How to Get Dark Matter in Final Fantasy 7 (FF7) Rebirth

Find out the rarest crafting treasure.

By GamesRecon

In Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, there’s a treasure just as elusive as it is powerful—Dark Matter. This rare item can be earned through skill, perseverance, and a bit of competitive spirit. Dark Matter in FF7 Rebirth is the key to crafting some of the most powerful gear in the game through Transmuter. Think of the Transmuter as your magical crafting table, where Dark Matter transforms into items that can make your characters virtually unstoppable.

So, why chase after Dark Matter? The thrill of mastering minigames and the reward of boosting your party’s capabilities is what makes FF7 Rebirth an interesting adventure. Whether you’re dodging obstacles on a G-Bike or racing a Chocobo, every challenge you conquer brings you one step closer to the ultimate prize. This guide will walk you through all the known locations of Dark Matter and how you can obtain it.

Obtaining Dark Matter: Locations and Minigames

Playing Minigame in FF7 Rebirth

This stuff is like gold dust in the game, unlocking some of the best accessories you could dream of for your team. But getting your hands on Dark Matter isn’t a walk in the park. It’s all about showing off your skills in a variety of minigames scattered across the world and getting the top ranks in these.

Junon’s Dolphin Show

Ever fancied yourself a dolphin whisperer? Well, here’s your chance to shine. Rank III in the Dolphin Show minigame is your target.

Gold Saucer

The Gold Saucer is like the Disneyland of FF7 Rebirth. But we’re not here just for the rides; we’ve got our eyes on the prize, Dark Matter. And there’s plenty to go around here:

  • Galactic Savrios: Get to Rank II on Expert, and a piece of Dark Matter is yours.
  • G-Bike: Fast, furious, and on two wheels. Again, Rank II on Expert is your target here.
  • Chocobo Racing’s Kujata Stampede: Win it, and you bag yourself some Dark Matter.
  • 3D Brawler Against Shiva: Last but not least, defeating Shiva here isn’t just about bragging rights; it’s also about that sweet Matter.

Corel Desert

Moving on to the scorched sands of the Corel Desert. Cactuar Crush 3 and 4 are where it’s at. Rank III and IV might sound daunting, but with a bit of strategy and a lot of dexterity, you’ll crush it.


Lastly, you need to get Rank II in the Gold Rush on Challenging in the Dustbowl.

Those minigames in FF7 Rebirth are a blast to play, but they don’t pull any punches. Getting the Dark Matter in Final Fantasy 7 (FF7) Rebirth isn’t something you’ll do in a snap. It’s more of a marathon than a sprint, and it’s all about the long game. My advice is to kick things off on the easier levels – there’s no shame in it. Think of it as warming up before the big game. Get your practice in, learn the ropes, and level up your skills gradually. With a bit of persistence and a whole lot of patience, you’ll start racking up that Dark Matter before you know it.

Using Dark Matter: Crafting with the Transmuter

You can take any raw materials you stumble upon in your adventures and turn them into equipment or other awesome objects. And guess what plays a starring role in this crafting magic? Dark Matter. That elusive stuff is very important for making some of the best gear around. So, keep an eye out for it, because with the Transmuter, those raw materials you’ve been collecting can turn into something pretty awesome and valuable.

  • Enhanced Karmic Cowl – Karmic Cowl x1, Pirate Jetsam x1, Dark Matter x4, Resplendent Robe x1.
  • Enhanced Psychic’s Charm – Psychic’s Charm x1, Pirate Jetsam x1, Dark Matter x4, Burnished Crown x1.
  • Enhanced Malboro – Malboro Orb x1, Pirate Jetsam x1, Dak Matter x4, Gilded Tentacle x1.
  • Enhanced Expeditionary Medal – Expeditionary Medal x1, Pirate Jetsam x1, Dark Matter x4, Lustrous Feather x1.
  • Enhanced Draconic Ring – Draconic Ring x1, Pirate Jetsam x1, Dark Matter x4, Aureate Horn x1.
  • Enhanced Camaraderie Earrings – Camaraderie Earrings x1, Pirate Jetsam x1, Dark Matter x4, Gold Talon x1.

With such a tempting array of accessories, you might wonder where to begin. My hot tip? Go for the Enhanced Psychic’s Charm first. It’s like equipping your characters with a turbocharger for their magical abilities, and in a world where magic can be the difference between victory and defeat, that’s no small advantage. Moreover, the Enhanced Malboro Orb is great when you’re up against the Mindflayer in Biological Intel: Head Case. If you’ve been banging your head against the wall trying to take down that tricky customer, this orb could be your source to smooth sailing.

The minigames were just the appetizer; crafting with Dark Matter is the main course in FF7 Rebirth. Experiment with different accessories, find what works best for your playstyle, and watch as your party becomes a force to be reckoned with. And remember to have fun with it. After all, what’s the point of saving the world if you can’t enjoy the ride?