How to Reroll in Genshin Impact: A Detailed Guide

By GamesRecon

Are you looking for a guide on how to reroll in Genshin Impact? Didn’t get any of your desired iconic characters right away when you started to play Genshin Impact? We are here with the exact information which you are searching for. To begin with, here’s a method to start the travels in Teyvat with your choice members of the party.

You must “reroll,” which is the same as creating a new Genshin Impact account to attempt another chance. If you can achieve the Diluc or Venti you have ever desired as a result of this practice, it will be well worth your time. Rerolling, on the other hand, takes time and can only be done only a few times.

For those who don’t have the patience or the good fortune to try, here is how to reroll in Genshin Impact. But before that, let’s discuss what actually “rerolling” means and whether doing so is useful or not.

What is Rerolling?

In gacha games such as Genshin Impact, rerolling is prevalent. In other words, you can get the characters of your wish to play but without spending any real money by creating a new account and using the substantial early access bonuses. Even though it’s less expensive, rerolling in Genshin Impact requires redoing the first hour or so of the game repeatedly. Remember, you can only reroll if you are playing the game on PC or mobile.

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Is it Necessary to Reroll in Genshin Impact?

To some extent, the explanation for this will be determined by how well you have progressed in the game. Because rerolling means beginning from nothing, you must consider carefully when making a new account and discarding your previous progress. However, if you are just at Adventure Rank 5, it’s definitely worth your 30 minutes of time.

Rerolling in Genshin Impact, or any other gacha game for that matter is usually done in order to obtain a particular character or weapon. You might desire those for aesthetic, gameplay, or quality reasons, however, the RNG lords have other ideas. Only actual wealth, prolonged grinding, or rerolling are options if you don’t acquire them. Rerolling is a very enticing option for numerous reasons.

Rerolling is a smart idea if your initial Desire picks are all Ambers, or if you simply really do not like your current team. If you continue, you’ll likely be much satisfied with the overall outcomes.

Rerolling specifically to get a 5-star character (or a specific 4-star) isn’t necessary, but it’s something to think about if you’re willing to put in some effort. Taking this into account, you should know that the probability of receiving a 5-star character is indeed extremely low (0.6 percent). A few more rerolls may be required to acquire the results you desire. It’s also worth noting that you may receive a 5-star outcome even though you don’t have a 5-star character.

Genshin Impact Rerolling Requirements

The real kicker is that rerolling is permitted in miHoYo, so there’s no need to be concerned. However, rerolling necessitates the use of a different email address, so you will have to use either an existing one or create a new one. You’re free to pick and choose what you want (Gmail, Yahoo, etc.).

How to Reroll in Genshin Impact?

Open the game once you have found an unutilized email account. Be sure to log out of your old account if you have not already done so. The next step is to go to the home page and click ‘register now.’ Create an account using your valid email address and other personal information.

If you are starting up, you will have to wait until Adventure Rank 5 to access the Wish screen. There will be ten free wishes at Adventure Rank 5 and 10 for every new account, so you’ll have two opportunities with the maximum probability to obtain four- and five-star characters and firearms under each Adventure Rank.

Primogems, an in-game currency earned through playing the game, can be used in the Paimon Menu (start) shop to purchase additional wishes and numerous arrival things, all of which are available at a discount at the game’s beginning. Check out the specifics under each banner to see all of the available chances for every character and weapon.

Make certain you’ve obtained all of your available Wishes. The welcome gifts (which have many Faiths/Wishes and Primogems) can only be obtained by opening your notifications and collecting everything you see there. Visit the ‘Shop’ main menu, then ‘Paimon’s Bargains’ to ‘Purchase with Primogem” to get Wishes in exchange for Primogems. You can get Wishes for your Primogems by exchanging them for these.

The Wishes can be made by returning to the main menu, clicking ‘Wish,’ and then selecting the desired banner. To get more Wishes and Primogems, you can also look for codes on the web or read this guide on Genshin Impact wishes and codes.

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Is it Possible Reroll in Genshin Impact on PS4?

Unless you want to go through the difficulty of making a new PSN account, you receive whatever you get on your first move if you want to reroll your PS4 game on a different PS4 console. Creating a new Genshin Impact account is much simpler and faster for PC, tablet, and mobile users, and it makes rerolling much more convenient. Here are some tips on how to reroll in Genshin Impact as well as the advantages and disadvantages you should be aware of.