelry Heist quest. You’ll find the item atop the ramp within the building.

Part #16 – Penris Building Rooftop

The spaceship part is placed on the Penris Building’s rooftop. That calls for the use of a helicopter. So, bring up a helicopter from any helipad and reach the building’s roof to collect the item.

Part #17 – Richards Majestic Movie Studio

This item is located at the Richards Majestic movie studio in Rockford Hills. The spaceship part can be found on the balcony of the southern residence with an orange roof.

Part #18 – Burton (Rockford Plaza)

If you go to the top floor of Rockford Plaza, you’ll see a little green lawn surrounded by a roadway. You can find the alien spaceship part in the middle of the open patch of grass concealed by a bush.

Part #19 – Los Santos Golf Club

The Los Santos Golf Club in Rockford Hills is where you will find an essential spaceship element. The piece can be found in a reservoir toward the south end of the golf course on a tiny island.

Part #20 – Vinewood

This part is located at Vinewood Hills on the Galileo Observatory rooftop. Climb the stairway to access your spaceship component.

Part #21 Land Act Reservoir (Tataviam Mountains)

You can find another alien spaceship part in GTA 5 in the Land Act Reservoir at Tataviam Mountains. Get to the western part of the Reservoir, where there is a tiny wooden dock. Get into the water and search underneath the pier for the item.

Part #22 Tataviam Mountains

This part is located northeast of the Land Act Reservoir at the Tataviam Mountains’ seashore. To the west, on a sandy stretch, you can find the narrow channel of water that goes beneath the rock at the water’s edge. Nearby is a cove where you can find the piece resting in the center of the earth’s surface.

Part #23 Vinewood Lake Dam

The location of the spaceship part is a short distance from the Vinewood Lake dam’s core. In the dam’s middle, on the east side, there is a cylinder-shaped part of the wall that has been partially wrecked by rusting metal scaffolds. Getting to the part requires diving and swimming downwards to the shining object.

Part #24 Vinewood Lake Tower

Both the street and the lake provide easy access to this tower. However, the spacecraft piece is perched atop, making its acquisition somewhat of a challenge. It is possible to grasp the part by jumping onto the railing and climbing up. However, a helicopter or parachute will come in handy if you face difficulty doing that.

Part #25 Land Act Reservoir Pipes

Travel north from the Reservoir until you reach a dirt road with four black pipes at its end. The piece of alien spacecraft is placed in plain sight on the Reservoir’s north, close to several of these enormous sewer lines in front of their openings.

Part #26 Galileo Observatory

This one can be found at Vinewood Hills on the Galileo Observatory’s roof. When you reach the building, climb the ladders to the rooftop where you will locate the component.

Part #27 Parsons Rehabilitation Center (Richman Glen)

The gate at Richman Glen leads to the location of the rehabilitation center. Look for the large tree on the outskirts of the city, and get the part that’s at the tree’s root.

Part #28 Banham Canyon

Towards the eastern end of Banham Canyon is where you will find this one lonely residence. Southwest of Weston’s house, beside a little telescope looking out over the ocean, is where the part is located.

Part #29 Tongva Hills Cave

The spaceship part is available in the Tonga Hills’ cave. Discover the area in a hidden shrub valley among the Tongva Hills. A cave can be found on the right side of the trail by following the hill. The component is lying on the floor inside the mouth of the cave, so make your way ahead.

Part #30 Tongva Valley (Marlowe Vineyard Waterfall)

An impressive waterfall may be seen in the northern part of Tongva Valley. Travel eastward until you reach a bridge that takes you across a little waterfall down to the south. Walk down to the waterfall; from there, you’ll need to enter the water and swim to the base of the falls to retrieve the part.

Part #31 Marlowe Vineyard

Marlowe Vineyard in the Tongva Hills is where you’ll find this spaceship part. You can spot the item in the void between the vines in the vineyard’s southeast corner.

Part #32 Great Chaparral

The Grand Senora Desert, located east of the Great Chaparral boundary, is where you can find this spaceship part. There should be a house on the farmland that has a damaged roof. The part is stashed in plain sight on the porch of this house behind the main road.

Part #33 Mount Haan Road

Find the alien starship part in the Grand Senora Desert, close to Mount Haan Road. Follow this road until you reach the hidden location of the part, which is in a dirt-side alley.

Part #34 Bolingbroke Penitentiary

During the day, you can find three women lounging around the house’s “aliens welcome here” sign. This part is situated ahead of the group of women.

Part #35 San Chianski Mountain Range

Proceed until the road’s conclusion, where there is a cul-de-sac, and take a right before the dock. You need to go through the entrance concealed behind the boat to access the shed area, where you’ll find the component resting on the ground. The piece is present on the floor of a boathouse to the south of the cul de sac.

Part #36 San Chianski (Wind Farm Cave)

You can locate the spaceship part at the coastline to the eastern side of the Wind Farm. You will need to travel beyond the Wind Farm to reach the cave. Look for the underwater part by diving near the cave containing the jet skis.

Part #37 Tremor’s Rock (Sandy Shores)

Tremor’s Rock is a rocky outcrop located at Sandy Shores. You’ll need to climb to the top to find the part to reach the section that gives a view over the valley. The item is on the central area’s highest rock hill.

Part #38 Sandy Shores Alien Park

You can get a spaceship component from the alien shrine south of the darts and pool hall, close to the Sandy Shores. You can find it on the floor at the top of the painted hill.

Part #39 Satellite Dish Part (Sandy Shores)

Sandy Shores is home to a satellite dish park, represented on the map by a cluster of six concentric circles. Head to the leftmost satellite, where the spaceship part is upstairs.

Part #40 Sandy Shores Airfield

The three structures are located in the heart of Sandy Shores, just off a little roadway to the southwest of the airfield. Move to the correct one out of these buildings and locate the part hidden beneath the ship.

Part #41 Alamo Sea

This spaceship part can be found at Sandy Shores within the Alamo Sea. Move to the diner and jump into the water. After some distance from this area from the water, the piece rests on the land.

Part #42 Zancudo River

Visit the Zancudo River area that runs along the western bank, not far from the cliff. You can find the item lies between Mount Josiah and Harmony.

Part #43 Zancudo River Bridge

The Zancudo River, halfway from Grand Chaparral and Mount Josiah, is where you’ll find the spaceship part. If you go west along the river, you will eventually reach a massive bridge. Look under this bridge; you will find the part there.

Part #44 Paleto Bay

Get yourself to the island northwest of the ocean docks towards the west coast of Chiliad Park. You must get to the middle of the area and locate the part near the trees.

Part #45 Paleto Forest

You can locate the part at the crossroads of four lanes just off the major road in Paleto Forest. The item is concealed beneath a rail bridge made of concrete on a slight incline not far from Highway One. In this area, you will see a tiny pond where you can get the missing spaceship part from underneath the bridge.

Part #46 Paleto Bay Fire Tower

Paleto Bay’s fire escape tower, on its third level, carries this vital spaceship component. The fire station can be in the Paleto Bay shopping area closest to the south. You can find it in the middle of clusters of buildings near the major highway. Collect the part by visiting the Fire Building, entering the right-hand side, and climbing to the third floor.

Part #47 Mount Josiah

The spaceship part is located on Mount Josiah’s eastern slopes. Fly to the mountain’s craggy peak using a helicopter, or hike up if you are adventurous. You can find the component on the ledge of a tiny hill.

Part #48 Mount Chiliad

The Zancudo Grains farmland home in the Mount Chiliad region is where you’ll find the necessary starship’s part. You may find the farm if you follow the route that branches off the main highway on the mountain’s eastern end. Discover the part lying on the floor of the farmhouse.

Part #49 Grapeseed Cow Farms

You can acquire the spaceship part from the Grapeseed cow farms located on the western coast of the O’Neill meth lab. It’s a rural area with barns, haystacks, and rich brown soil. Look for it on the floor of a barn or out by a haystack and the cow pens.

Part #50 Donkey Punch Family Farm

You can find the family property on the main highway south in the northwestern area of Paleto Bay. There’s a massive barn right in the middle, and the GTA 5 spaceship part is hidden within it.