How to Heal Injuries in Project Zomboid

By GamesRecon

It’s not a matter of if your character will be wounded in Project Zomboid; it’s a matter of how badly they could be hurt. Even the most minor cut might leave your character with a limp for days or weeks if it isn’t addressed. You can swiftly cure your injuries in Project Zomboid by following these instructions.

For those new to Project Zomboid and unsure of how to begin their day in zombie-infested Kentucky, we’ve put up this guide to help you out.

Use Bandage

In Project Zomboid, no matter precisely what damage you sustain, bandaging up is usually always the first move you ought to make. Stop bleeding with a bandage or torn towel if you’re in a pinch. Keeping a wound open for a long time will cause it to bleed more and weaken your body.

Injuries in Project Zombloid

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You may, however, heal wounds more quickly but without the infection, if you have the best treatment materials available.  As long as the damage is kept clean, your character won’t succumb to conditions that could lead to depletion of health points or death if treated with medical-grade antiseptics and alcohol wipes. Before putting a bandage, you should sterilize the wound.

Properly Care for Different Types of Injuries

Some injuries in Project Zomboid can’t be bound up. There are two types of wounds: superficial (like a scratch) and deep (like lacerations and severe cuts). A bandage and disinfectant are wanted you want to help cure an injury. Medical attention is required for some infections.

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Using a sewing needle to sew a severe cut before cleaning and bandaging is necessary. Bones must be secured with plaster and require time to heal. And if something foreign gets stuck in your body, like a piece of glass or a gunshot, you should remove it, sterilize, and use stitching equipment to seal the injury.

Make Sure You Avoid Being Hit

Whenever, you’ll have to select from two distinct types of injuries in Project Zomboid, which is very hard to resist.’ However, if you choose, go with the non-zombie wound when possible. Fighting an army of zombies seems preferable to jumping from a building, but this isn’t always the case.

Only seven percent of the time will zombie scratches convert you into an unsteady nomad. If a laceration occurs, that percentage rises to 25 percent. Getting bitten means it’s game over since bites have a 100% probability of turning you into a demon or something similar. Fortunately, to avoid the bitten is a simple matter.