How Much Money Have I Spent on League of Legends

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If you are looking to find out “how much money have I spent on League of Legends so far?” this article guides you completely. 

League of Legends is the most popular free-to-play game in the world. It’s still worth millions of dollars to gamers around the world. Rather than just playing the game for hours and hours to level up the overall ranking, Riot has forced so many players to spend real-world money to buy different in-game items and cosmetics. You can spend money to buy influence points. This helps you unlock the Champions and Runes and add new skins to your inventory. By purchasing these, you can speed up your progress and other goodies.

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How to Check How Much Money Have I Spent on League of Legends?

How much is your League of Legends account worth

Average US LoL player spends $92 per year on the game, according to a 2019 survey. Your account information is required to see how much is your League of Legends account worth. First, let’s have a look at the account details:

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Account Details

The probability is that you have not logged out of your account because you selected the “Stay signed in” option in the client after creating your account.

I’m not going to worry about it. With Riot’s account recovery service, retrieving your username and resetting your password is a breeze.

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  • Click on the “CAN’T SIGN IN?” button to access the service page.
  • If you lost your username or password, click on “Forgot username?” or “forgot password?”
  • If you can not remember your username and password, the first step is to get them back.

Furthermore, you must access the email address connected with your League of Legends account. By contacting Riot Support directly, you can find out your login details if you no longer have access to it.

Go to the “Show Me the Money” page at Riot Support.

How much you have spent on League is even easier to track than recovering access to your account information. We have listed the steps you need to take:

  • Go to the Riot support page for your region.
  • Enter your account information by clicking the red “Login” button.
  • The “Log in” button will be replaced by the “Show me the money.” This button will show you how much money you have already spent on the game (in your current region).
  • There is no way to know the money spent on League of Legends if you have more than one account.

What Can I Spend My Money in League of Legends?

League of Legends uses Blue Essence (BE) and Riot Points (RP) as its currency. You can earn BE (but not RP) by playing the game. RP can only be purchased with real-world money.

With RP, you can buy skins, emotes, Hextech Chests, and other luxury stuff. Cost varies depending on what you are looking at. In comparison to skins, emotes normally cost around 350 RP (less than $5).

So, that’s all in this post in which we have provided a complete guide to check out how much did I spend on League of Legends. We hope that you have enjoyed reading this guide and also got your answer.

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