Best Sims 4 Legacy Challenges You Should Try

Find out the top challenges to try in Sims 4 for having great fun and take your playing experience to another heights.

By GamesRecon

You’re probably as hooked on the Sims 4 as I am, right? I mean, who wouldn’t love the endless creativity and freedom the game provides? You can create your dream house, live out fantasy lives, and let’s not forget the hilarity of those Simlish conversations.

But you know what adds even more spice to the game? Legacy challenges. If you haven’t already, I highly recommend looking into these. These are assignments that span multiple generations, increasing the game’s depth and breadth. This article will explain some of the best Sims 4 Legacy Challenges, and why you should take part in them. I can assure you, they will completely transform your level of play.

1. The Classic Legacy Challenge

So, let’s kick things off with a classic – The Legacy Challenge. You might have heard of it because it’s pretty much the granddaddy of all Sims legacy challenges. And if you haven’t, you should start right away. The goal of this test is to determine how long you can keep going without giving up. And by time, I mean 10 whole generations of Sims. You start off with just a single Sim, and they have practically nothing to their name – a small plot of land, a couple of Simoleons (that’s money in the Sim world, for those uninitiated), and that’s about it.

The goal is to build a thriving family line that spans 10 generations. Seems easy enough. Um, no, not really. There’s a whole heap of rules you have to follow – everything from who can marry whom to how your Sims can earn money. But that’s part of the thrill; it increases the game’s strategic depth and intricacy. And nothing beats the feeling of witnessing your tenth-generation Sim enjoying the lavish residence their forebears built. Trust me, if you haven’t tried The Legacy Challenge yet, you’re missing out on a lot of fun!

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2. Not So Berry Challenge

Have you ever wanted to add a bit of color to your Sims 4 gameplay? If so, then the Not So Berry Challenge is just the thing you may want. It’s as quirky and colorful as it sounds! The Not So Berry Challenge is all about vibrant colors, each representing a different generation of Sims. For example, the first generation is mint, the second rose, and so on. But it’s not just about the color, folks. Each color also represents a unique career and set of life goals for your Sims to achieve.

Imagine this – for the mint generation, your Sim is a scientist who loves to tinker but also has a hard time committing to relationships. For the rose generation, you’ve got a Sim who is a politician that wants to make a difference but is also a bit of a snob.

To keep you interested, this challenge not just introduces new colors to the game, but also new professions, qualities, and aspirations for your Sims to go after. It’s an exciting opportunity to shake up the game’s setting. To sum up, the Not So Berry Challenge is a fun and lively trial of your mettle that you shouldn’t pass up on.

3. The Decades Challenge

Now, for all of you history buffs out there, let me introduce you to The Decades Challenge. This challenge is a literal blast from the past! Starting from the 1890s, your Sim family will live through different eras, each with its unique lifestyle and technological advancements.

Think about it: you start with a small farming family in the 1890s, living without electricity or even indoor plumbing. Yikes! From there, each generation advances to a new decade, along with all its developments (and setbacks). You’ll be using kerosene lamps, then moving on to phonographs, and finally landing in the era of computers and beyond!

Each reign comes with its own set of rules reflecting the societal norms and technological capabilities of that time. This means you’ll be juggling different restrictions and opportunities as your Sims progress through the ages. Exploring how people’s daily routines have changed over time is an interesting endeavor. The Decades Challenge is a great chance to inject some old-world glamour and mystery into your game, whether you’re a history lover or just prefer to switch things up a bit.

4. The Random Legacy Challenge

Speaking of shaking things up, have you ever wanted a bit more unpredictability in your Sims 4 world? If yes, then the Random Legacy Challenge might just be your favorite dish to try! In this challenge, your Sims’ lives are decided by a roll of dice – quite literally.

You see, the traits, careers, and the number of children each generation has are determined by random dice rolls. So, your Sim could end up being a music-loving, kleptomaniac gardener with three kids, or a loner artist with a penchant for fishing and just one child. This challenge adds a delightful twist of anonymous things and forces you to think on your feet. This challenge is worth trying if you’re seeking for a fresh and creative way to entertain yourself in the Sims 4.

5. The Disney Princess Challenge

Now, who doesn’t love a good fairy tale? Especially when it involves some of our favorite Disney princesses! Yes, you heard me right. The Disney Princess Challenge lets you live out the stories of different princesses, right in your Sim world.

Each generation in this challenge represents a different princess, complete with objectives based on their individual stories. You start with Snow White, with seven children (our adorable dwarfs), then move on to Cinderella, working as a maid until finding her prince charming, and so on.

This challenge not only adds an element of magic to your game, it additionally gives each generation its own set of specific goals to work toward. To top it all off, it’s a fun way to remember your all-time favorite movies from Disney. For any Sims player who enjoys engaging narratives or is a Disney lover, it’s sure to add a touch of magic to their virtual lives.

6. The Apocalypse Challenge

Now, this next one is not for the faint-hearted. Ever imagined how your Sims would fare in a post-apocalyptic world? Well, the Apocalypse Challenge lets you experience just that. The situation is hit by a catastrophe, and you’ve got to survive in the new dystopian world. You begin with a single character living in a bunker, surrounded by wreckage, with severe restrictions on what you can do. Your Sim’s life will be filled with hardship, limited resources, and many rules reflecting the harsh realities of post-apocalyptic life.

The goal? Lift these unique restrictions one by one by having each generation master a different career. It’s not simple, although the feeling of freedom after overcoming an obstacle is priceless. The Apocalypse Challenge is perfect for you if you like challenging yourself and aren’t put off by the occasional dystopian plot twist.

7. The 100 Baby Challenge

Okay, we’ve survived the apocalypse, now let’s change the pace a bit. How about trying for a big, big family? I’m referring to the 100 Baby Challenge, in which your goal is to have one Sim have 100 children as quickly as possible. First, you’ll aid a matriarch in bearing and caring for as many offspring as she can. Seems like a great deal of effort, no? It definitely is! Managing a big family can be hectic and challenging – juggling various needs, emotions, and situations can get crazy.

But amidst the chaos, there’s a lot of fun and warm moments too. Seeing your matriarch’s children grow up, have their own personalities, and lead their own lives is a unique experience. If you love family gameplay and are ready for some baby boom, give the 100 Baby Challenge a shot!

8. The Black Widow Challenge

It’s as sinister as it sounds, and it will certainly make for some juicy stories in your Sim world. In this challenge, your Sim has a knack for love, or should I say, a knack for marrying other Sims and then…well…disposing of them to inherit their fortune. It’s all about marrying rich, becoming a widow, and then moving on to the next unsuspecting victim.

Not the bright and cheery tale you may expect from the Sims, but nonetheless loads of pleasure if you like a good mystery. So, if you’re looking for a thrilling new task, you might want to consider taking on the Black Widow Challenge.

9. The Rags to Riches Challenge

Let’s change tack from the gloomy to the optimistic for a moment and talk about a well-known rags-to-riches tale. In other words, if you thrive on starting from scratch and working your way to the top, then this is your kind of task. When you first start out, your Sim has nothing — not even a place to call home. The aim is to determine the duration it takes for your protagonist to amass a million dollars.

It takes planning, forethought, and effort to succeed. As you play, your Sim will take on random tasks, come up with creative ways to earn money, and improve their lifestyle over time. The Rags to Riches Challenge is perfect for you if you’re motivated by inspiring tales of triumph and rewarded for your efforts.

10. The Asylum Challenge

Imagine this: you’re in control of one Sim living with seven other Sims who have their free will turned on. You’re living in a small house with limited resources, and chaos ensues. Your goal is to achieve your Sim’s aspiration while living amidst this whirlwind. This challenge is perfect if you’re looking for a laugh and some unexpected surprises. It’s crazy, it’s unpredictable, and it’s a whole lot of excitement!

11. The Bachelor(ette) Challenge

You’ve probably seen or heard about the reality TV show The Bachelor, right? Well, how about bringing some of that reality drama into your Sims world? That’s where this challenge comes in. Your Sim is the desirable bachelor or bachelorette with a bunch of other Sims vying for their heart.

You get to arrange dates, rose ceremonies, and eventually decide who your Sim ends up with. You can experience all the dramatic (and occasionally romantic) parts of your favorite love stories without ever having to leave your game with this challenge. In other words, give in to your feelings.

12. Tiny Living Challenge

Moving on from the drama of love to the challenges of living small – The Tiny Living Challenge. It’s based on the popular trend of tiny homes. So, your task is to build a little home, live with minimal belongings, and still strive to lead a fulfilling life. It’s not just about managing with less space, but also about choosing what’s truly important for your Sim. It’s a great exercise in minimalism and strategic use of space. So, if you’re up for living big in a limited way, this challenge is the best way to do that.

Sims 4 Legacy Challenge Rules

Sims 4 Legacy Challenge Rules

Here’s an overview of the basic rules for Legacy Challenge in Sims 4:

  1. Starting Out: Your challenge begins with one young adult Sim. This Sim is known as the founder of your legacy family. They must be completely alone on their lot and begin with only 1,800 Simoleons (the game’s currency) to their name. This means you must purchase the biggest available lot, reducing your starting funds to 1,800 Simoleons.
  2. Money Management: You can’t use any money cheats. For this challenge to have any meaning, you cannot utilize money deception, as that would defeat the purpose of working your way up from poverty over numerous generations.
  3. Line of Succession: The title of heir can only be passed down through the founder’s bloodline, and only one child per generation is eligible for the throne. Define the rules for selecting the successor at the outset of the challenge and keep to them. The rules can be established according to gender, birth order, or characteristics.
  4. Marriage: Marriage is the only way to add new Sims to your family since you cannot simply move into another Sim’s household. Any Sim who marries into your family can bring in a one-time dowry of 20,000 Simoleons.
  5. Lifespan: Your Sims must have a normal lifespan. Adjusting the lifespan in the game settings isn’t allowed.
  6. Moving: Once the challenge has begun, your Sims can’t move to a new lot. They must stay on the same lot for the entire challenge.
  7. Aspiration and Traits: You can’t change your Sims’ aspirations or traits.
  8. Death: If all the Sims in the household die and there is no one to continue the legacy, then the challenge ends.
  9. Goal: The challenge’s primary objective is to play through ten generations of Sims on a single lot without resorting to any mods or using cheats that would otherwise provide an unfair advantage. This means that you will be responsible for making decisions about the household budget, dealing with major life events, and adapting to unforeseen circumstances.

Don’t forget that these are only the basics. There are additional rules and scoring systems that you can follow to make the challenge even more interesting. The Legacy Challenge is all about adding new layers of complexity and fun to your Sims experience.

How to Play Legacy Challenge of Sims 4?

Play Sims 4 Legacy Challenge

Playing the Sims 4 Legacy Challenges involves a series of steps and rules that guide your gameplay through several generations. Here’s a basic guideline to get you started:

  1. Creating Your Founder: Create a young adult Sim. This Sim will be your Legacy Challenge’s founder. You can customize this Sim however you like with respect to their appearance and aspiration, but you cannot choose their traits as those will be randomly assigned.
  2. Choosing a Lot: Purchase the largest available lot, which is the 50×50 lot in Willow Creek or Oasis Springs. This will leave your founder with only 1,800 Simoleons to start their life.
  3. Building Your Home: You’ll have to build a home with the limited funds your founder has. At first, it might be very basic or small, but as your Sim progresses in their career and earns more money, you can expand and improve the home.
  4. Life Progression: Have your founder find a job, build skills, and start a family. The goal is to progress through your founder’s life, fulfilling their aspiration and life goals, while also setting up the next generation.
  5. Choosing an Heir: Once your founder has had a child, you’ll need to choose an heir. The rules for selecting an heir can be based on various factors like gender, birth order, or traits. The rules you decide upon at the start should continue throughout the challenge.
  6. Continuing the Legacy: As the first child (your chosen heir) grows up, you’ll guide them just as you did with the founder, continuing the family line. They’ll find a job, a spouse, have children, and eventually, one of those children will be chosen as the next heir.
  7. Progress Through Generations: The goal is to play through 10 generations of your family on the same lot. Each generation should build upon the success of the previous ones, aiming for wealth, accomplishment, and a large, beautifully developed home lot.
  8. Scoring: You get or lose points based on a number of things, including the traits, goals, and professions of your Sims, the size of their financial accounts, and the level of improvement you’ve made to your lot.

Bottom Line

We’ve covered quite a lot, haven’t we? From living through decades to surviving the apocalypse, from having 100 babies to living in a tiny home, the Sims world is indeed full of exciting Legacy Challenges in Sims 4. They all add something special to the experience, allowing you to branch off into other paths and scenarios. Whatever your expertise level with The Sims may be, these challenges are guaranteed to provide a welcome dose of variety for all players.