How Much Money Have I Spent on League of Legends? Here’s How to Check Your Investment

After all, part of the joy of LoL is making your champions look as epic as your gameplay feels.

By GR Staff

Have you ever wondered, “How much money have I actually spent on League of Legends?” League of Legends is not just about battling it out in the arena, there’s also the thrill of collecting cool skins, unlocking new characters, and maybe even spending a bit on those special in-game items.

League of Legends, at its core, is a free-to-play game, and it’s a huge part of its charm and success. But as any dedicated player will tell you, with a grin, the story doesn’t end there. The game offers a large and wonderful pool of champions, each with unique abilities and styles. The great thing is that you can unlock these heroes just by playing the game and earning in-game currency. It’s rewarding because it feels like you’re earning your progress. However, the premium skins are where your real-world money comes into play. These items set your character apart and make your gameplay more personal and stunning.

It’s easy to lose track of your total investment over the years when you’re having so much fun, but you’re not alone in this curiosity. LoL’s got a huge amount of players worldwide and many of us gamers find ourselves asking this same question. And guess what? There’s a super simple way to find out. In this article, we’re going to guide you through the steps to find out just how much you’ve spent in your League of Legends account.

In-Game Purchases in League of Legends

Have you ever admired a nice skin on another champion in League of Legends and thought, “Wow, I need that!”? One of the big draws of LoL, aside from the exciting gameplay, is the element of in-game purchases. But what does that really mean?

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In simple terms, in-game purchases in this game are like buying accessories for your digital self. These purchases include a whole bunch of appealing stuff like skins, which are different outfits for your champions. Imagine giving your favorite hero a makeover – that’s what skins do. Then there are characters that you can buy to expand your roster and try new playstyles.

But why do we love these purchases? Well, they make the game more enjoyable and fun. When you buy a skin, you’re not just changing how a champion looks; you’re expressing your style and making the game experience truly yours. Plus, it feels great to show off a rare or unique skin in a match to your friends or other players. Moreover, it’s not just about looking good, buying a new champ can also refresh your game and give you a whole new style to play.

Therefore, if you have a favorite hero or a favorite skin in League of Legends, then you are going to be able to Custom Metal Pins, which allows you to choose the style, size, and color you want, and you can carry it with you anytime and anywhere.

How Much Money Have I Spent on League of Legends?

It's very easy to check how much money you’ve spent in League of Legends.
It’s very easy to check how much money you’ve spent in League of Legends.

To find out ‘how much have I spent on League of Legends?’ It’s easier than trying to win a match with 20 kills. Just follow these straightforward steps:

  1. Go to the official Riot’s League of Legends support page.
  2. Log in to your account by entering your username and password.
  3. Look for a button option that says ‘Show Me the Money’.

Once you click the button, the screen will display the total amount you’ve spent in LoL. Remember, this amount is all about your journey and enjoyment in the game, so don’t be surprised if it’s a bit higher than you expected.

Note: The amount you see is just for your account in its current LoL region. So, if you’ve played and made purchases in other regions, those won’t be included in this total. Sometimes, you might find that the page is down or under maintenance. If that happens, wait for a few days and try again.

Where Can I Spend My Money in League of Legends?

LoL uses two types of currency: Blue Essence (BE) and Riot Points (RP). BE is what you earn by playing the game, while the main currency you’ll be using for most purchases is Riot Points or RP. You buy these with your real-world money and it’s your in-game investment to the more exclusive items.

There are a lot of cosmetics or skins you can buy that’ll level up your League of Legends playthrough:

  • Champions: You can use RP to unlock new champions faster than earning them through gameplay.
  • Skins: Skins are like new outfits for your characters, and some even change animations and add cool effects – think of it as giving your champions a makeover.
  • Champion Bundles: Sometimes, Riot offers bundles that include a champion and one or more of their skins. It’s a good deal if you want to get both the champ and their fancy outfits at once.
  • Emotes and Icons: Emotes let you express yourself in different styles, and icons are used for your account.
  • Ward Skins: These change how the vision wards you place in-game look. It’s a small touch, but it adds some personal flavor to your strategic play.
  • Event Passes: During special events, Riot often offers passes that unlock additional missions and rewards. It’s like getting a VIP ticket to an exclusive party in the game.
  • Loot Boxes: Known as Hextech Chests in LoL, these boxes can contain skins, champions, and other items. It’s a surprise every time you open one – like a mystery gift.

So, there you have it! That’s your quick guide on how to check how much money you’ve spent in League of Legends. It’s as easy as clicking a few buttons and you get to see your total investment in your game journey. Whether it’s a little or a lot, it’s all part of the fun and excitement this game brings.