Should You Give the Grimoires to Trysha or Myrddin in Dragon’s Dogma 2?

During Spellbound and The Sorcerer’s Appraisal quests, you need to give grimoires to either Trysha or Myrddin - find out what to do.

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Just like many other choices you will face throughout your journey in Dragon’s Dogma 2, you will come across a unique dilemma during the “Spellbound” and “The Sorcerer’s Appraisal“. Both of these missions are linked with each other which you have to complete at the same. To be honest, Spellbound is one of the complex challenges of the game and has some end consequences. During these quests, you have to find a total of 5 grimoires and hand over them to either Trysha or Myrddin (two NPCs you will meet during the objectives) and receive the maister skills in return.

But the situation you will be stuck in to whom should you give those magic sources because both characters are very keen to get these items and there will be after-effects of your decision. The route you choose could complicate things pulling other characters into the mix and potentially twisting the plot even further. But by playing carefully and perhaps spending a bit of your hard-earned gold, you can manage these tricky situations and aim for the best results. Fortunately, you have a few different choices available to get past this complex situation. This guide tells you all grimoires locations to find them, how can you complete both quests to earn rewards, and even receive all maister skills in DD2.

How to Start the Spellbound Quest

Eini's Home Map Location

For the Spellbound quest in DD2, you need to visit Eini’s house, which is located to the north of Vermund. Inside the house, you walk into a scene where Trysha, a determined young woman, and her Granny are arguing with each other. It’s clear from the get-go that Trysha is desperate to learn and wield magic, regardless of the rules set against it.

Once the familial storm subsides, wander up the hill from the house. Here you’ll find Granny, who might seem a bit stern at first but give her a chance to speak her mind. After your chat, head back to the house and have a word with Trysha. She’ll confide in you her ambitious plan to gather grimoires so she can learn the forbidden spells.

How to Start the Sorcerer’s Appraisal Quest

Myrddin House Location on Map in Dragon's Dogma 2

Make your way to the Checkpoint Rest Town in the west of Vermund. Look for a house perched on a hilltop with a locked door. If you attempt to enter, an annoying guy named Myrddin out and shoo you away. But don’t worry, this isn’t the end of the road. Equip your Courtly Tunic and Courtly Breeches to gain Myrddin’s favor.

Once you’re dressed to impress, Myrddin will change his tune and agree to let you enter his home. After a couple of dialogues, he will tell you that he is lacking grimoires and ask you to give him to complete his grimoire collection. Accept his request, and you’ll be on a hunt for those magic books.

Where to Find the Grimoires in Dragon’s Dogma 2

Whether you decide to help Trysha or Myrddin, you’ll find yourself trekking through some of the most intriguing and sometimes perilous locations to locate and collect all these materials.

Grimoire Locations

Jumping to the house balcony from broken wall to get Let There Be Light grimoire book.

  • Grimoire #1 (Let There Be Light) – It’s right under Myrddin’s nose in his home in Checkpoint Rest Town. From outside the house, climb the balcony from the broken wall to enter the second floor’s room through the grilling door. There will be a table towards the right with the book on it.

Fulminous Shield Grimoire Map Location

  • Grimoire #2 (Fulminous Shield) – This one is a straightforward purchase. Head over to Dudley, a merchant at the entrance to Melve. If you don’t find him at first, rest in the town and come back to look for him. He sells the “Fulminous Shield” for 5,000 G. It’s a bit pricey, but there is no other choice other than investment.

Nation’s Death Knell First Copy Map Location

  • Grimoire #3 (Nation’s Death Knell First Copy)Northeast of Checkpoint Rest Town lies the Ancient Battleground. Calmly pass through the monsters without attacking them and walk upwards to enter the dungeon. Use the stairs to go atop and explore the cave and in a large side room, you’ll find your desired magic book.

Giving fake grimoire to Wendy to get Howling Blizzard

  • Grimoire #3, 4 (Nation’s Death Knell Second Copy & Howling Blizzard) – You can get one copy of Howling Blizzard from Wendy but she will ask you to give her a book first. Make an extra fake copy of Fulminous Shield to hand over to her and receive the original book. Secondly, in the Waterfall Cave on north northeastern side of Melve and the Borderwatch Outpost, go to the second floor via a path and ladder sequence, and be ready for a confrontation; a lich guards this spot, eager to attack you right away. Victory rewards you with not just one, but two grimoires from a red chest.

Getting Towering Earth from Waldhar

  • Grimoire #5 (Towering Earth) – After wrapping up “The Caged Magistrate” quest, you’ll receive this last grimoire from Magistrate Waldhar, who’s recently taken up residence in The Gracious Hand’s Vaults library.

While you’re finding the grimoires, keep in mind that some of these magical books exist in multiple copies. This little fact is a lifesaver because it means you don’t have to choose between Myrddin and Trysha right away. You can play a bit of magical double agent and please both parties in a good way to collect everything you can during these objectives.

What Happens If You Give Grimoires to Trysha in Dragon’s Dogma 2?

Spellbound Quest Guide

If you’ve decided to side with Trysha and help her learn the magic that’s been forbidden by her Granny. Here’s what you can expect after you’ve handed over those powerful grimoires.

Note: You don’t have to collect all grimoires at first if you want to hand over them to Trysha as she will be happy even with the three items.

Once you give her these magical tomes, she rewards you with a Turquoise Ring. The quest requires you to rest for a night and after passing the day, Trysha, overwhelmed by her newfound powers, inadvertently goes on a magical rampage. Magic swirls uncontrollably around her, causing chaos and destruction in her wake.

Trysha goes mad because of magic practice.

As the Arisen, it’s up to you to handle this explosive situation. You’ll find that attacking her isn’t the best approach; it ends the quest prematurely and on a rather tragic note. Save yourself first from getting damaged and wait until she gets exhausted. Now, get close to her and use the Grab button (right trigger on a controller or E on a keyboard) to subdue her. This non-lethal approach calms the magical storm, leading to a cutscene that gives deeper insight into Trysha’s struggle and her Granny’s care for her.

The Spellbound Quest Rewards

After controlling her from the unconscious state, you need to come back after some days and pay her another visit. You’ll find that Trysha is not only grateful but also deeply reflective about her abilities and the havoc they caused. Your good deed and patience pay off. When you return to Trysha, she thanks you profoundly, not just for the grimoires, but for saving her and potentially others from her uncontrolled magic. She then hands over the rewards:

  • Cast Stone: A Mage weapon that increases magical attacks.
  • Conjurer’s Jottings and Enchanter’s Almanac: These books unlock the Meteoron and Celestial Paean maister skills for Mages and Sorcerers, respectively. These skills are great upgrades for your spell-casting repertoire.
  • 2,000 XP + 3,000 Gold

While the immediate rewards are quite beneficial, keep in mind that if you don’t come back quickly after handing over the grimoires, the consequences could be dire. Trysha or even Eini might perish due to the negative magic spells, leading to a failed quest and the loss of potential allies and benefits. It’s advisable to make a camp nearby and the rest there before you come back.

What Happens If You Give Grimoires to Myrddin in Dragon’s Dogma 2?

The Sorcerer’s Appraisal Quest Completion Guide

The decision to give the grimoires to Myrddin, the enigmatic sorcerer with a love for collecting rare books, sets you down a path that’s quite separate from the one you’d travel with Trysha. When you first hand over the grimoires to Myrddin, the initial interaction is straightforward—but there’s more than meets the eye. Myrddin is actually Trysha’s father, which adds a layer of family drama to the mix. He is also interested in grimoires and he wants the exact amount of items (three) that his daughter accepts.

The Sorcerer’s Appraisal Quest Rewards

For giving Myrddin the grimoires, you’ll receive these rewards:

  • Myrddin’s Chronicle: This item unlocks the Sorcerer maister skill Maelstrom, a powerful area-of-effect spell that showcases some of the most dramatic magic in Dragon’s Dogma 2.
  • Ares Morpho Robe
  • 11,000 Gold

Choosing to help Myrddin is more straightforward in terms of moral complexity compared to dealing with Trysha’s magical mishaps. However, the decision doesn’t just end with handing over some books. If you compare what you will reap in both cases, it’s definitely the way to go with Trysha as you will receive two maister skills but only one by helping her father. But there is a third option to complete both these missions and get all the rewards and all three maister skills.

Optimal Strategy: Divide the Grimoires Between Trysha and Myrddin

If you play your cards right, you can actually satisfy both parties and reap all the benefits. Myrddin, as it turns out, is less picky about the authenticity of the grimoires—he’s a collector and only wants to add these magic books to his collection – so only interested in completing his set than the actual content. This opens up a fantastic opportunity: forgery.

Asking Ibrahim to forge the grimoire books

Head over to Ibrahim’s Scrap Shop near Myrddin’s house in Checkpoint Rest Town. Ibrahim specializes in duplicating almost anything but at the cost of a good amount. One item can be forged by spending 6,000 Gold and you need to rest for a day to collect the fake item. So, it will cost you a total of 30,000 Gold to forge all five grimoire books. It’s a steep price, but consider it an investment towards acquiring all three master skills. Once you have the forgeries, you can strategize how to distribute them. Here’s a solid plan:

  • Give the Real Grimoires to Trysha: Since Trysha is focusing on learning the magic within the books, it’s crucial she gets the real books. Handing over genuine grimoires ensures she learns the spells correctly and avoids any catastrophic mishaps.
  • Hand the Forge Books to Myrddin: Since he’s more interested in the aesthetic completion of his collection, he’s less likely to notice or care about whether they are real or fake. This way, you can keep him satisfied without sacrificing the more critical needs of Trysha.

By delivering the grimoires this way, you not only keep both characters happy but also maximize your gains. This method is perfect to enjoy the best of both worlds, earning all the possible master skills, and maintaining good relationships with both characters. Yes, it has you to shelve out extra Gold and put in more effort, but learning three skills at the same time puts you in a prime spot in Dragon’s Dogma 2.