Best Street Fighter 6 Mods in 2024

Elevate your gameplay experience with these best Street Fighter 6 mods.

By GR Official

Street Fighter 6 has been among the most popular fighting games. The game offers a wide range of characters, stages, modes, and features that will keep you engaged for hours. If you want to improve your gameplay experience, you should try some of the best Street Fighter 6 mods provided by the SF6 community.

Mods are changes or additions to the game that change or add something to it like new clothes, characters, graphics, music, or gameplay elements. SF6 community always comes up with the best high-quality mods, but the question arises which can be ranked above all? Here are our top 8 picks:

2B Costume (Chun Li)

Street Fighter 6 Chun Li 2B Costume
Image: Nexus Mods

Bored of using only one skin of Chun Li? You can check out the Chun Li B2 Costume mod. It’s based on 2B, a character from the video game “NieR: Automata.”

Chun Li attains a new look in this mod that closely reflects 2B’s style. This mod offers a 2B’s signature costume, her blindfold, and her hairstyle. Chun Li decides to dress up as another aggressive video game heroine at a great costume party.

Cosplay One Piece (Juri)

Street Fighter 6 Juri Cosplay One Piece
Image: Nexus Mods

This mod changes the costume of one of the playable characters, Juri, to make her appear like she’s wearing a one-piece swimsuit. Nobrandburger, a fan of both Street Fighter and One Piece, a popular manga and anime series, made this mod.

The mod can be downloaded from Nexus Mods, where it gained positive comments from other users. The patch also includes a flipped normal map texture, which improves the graphical quality. Just like the Chin Li B2 Costume, Juri Cosplay One Piece is one of many Street Fighter 6 costume mods that allow gamers to customize their favorite characters with alternative clothing and styles.

Goku Dragon Ball (Ryu)

Street Fighter 6 Goku Dragon Ball (Ryu)
Image: Nexus Mods

If you’re a fan of Ryu, then you can modify the costume of your character with this mod. It modifies the appearance of Ryu to resemble Goku, the main character of Dragon Ball. This mod is available for download at Nexus Mods, where it has earned numerous user ratings. The model of Goku from Jump Force has been adopted in the mod. Modified textures are also included to make Goku appear more realistic and detailed.

Classic Costumes Over Original Costumes

Street Fighter 6 new Mod of Classic Costumes over Original Costumes
Image: Nexus Mods

If you prefer the old classic costumes of the Street Fighter characters over their original costumes in Street Fighter 6, this mod will allow you to replace all 18 characters’ default costumes with their classic costumes from previous titles. WistfulHopes, a modder who has built multiple other Street Fighter 6 Mods, created this mod.

DMC5 Lady Outfit for Manon

DMC5 Lady Outfit for Manon
Image: Nexus Mods

If you are a fan of Devil May Cry 5, so you must check out this mod. This mod changes the appearance of Manon to make her look like Lady, adjacent to a supporting character from Devil May Cry 5. The mod includes the outfit and the hairstyle of Lady from Devil May Cry 5. The outfit is a black leather jacket with red particulars, a white shirt, black pants, and black boots. The hairstyle is a short bob with bangs and a red hairband. This mod replaces the default costume 1 option for Manon, but it can be traded to other slots if needed.

Juri Nostalgia (USFIV)

Juri Nostalgia (USFIV)
Image: Nexus Mods

Juri Nostalgia (USFIV) restores Juri’s famous Street Fighter IV costume. FlashDBC made it and published it to Nexus Mods. The mod comes in two versions: C1 and C2, which replace different Juri clothes in the game. Textures include those from Brutalace’s Juri Legacy Costume mod.

This mod was updated on January 1, 2024. Most importantly, the community has given it positive feedback too. Juri Nostalgia (USFIV) is a Street Fighter 6 mod for Juri lovers who want to experience her vintage look.

Marisa the Wrestler

Marisa the Wrestler SF6 Mod
Image: Nexus Mods

Marisa the Wrestler gives Marisa a wrestling-inspired costume. Monkeygigabuster made this mod and it is available on Nexus Mods1. Similarly, this mod comes in two versions: C1 and C2, which replace existing Marisa costumes in the game. The mod also incorporates textures from ScrumpChewie1’s other mod. This mod was updated on December 4, 2023, and has gained numerous community endorsements. Marisa The Wrestler is a Marisa mod for those who want to view her in a new style.

Kasumi Over Kimberly

Kasumi over Kimberly
Image: Nexus Mods

Kasumi Over Kimberly changes Kimberly’s model with Kasumi from Dead or Alive. PenguinSempy made it and published it to Nexus Mods1. The mod also comes in two versions: C1 and C2, which replace distinct Kimberly outfits in the game. Moreover, the mod also incorporates textures from ScrumpChewie1’s previous mod. Kasumi over Kimberly is a Street Fighter 6 mod for Kasumi fans who wish to play as her.

Remember this Before Using Mods

Keep in mind that you need to have Fluffy Mod Manager, a mod manager requires user-made mods that make it possible to install mods by modifying PAK archives. You can download and install this program from here on Nexus Mode.

Fluffy Mod Manager for Street Fighter 6
Image: Nexus Mods


  • Extract the mod manager anywhere, but if you’re upgrading the old version, simply extract it over the older version
  • Before its first run, all PAK files in your Street Fighter 6 install must be unmodified (simply right-click the game in Steam and choose “Verify file integrity“).
  • Firstly run the Mod Manager and choose Street Fighter 6 as the game.
  • Mods can drag-n-drop in 7Zip, RAR, or ZIP format onto the mod manager window (simply copy them on the mod manager) or manually copy mods to “[modmanager]\Games\SF6\Mods
  • Install mods by clicking on them in the mod list. Finally, click again for uninstalling.

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