10 Best YouTube Gaming Video Ideas to Grow Gaming Channels

Get successful on YouTube with the right video strategies.

By GamesRecon

If you already have a YouTube channel or want to start one, you need to remember that gaming videos witness cut-throat competition on YouTube as it is one of the biggest genres. You must create top-quality and valuable videos with your distinctive twist on them if you want to stand out from the competition. To get started, consider these best YouTube gaming video ideas:

1. Let’s Play Videos

Let’s Play videos are a common component of gaming videos on YouTube. It takes a lot of talent and work to edit these videos. Although using a video editor can make the process simpler for you, you still need to come up with strategies to differentiate yourself from the competition. You could draw in more viewers by understanding what other videos lack.

2. Streaming Video Games Live

YouTube has a great demand for live streaming of various types of games, from the most recent releases to ten-year-old classics. Because they can watch and engage with you in real-time as you play a game, potential subscribers can develop a personal connection with you when you live to stream it. With a high-quality PTZ camera, viewers can feel as though they are part of the broadcast and truly experience what it is like to be in the same room as the streamer.

3. Review Games

You should have played a video game for a sufficient amount of time to submit insightful reviews. Decide in advance as to whether or not your reviews will include spoilers, and if they do, you must inform your audience of this. Determine if your gaming reviews are intended for those who have played the game or those who have not before.

4. Gaming News

The video game industry is so vibrant that gaming news will undoubtedly surface every day. The gaming industry constantly has fresh topics to discuss with the release of new games or the most recent information on highly anticipated games.

Creators of video game content can comment on the latest happenings and submit any new information they come across. There is a significant chunk of the public that is curious about your viewpoints on the news. You have the option to discuss a current popular issue in gaming news videos.

5. Gaming Tutorials

The goal of gaming tutorials should be to help viewers. Your tutorial needs to address any issues your audience may be having, such as difficulty understanding a weapon system or needing assistance getting beyond a challenging level. Since people’s attention spans are getting shorter, aim to keep the gaming tutorial to no more than five minutes to get the most traction.

6. Game Series Explanation

You may make a whole amount of videos explaining the series if you are an expert in Call of Duty or Grand Theft Auto. These videos could cover the main ideas, stories, etc. Both viewers who are already familiar with them and others who are attempting to understand these fantasy games would find it to be ideal.

7. Game Analysis

We think you’ll agree that playing video games involves skill. While certain fast-paced games need players to constantly be alert and engaged, others require extraordinary problem-solving abilities. Even thought-provoking storylines are included in certain video games. You could want to go ahead and make an analysis video on it if your abilities allow you to highlight the game’s greater significance. If you discover another viewpoint, you may even share it.

8. Gaming Highlights

If you have recorded yourself pulling off complex moves, crossing over a difficult stage in the game, or using special attacks, you can compile all that footage into a highlight reel. Alternatively, you might compile all of your commentary’s funniest moments into a single highlight video. By using a YouTube editor you can edit and cut your videos hassle-free. These editors will help you make gaming highlights videos interesting and will help you grow your channel.

9. Gaming Secrets

Video game enthusiasts aren’t afraid to go down any rabbit holes to learn as much as they can about the games they enjoy. Profit from people’s interest. If you happen to be aware of any top-secret game information, such as boss battle secrets or amusing remarks scrawled on a wall, go ahead and include it in your YouTube video.

10. Speed Run

The idea of a speed run is to complete a game’s level, quest, or whole game as quickly as you can. Engaging speed run videos are entertaining to watch and give the viewer a positive opinion of you. On YouTube, you can even team up with your gaming friends and compete against them in a speed run.

With so many options, you must determine what is beneficial for your YouTube gaming channel and what is not. See which videos have the most and least views. Then keep creating more of the ones that bring in the highest traffic and engagement.