Best Jurassic World Evolution Mods You Should Try

Turn your dino park from bland to grand.

By GamesRecon

Are you still roaming around in the original Jurassic World Evolution? That’s cool because guess what? Even with Jurassic World Evolution 2 out there, the first game has a ton of unexplored corners and fun tweaks you can still explore, thanks to some inventive Jurassic World Evolution mods. Even though the game never got an official nod from Steam for mod support, the community went ahead and showed their creativity anyway.

Entering the world of Jurassic World Evolution is about the thrill of running your own dinosaur theme park. It’s a blast trying to unlock all the different dinosaur species, completing various challenges, and of course, keeping all those tourists happy and, well, alive. But once you’ve seen all there is to see, or if you’re itching to spice things up a bit, mods are like that secret sauce that can kick things up to the next level. There are a lot of mods out there for the game, and we are here with some of the best that can make your park even more awesome.

The Best Jurassic World Evolution Mods

Let’s dive straight into the list of some of the best modes for Jurassic World Evolution which you will definitely enjoy:

1. Environment Rework

Environment Rework Mod

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This mod is a total game-changer if you want to make your park look stunning. It gives the whole place a makeover, with everything from the dirt under your dinosaurs’ feet to the leaves on the trees getting a serious glow-up. The coolest part is that rocks are now their own thing in the game, which might sound small but trust me, it’s huge. This means you can get super creative with your park layouts, like adding caves or crafting more natural-looking enclosures.

And that’s just scratching the surface. Environment Rework focuses on beautifying your environment, making it a feast for the eyes. The ground you’re walking on, the bushes your dinos might be hiding in—it’s all been dialed up to eleven in terms of detail and distinction. Plus, they’ve thrown in some extra elements like additional fallen logs and spiffed-up props, including rocks and plants, so everything looks even more vibrant and lifelike. It’s a pretty straightforward update, but it’ll make your park a whole lot more photo-worthy.

2. Jurassic Park Expansion Pack

Jurassic Park Expansion Pack


You’re in for a real treat with Lucca’s Jurassic Park Expansion Pack mod. This mod is a love letter to all of us who can’t get enough of the original movies. Lucca went all out, giving the dinos in the game a total makeover so they look like they stepped out of the films. Ever wanted your T-Rexes to seem exactly like Buck and Doe from “The Lost World”? Or have Velociraptors roaming around that are spitting images of the ones from “Jurassic Park III”? Well, now you can.

And it’s not just the dinosaurs; even the Triceratops gets the star treatment to match its movie counterpart. Moreover, if you remember the iconic goat scene from the original title, that goat makes an appearance too. It’s not just another skin and texture mod; it’s a trip down memory lane for anyone who’s a fan of the Jurassic Park saga. This mod brings the nostalgia, making your park feel like it’s straight out of the cinematic universe we all fell in love with.

3. Baturoceratops Seradursus

Baturoceratops Seradursus

The Baturoceratops Seradorsus mod by sweetner is bound to raise some eyebrows among the dino buffs and Paleontology aficionados out there, because, this dinosaur never actually existed on the Earth. The modder, who’s already made a name for himself with some pretty cool Jurassic World Evolution mods, decided to go full creative mode and dream up a brand-new dinosaur. He named it “Warrior Horned Face,” which sounds pretty epic if you ask me. It’s a twist on the classic Ceratopsian family, and honestly, it looks like it could’ve fit right in with the rest of the Jurassic crew.

What makes this dino stand out, aside from the fact that it’s a complete fabrication, is how it smoothly blends into the game’s world. It takes the spot of the Pentaceratops, giving us something fresh and exciting. I mean, sure, it’s not a real dinosaur, but considering we’ve got the likes of Indominus Rex running around, the Baturoceratops feels right at home. This whole idea came about because, at some point, you’ve got to imagine that modders start running out of real dinosaurs to add to the game. So sweetner thought, “Why not invent my own?” And thus, Baturoceratops was born. It’s not about Paleontological accuracy here; it’s pushing the boundaries of imagination and adding something both plausible and cool to the game.

4. Skull Island Dinosaur Pack

Skull Island Dinosaur Pack



The Skull Island Dinosaur Pack mod by sweetener is a fan dream come true if you’ve ever imagined what it would be like to mash up the Jurassic Park universe with the thrilling world of King Kong. With a little storytelling flair, the modder spins this tale where InGen, with the help of the legendary diver Rikki Chadwick, ventures into the depths of the mysterious Skull Island. There, they scoop up fossil materials and bits of amber, all teeming with the DNA of Skull Island’s creatures. Fast forward through some bioengineering techniques and the vibrant and ferocious wildlife of Skull Island is resurrected.

This mod removes the dinosaurs including Carcharodontosaurus, both Parasaurolophus species, Apatosaurus, Chasmosaurus, and the Deinonychus, replacing them with some of the Island’s most formidable beasts. We’re talking about creatures like the Vastatosaurus, which is essentially a T-Rex on steroids with a cool rhino horn, and the Venatosaurus, among others. It’s a brilliantly executed crossover that brings a slice of Skull Island into the Jurassic World. In this mode, these dinos get the full treatment—new icons, name changes, and even their detailed profiles in the database. Further, there are special icons for researching the V. rex in the research center, adding that extra layer of immersion. It’s a creative, well-crafted mod that gives fans a whole new world of possibilities to explore.

5. Expanded Islands

Expanded Islands

The Expanded Islands mod by TheTokuSociety is a breath of fresh air for your game, especially if you’ve been feeling a bit cramped. It’s a straightforward concept with a massive impact: more room. With this mod, the islands you’re working with suddenly grow in size, meaning you can build larger parks, add more dinosaurs, and basically stretch your creative legs more than ever before.

But if you want to enjoy this expanded world, you’ll need to start with a brand-new park. Trying to use this mod onto an existing save is a no-go—it’ll likely cause a mess, breaking your game to the point where you might need to start from scratch with a fresh install. But trust me, once it’s added to your game and you get a taste of the extra space to play with, you’ll see it’s worth it. This mod doesn’t affect any other game feature; it gives you the freedom to build to your heart’s content without bumping into the edges of your island. So, if you’ve been dreaming of creating something truly epic, this is your chance to make that dream a reality.

6. Various JWE Savegames

Various JWE Savegames

The Various JWE Savegames mod is like a VIP pass to Jurassic World Evolution. Imagine starting a game where every door is already open, every dinosaur is waiting for you, and all the features are at your fingertips. That’s what this mod offers, all thanks to the modder ‘JustChill’ who did all the heavy lifting for you. He dove into the game’s Deluxe Edition, playing through all six islands with the precision of a pro. But once they hit the endgame, they hit the reset button on everything but the unlocks. So, what you get are 6 save games where the playground is set up, but no one’s playing yet. It’s your sandbox, but with everything already unboxed.

The final save game is the cherry on top. Think about every single unlock as yours; every dino, every facility upgrade, whatever you expect. Moreover, the islands are a clean slate, waiting for your master touch. You can pick any spot to start building the park of your dreams without worrying about the budget or dealing with annoying sabotage attempts. But keep in mind that these saved files are tuned to the Deluxe Edition without any pre-order bonuses, so if your game version is different, you might run into some compatibility issues.

7. Ultimate Mixed Eras

Ultimate Mixed Eras

If it’s the ultimate playground you’re after in Jurassic World Evolution, then you’ve got to check out Ultimate Mixed Eras mod by kaiodenc. This mod is an all-access pass to every single building and feature, no matter the era. Dreaming of mixing and matching buildings from different times? This mod says, “Go for it!” It throws the rulebook out the window for sandbox mode, letting you unleash your creativity with no holds barred. If you fancy having the Operations Centre right next to an Arrival Monorail Station from a different reign, this mod makes it happen. And don’t sweat about it messing with your campaign or JW Challenge modes—it’s all smooth sailing there, with no interference whatsoever.

You get every JW and JP building ready to roll in the JP Sandbox, along with all the special ones like monorail gates and tour gates. Furthermore, there’s no cap on how many of these you can plop down. It even spices things up by allowing Scientist guests to wander your park, spawning right out of your sciencey buildings. Both types of aviaries are also fair game in the era, and you can deck out your Ranger and ACU teams in all available skins, regardless of the era. If you’ve ever wanted to blur the lines between the Jurassic Park and Jurassic World timelines in your park, kaiodenc’s mod has got you covered.

8. Experimental Feathered Raptors

Experimental Feathered Raptors

The Experimental Feathered Raptors mod by Demansia is a fresh, feathery twist on one of the coolest dinosaurs in Jurassic World Evolution. Raptors, with their cunning and speed, are already fascinating, but this mod adds a dash of prehistoric flair by decking them out in feathers. We’re not talking full-on bird makeover here; the Raptors keep their iconic look but get a stylish upgrade with feathers on their arms, tails, and the backs of their heads.

No, these feathers don’t mean the Raptors are about to take off and fly around your park—that would be a bit too wild. They will only get different looks with this mod, giving the Raptors a retexture that’s both scientifically intriguing and visually unique. For players interested in the evolutionary journey of these creatures, it’s a nice nod to their bird-like ancestors. And for everyone else, it’s a chance to see one of the game’s standout dinosaurs sporting a look that’s as special as it gets.

9. Enhanced Terrain Tools

Enhanced Terrain Tools

While playing Jurassic World Evolution, if you have ever thought, “I wish I could do more with this environment,” then there’s a mod that’s right up your alley. While the original game does give you some tools to play around with the landscape, they can feel a bit limited. That’s where this mod comes in, taking those basic editing tools to the next level and putting way more control in your hands.

Instead of being stuck with preset values for how big or intense your landscaping tools are, this mod introduces sliders that let you adjust everything just the way you like it. It’s like borrowing the much more flexible and powerful tools from Planet Coaster and bringing them into the world of Jurassic World Evolution. This means you can sculpt your park with more precision, crafting hills, valleys, and whatever terrain features you dream up with ease. Plus, the flattened, smooth, and terrain paint tools get a major boost, too.

10. Exotic Dinosaur Pack

Exotic Dinosaur Pack

The Exotic Dinosaur Pack mod by sweetener is a ticket to a prehistoric safari, bringing some of the Mesozoic era’s most unique and lesser-known dino stars to your park. Imagine trading in a couple of your park’s regulars for dinosaurs that visitors will swear they’ve never seen before—because, well, they probably haven’t.

First, we’ve got the Deinocheirus Mirificus, which honestly looks like it couldn’t decide whether it wanted to be a dinosaur or a duck, so it went for both. Its nose resembling a duck is bound to turn heads and spark interesting conversations around the park. Then there’s the Effigia Okeefeae, a creature that blurs the lines between Raptors and Herbivores. It’s like seeing the other side of the coin of what we usually expect from raptor-like dinosaurs, offering a glimpse into the diverse adaptability of ancient life.

But the real showstopper might be the Eustreptospondylus Oxoniensis – a creature that looks like it crashed a T-Rex family reunion wearing a Raptor costume, complete with spines for added flair. It’s as if nature decided to experiment with dino design, and the result is both eerie and fascinating. For players who find themselves sticking to the same old dinosaur roster, this mod is a fantastic way to shake things up and inject some exotic appeal into your park.

11. Dracodentitan (New Hybrid Species)

Dracodentitan (New Hybrid Species)

The Dracodentitan mod by DrPenny233 is the ultimate experiment in dinosaur hybridization, mixing the Baryonyx and Polacanthus to bring up a dinosaur so fierce that it could star in its own monster movie. It’s a beast with the imposing stature of a T-Rex and the sleek agility of a Raptor—this creature is a nightmare on legs, designed to dominate any prehistoric or modern battlefield.

The Dracodentitan isn’t only a sandbox legend; you can bring this titan to the game in your campaign, too. Go to the genetic research menu, and you’ll find the key to unlocking this behemoth. And for those who love diving deep into the lore, there’s an Ingen Database Entry dedicated to the Dracodentitan, offering all the details on its genetic blueprint and backstory. This mod adds a layer of depth and intrigue to your game, complete with a fully realized backstory and the ability to integrate this terrifying dino into the heart of your Jurassic world. It’s hands down one of the most thoughtfully crafted mods out there.

12. Magma Spinosaurus

Magma Spinosaurus

This mod by IndoraptorPrototype gives the Spinosaurus a makeover straight out of a volcano’s heart. Magma Spinosaurus completely transforms the Spinosaurus, decking it out with a fin that gives the fiery magma vibes—think black, red, and golden hues that scream “hot stuff coming through!” The skin near its fin has a very cool effect, making it look as though magma is literally coming up and cascading down its back. It’s a new look that turns your Spinosaurus into the star of the show.

13. JFD Triceratops Prorsus

JFD Triceratops Prorsus

The JFD Triceratops Prorsus mod by JaggedFangDesigns takes the Triceratops, the legendary horned giant we all know and love, and cranks up the dial on realism. This mod swaps out the game’s default Triceratops with a version that’s so life-like, that you’ll half expect it to walk out of your screen. Triceratops are pretty much the poster children of the dinosaur world. They’ve starred in many movies, and most of us have a picture in our mind of their appearance.

But the modder wasn’t satisfied with only any picture—he wanted to bring the Triceratops to life in all its prehistoric glory. So, this mod comes with higher-quality textures, and patterns that pop on their bodies and crests, making them not only cooler but also adding a touch of artistic flair to your park. The detail on these dinos is next level. Each model is so detailed it feels like you’re looking at the real deal, and the variety in coloring schemes means your Triceratops will be the main attraction. It’s a mod that doesn’t just breathe new life into an old favorite; it transforms it into a show-stopper, ensuring your Ceratopsidae family gets the spotlight it deserves.