How to Summon Asmongold’s Official Pawn in Dragon’s Dogma 2

Bring a streaming legend into your game.

By GamesRecon

Ever fancied adventuring with your favorite streamer tagging along? In Dragon’s Dogma 2, you can do just that. Yes, Asmongold, the popular streamer, is available as an Official Pawn in the game. So, how do you bring Asmon into the game, and what makes his Pawn so special? This guide tells you the details of summoning Asmongold’s Pawn, understanding the working of Official Pawns in DD2, and discussing the platforms on which you can find him.

Where Can You Find Asmongold’s Pawn?

Unlike most Official Pawns that stick to one platform, Asmongold’s digital double struts his stuff on all major gaming consoles. Whether you’re gaming on PC, Xbox Series X/S, or PlayStation 5, you can summon Asmon’s not-so-luscious locks into the lands of Vermund and Battahl.

Steps to Summon Asmongold in Dragon’s Dogma 2

Summoning Asmongold’s Official Pawn is straightforward, regardless of your platform of choice. Here’s a quick guide to get you started:

  1. Locate a Riftstone: These magical stones are your gateways to summoning Pawns and can be found throughout the towns and cities within the game.
  2. Examine the Riftstone: Approach it and choose the option to interact.
  3. Navigate the Rift Menu:
    • Select ‘View Unique Pawns‘ followed by ‘View Official Pawns.’
  4. Select Asmongold: Scroll through the list until you see Asmongold, then select him.
  5. Summon the Pawn: Once selected, choose ‘Summon Pawn’.
  6. Hail Asmongold: Approach him and select the ‘Hail‘ option.
  7. Hire Him: Finish the interaction by choosing ‘Hire’.

Asmongold’s Pawns are available at different levels, and you can get his lower-level versions without spending a dime right from the start. Acquiring his higher-level Pawn might cost you a few Rift Crystals (RC), but his lower-level forms are free from the beginning of the game.

If you’ve already hired Asmongold’s pawn in Dragon’s Dogma 2 during the time it was available, you’re in luck. You can re-hire him anytime, even after his official availability period has ended. Just look him up under options like Favorited Pawns, Friends’ Pawns, Previously Hired Pawns, or the Riftstone of Remembrance.

However, it’s good to keep an eye on the status of Official Pawns because sometimes they might become unavailable or be removed from the list unexpectedly. By following these simple steps, you can ensure Asmongold’s powerful and unique pawn is ready to join you whenever you need him.

Special Features of Official Pawns

Official pawns, including Asmongold’s, come with their unique attributes:

  • Their names are displayed in a different color to distinguish them from regular pawns.
  • Their equipment and appearance are preset and you can’t change them.
  • They are not included in some game features such as daily and overall rankings.
  • There may be a limited period during which these pawns are available for hire.

What Makes an Official Pawn Different?

In Dragon’s Dogma 2, while most Pawns are avatars of other players, carrying the nuances of their gameplay and strategies, Official Pawns like Asmongold’s are unique. Official Pawns like Asmongold’s are a breed apart. Crafted by Capcom in collaboration with influencers, these Pawns are not tethered to any player.

They don’t exchange gifts with anyone’s Arisen and are identified by a distinct color in their names. This adds an interesting layer to your gameplay, knowing that a part of your favorite streamer’s persona is battling right alongside you. Whether you’re hiring Asmongold for his prowess or just to see how he does in a fight against a dragon, having an Official Pawn adds a unique twist to your Dragon’s Dogma 2 adventure.