The Last of Us Part I All Weapons and Locations Guide

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The Last of Us Part 1 is not a traditional third-person shooting game. To stay alive, you will need to hunt for ammunition while creating and improving guns and melee weapons. Having good weapons or equipment in your hands is essential to make your way through the game. But if you do not know how to find all available firearms, following this guide will help newcomers to the game locate any available weapon.

A few of them are simple and come up eventually in the narrative. Some are easy to find without much effort, while others will require a bit of digging. Below, check out The Last of Us Part I all weapons & locations to obtain them:

  • 9mm Pistol: You can pick up a 9mm pistol in the quarantine area on the table once you and Tess have escaped the Fireflies and entered a cave.
  • Revolver: It can be discovered in The Outskirts. In the place where Jess throws a bottle at a Clicker and moves the desk drawer to divert it, there’s a horde of infected. Find a dead body where you can locate the revolver close to it.
  • Hunting Rifle: It is also available in The Outskirts. After hearing Tess’s bombshell, Joel and Ellie head for the upper level, where they must leap along a narrow opening to reach what appears to be a corpse. Nearby is also the Hunting Rifle.
  • Shotgun: It is situated in Bill’s Town. Bill left the pub, went down to the church’s armory, and offered the weapon.
  • Bow: In Bill’s Town, proceed to the store’s back, the area where Clicker has activated a bait. When you arrive at the top of the truck, you will see a chair and bow waiting for you.
  • Flamethrower: The University is the site of this flamethrower. After passing through the gates, turn right and follow the roadway until you reach a garage. You will find the flamethrower next to an ancient car if you enter.
  • El Diablo: Find it at Tommy’s Dam to get your hands on this specific pistol right at the start of the current chapter. Seek out the deserted vehicle and enter through the driver’s side door and reach El Diablo from there. It’s also available at a nearby guard hut.
  • Shorty: The Suburbs is the place where this weapon usually spots. When Henry and Sam enter the drains, they walk right into a sound ambush. You will reach a table with Shorty after a few distances forward.

So, that’s all from our side in this guide of The Last of Us Part I all weapons & locations. Hope it will help you to find and get every weapon in the game.

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