Assassin’s Creed Mirage The Calling Quest: How to Reveal the Chamber’s Secret

Enter the Assassin's Creed Mirage's The Calling quest with some Mysterious Shards in the bag, and unlock a secret chamber to get legendary loot.

By GamesRecon

Have you been exploring the captivating world of Assassin’s Creed Mirage too? It’s quite an adventure and among the bunch of quests awaiting your skills, there’s one that stands out – the Main Quest called “The Calling.” Now, this isn’t just your typical challenge, it’s a special invitation to solve a mystery that has been shrouded in secrecy for ages. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to “Reveal the Chamber’s Secrets.”

Imagine this: tucked away amidst the vast deserts lies a hidden chamber, holding secrets waiting to be uncovered. Your first steps will lead you to the serene waters of the Northern Oasis, which holds the gateway to this mystery. However, the keys to unlocking these ancient secrets come in the form of elusive Mysterious Shard Collectibles. It’s like a treasure hunt within a treasure hunt. As you venture into the depths of the unknown, not only will you be solving an ancient mystery, but you’ll also stumble upon legendary gear that’s bound to make your journey in Assassin’s Creed Mirage even more thrilling.

Locating the Chamber

Northern Oasis Map Location

The very first step in Assassin’s Creed Mirage The Calling quest is finding that secret chamber. The journey to it begins at a place that seems like a mirage amidst the desert – the Northern Oasis, situated to the east of Anbar. It’s like a cool, blue haven in the midst of golden sands. Take a bold dive into the cool waters of the Northern Oasis and as you submerge, you’ll find an underwater tunnel beckoning. The path may be shadowed, but the promise of adventure illuminates the way. Follow the tunnel as it snakes through the depths, leading you towards the heart of the mystery. The waters may be chilly, but the thrill of what lies ahead will surely warm your adventurous heart.

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As you navigate through the azure tunnel, you’ll find yourself coming closer to the chamber with each stroke. And then, there it is—the entrance to the chamber, waiting quietly to reveal its secrets to the worthy. It’s a journey that’s as exciting as the destination. The path to the chamber is not just about reaching it, but about the mystical aura that wraps around you with every step (or should we say, swim?) you take towards it.

Collecting Mysterious Shard Collectibles

Now, with the hidden chamber revealed, you’re just a hop, skip, and jump away from revealing its secrets. But, here’s the rub: the ancient locks on the chamber’s treasures require a special kind of key – Mysterious Shard Collectibles. They are remnants of a bygone era, scattered across the lands and waiting for a worthy adventurer to claim them.

You need Mysterious Shards to open the chambers.

To unlock the chamber’s secrets, you’ll need to collect 10 of these elusive Mysterious Shards. And here’s a little tip: the folks wearing black robes around town aren’t just fashion-forward; they’ve got these shards tucked away in their pockets. A little pickpocketing and you’re on your way to obtaining the required shards.

But, these shards aren’t just lying around waiting for you; they are spread across five different territories. It’s a journey that will take you from the bustling streets of one district to the serene quiet of another, each item bringing you one step closer to solving the ancient enigma.

Also, keep in mind that each territory holds 2 shards. This part of the quest is like an adventurous blend of hide-and-seek and a treasure hunt, with a dash of historical mystery thrown in. The thrill of the hunt, the joy of discovery, and the promise of ancient mysteries waiting to be publicized.

Unlocking the Gear Chests

With a pocket full of Mysterious Shard Collectibles, you stand at the threshold of the hidden chamber, ready to unlock the gear chests that lie within. Now, here’s where your collection of these shards comes into play. Each chest has its own shard requirement to unlock. It’s like an ancient, enigmatic vending machine, but instead of snacks, you get legendary gear. The first chest will unlock with 2 shards, the second one needs 3, and the grand finale, the third chest, requires 5 shards. A total of 10 shards will open all the chests, revealing the precious loot treasures they guard.

You will find the loot chests in the hidden place.

The treasure boxes present valuable pieces of gear that are not just visually stunning but pack a punch in power too. The ones on the left and right bestow upon you legendary weapons, while the chest in the middle graciously gifts a legendary outfit. It’s like the ancient chamber is rewarding you for your bravery and wit. The moment you unlock all three chests, a wave of accomplishment washes over you as Assassin’s Creed Mirage The Calling quest marks itself as complete. It’s a celebratory moment where the past meets the present, and you, the worthy adventurer, stand at the heart of it with new legendary gear ready to aid you in your future quests.