Dragon’s Dogma 2 The Regentkin’s Resolve Walkthrough

Assist the new regent of Vernworth to save the lives of citizens.

By GamesRecon

One quest you definitely don’t want to miss in Dragon’s Dogma 2 is The Regentkin’s Resolve. It’s a crucial part of the post-game content as one of the five evacuation missions and ties directly into the main questline, Halls of the First Dawn.

So, why is this quest such a big deal? Well, imagine you’re right in the middle of an impending apocalypse. The sky’s gone all dark and red, and the stakes couldn’t be higher. Your mission is to help Sven, the new regent, evacuate the people of Vernworth before everything goes up in flames. Sounds intense, right? That’s because it is. This walkthrough will guide you through every step to complete The Regentkin’s Resolve in DD2.

How to Unlock The Regentkin’s Resolve in Dragon’s Dogma 2

Unlocking this quest is pretty straightforward, but there are a few things you need to take care of first.

First, you should complete the main quest Halls of the First Dawn. If you haven’t started that yet, make sure you get it rolling because The Regentkin’s Resolve is linked to it. Once you’re on track with that main objective, head over to Vernworth. When you get there, go to The Stardrop Inn and look for Captain Brant. He’s usually hanging out there, so he shouldn’t be too hard to find.

Brant is the one who gets the ball rolling for you. He’s got the latest information on what’s happening in Vernworth, especially about Sven, who’s taken over as the regent. Just have a chat with Brant, and he’ll fill you in on the situation. He’s the one who’ll officially kick off The Regentkin’s Resolve quest for you.

Objectives of The Regentkin’s Resolve Quest

This DD2 quest has two main objectives, and both are very critical if you want to help evacuate the area successfully.

1. Convince Disa

First up, you need to deal with Queen Disa. She’s Sven’s mother and not exactly thrilled about the whole evacuation plan. Your job is to get her on board with Sven’s idea. Sounds easy, right? Well, not quite. Convincing a stubborn queen is never a simple task, but don’t worry, we’ve got a few strategies up our sleeve to help you out.

2. Secure Oxcarts for Evacuation

Next, you need to secure some oxcarts to transport the people out of the city. These oxcarts are necessary for moving everyone safely, but someone’s already bought them up for selfish reasons. You’ll have to negotiate, or maybe get a little forceful, to get these oxcarts ready for the evacuation.

So, to sum it up, your main goals are to:

  • Make Disa agree to support the evacuation and bring her to Sven.
  • Secure the oxcarts needed to transport the citizens.

Once you’ve got these two things sorted out successfully, you’ll be well on your way to completing the evacuation mission in DD2.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 The Regentkin’s Resolve Quest Walkthrough

This is where we break down every step you need to take to successfully complete this quest. Let’s get started!

Meet Sven

Dragon's Dogma 2 Vernworth Castle Map Location

Your first task is to have a chat with Sven, the new regent. Head over to Vernworth Castle and make your way to Sven’s quarters. Once you find him, he’ll lay out the situation for you. It’s all about the evacuation plan, but he has hit a couple of roadblocks: his mother, Disa, isn’t on board, and he needs those oxcarts to transport everyone safely.

Sven is talking about the evacuation in his room.

He tells you that his mother is not happy to leave and has confined herself in the chambers. But as a Regentkin of Vernworth, he says he should first consider the well-being of common folks and then inform you about the need for oxcarts to successfully let everyone leave the town. After he ends his conversation, the quest will begin.

Convince Disa or Bring her to Sven

Annoying Disa talking in her chamber.

First thing first—we’ve got to deal with Queen Disa. As we already said, she’s not thrilled about the idea of packing up and leaving, so we need to convince her. From the Sven chamber, the first thing to move to Disa’s chamber. There will be a maid standing at the door front and will say something, but ignore her and enter the room by opening the door. You’ve got three ways to tackle this:

  • Carry Queen Disa: This is the brute force approach. Go to Disa’s room, which is just down the hall from Sven’s. When you get there, pick her up and carry her to Sven’s room. She might put up a fight, and you might have to pick her up a couple of times if she wriggles free but keep at it. Once you get her to son, he’ll handle the rest.
  • Obtain the Ornate Box: If you’re not in the mood for a physical workout, this option might be more your speed. In Disa’s room, you’ll find an Ornate Box on her desk. Grab it and take it to Sven; there is a letter from Disa inside the box, which Sven will read. This letter helps him understand his mother’s perspective and gives him the leverage he needs to convince her to go along with the evacuation.
  • Kill Queen Disa: This is the nuclear option and honestly, not the best choice if you want to keep things civil. If you decide to go this route, simply attack Disa until she’s no longer a problem. Be warned, though—Sven won’t be too happy about it, and it might affect how he reacts to you later.
Tip: Personally, I’d recommend the Ornate Box approach. It’s less messy and gives Sven and his mother a chance to reconcile in a more meaningful way. Moreover, it’s always nice to avoid unnecessary bloodshed.

Whatever way you use and bring Disa to his son’s room, he will thank you for this and ask you to leave them alone for a talk. Next, you need to look for the oxcarts.

Get the Oxcarts for Evacuation

Oxcart Station Map Location in Dragon's Dogma 2.

Once you are done with Disa’s task, it’s time to focus on those oxcarts. Head over to the west side of Vernworth where you’ll find the Oxcart Station. The oxcarts are currently in the possession of a noble named Allard, who’s using them to transport his riches.

Talking with the Rusell at Oxcart Station.

Standard Method: Confront Allard – If you haven’t completed the Every Rose Has Its Thorn quest, you’ll need to confront Allard directly. Approach him and give him a scare by drawing your weapons or you can do this by grabbing him and holding him down for a moment. Don’t worry, you don’t need to hurt him—just make Allard understand that you mean business. Once he’s sufficiently intimidated, he’ll run off, leaving the oxcarts for you to use.

Alternative Way: If Completed Every Rose Has Its Thorn – If you’ve already completed the mentioned quest, you’re in luck. In that task, Allard meets his end, so you won’t need to deal with him this time. Just head straight to the oxcart merchant, Russell, and tell him you need the carts. Since the minister is out of the picture, Russell will hand them over without any fuss.

After securing the oxcarts, make sure to speak with Russell to confirm that everything is in order. He’ll let you know that the oxcarts are under your control to use for the voyage.

Completing the Quest

The end chat with Sven in his chamber to complete Dragon's Dogma 2 The Regentkin's Resolve quest.

Once you’ve taken care of both Queen Disa and the oxcarts, it’s time to report back to Sven. Head back to his quarters in Vernworth Castle and let him know that everything is ready. Sven will be relieved and grateful for your help. He’ll officially wrap up The Regentkin’s Resolve quest, and you’ll receive your well-deserved rewards.

Rewards for The Regentkin’s Resolve

Here’s what you’ll get for all your hard work:

  • 25,000 Gold: A good sum to help you gear up for future adventures.
  • 20,000 XP: A great boost to your experience points, helping you level up and become even more powerful.
  • 35 Wyrmslife Crystals: These rare crystals are incredibly valuable and can be used to trade with the Dragonforged for some top-tier gear.

Tips and Strategies

Before we wrap up, here are a few tips to make sure you get the most out of this Dragon’s Dogma 2 quest:

  • Choosing the Best Option for Disa: The Ornate Box is usually the best choice. It’s peaceful and gives a nice narrative touch to the challenge.
  • Dealing with Allard: If you can complete Every Rose Has Its Thorn before starting this quest, do it. It makes securing the oxcarts a lot easier.
  • Using Your Rewards: Don’t forget to spend those Wyrmslife Crystals wisely. The Dragonforged offers some amazing gear that can give you an edge in the post-game content.

And there you have it! That’s the complete walkthrough for The Regentkin’s Resolve (aid in the evacuation in Vermund). With this guide, we hope you’re ready to tackle the quest head-on and ensure the safe evacuation of the Vernworth area saving the lives of innocent people.