Fire Giant Elden Ring Guide: How to Beat this Boss

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You should need to spend hours after hours to reach the Elden Ring ending by going through the Lands Between, completing a lot of essential quests, and defeating the game bosses. You may have faced many dangerous bosses during your journey, and finally, you are very close to the Forge. But, there is big trouble in front of you, a Fire Giant Elden Ring boss. He is one of the game’s leading and most difficult beasts, and you can find him at Mountaintops of the Giants.

The Fire Giant is the last remaining member of the Giants’ War, and you can see a face on his chest. He is our worst enemy in the game and the last barrier standing in our way to the Giant’s Forge. The Elden Ring Fire Giant beast is not easy to defeat because of its massive size and the tremendous damage he imposes by using his powerful special attacks. So, you need to understand his fighting style and dangerous blows to protect yourself from the extensive damage and overcome him.

Remember, he is not an optional Elden Ring boss, and you must fight and kill him to move toward the Forge of the Giants. If you are having trouble completing this quest, this Fire Giant Elden Ring boss guide explains the tips and location and also tells you how to beat Fire Giant easily in the game.

Elden Ring Fire Giant Boss Fight

Among the few tribes, Queen Marika went to battle with was the Fire Giants, who followed the One-Eyed/Fell God. In the War of the Giants, Godfrey, the First Elden Lord, and his Knights destroyed the entire ancient Giant. When you reach the Mountaintops, you can see the destroyed ruins spread here and there as you move through the terrain. Among all these, the one powerful Fire Giant Elden Ring boss managed to survive and now protects the Forge of the Giants located at the Mountaintops.

Elden Ring Fire Giant Boss

The Fire Giant is a powerful boss that is the first one to encounter in the highly challenging game finale. Because of its large size and mind-blowing assaults, he quickly moves across the battle arena to escape the players’ attacks and then uses his unique attacks. This fight takes place in two short phases, each of which calls for your attention to the Fire Giant’s major weakness to deliver good damage to him. You should be very quick and stay active during the initial stages of the fight.

At first, he will use his shield to launch the snow-throwing attack on you in the form of an avalanche, but you can guard yourself against it by holding your shield. Right after the snow disappears, call back your Torrent horse, get closer to his feet, and use poison arrows to put some harm on him. The Fire Giant loses his shattered foot in the second phase and summons the Fell God’s essence. God will now awake and open his eyes which you see on Giant’s chest – this is another weakness of this boss. The biggest threat here for you is the large fire orbs that he throws at you, and they will burn you if you get closer to them, which results in a massive HP decrease.

How to Beat Fire Giant in Elden Ring

It is difficult to take down this beast, and many players find it a tremendous barrier that prevents them from reaching the end. But don’t worry; with our helpful advice, you can quickly take down this foe with some previous fighting experience. But before that, you should have enough right equipment in your inventory, such as essential Talismans and weapons. During the fight, you need to survive against a massive fire and hard blows from his shield or foot. So, it’s crucial to select an armor set in advance that is most suited for absorbing such damage.

To increase your maximum HP and stamina, you can equip the Erdtree’s Favor +2 for solid effects. To reduce the fire orb burning effects and to protect yourself from the boss’s strong attacks, the Dragoncrest Shield +1, Golden Beast Crest Shield, and Flamedrake +2 are the best Talismans. Scarlet Rot and poison both have an impact on this Elden Ring Fire Giant boss. So, it is the perfect way to use these weaknesses to drain his HP. Rotten Breath and Poison Mist are spells that faith casters can utilize.

To apply these status impacts simultaneously in a single blow, use a poison Antspur Rapier. Additionally, the Fire Giant has a meager Bleed resistance, allowing Swarm of Flies magic spells or Rivers of Blood katana very efficient. Other than that, the Keen Scimitar sword and Serpent Bow are other excellent options because both work amazingly well on Fire Giant. Avoid using Frost because the Fire Giant has a solid immunity to cold effects, and your efforts will go in vain.

Fire Giant Boss Fight: Phase 1

After you enter the battlefield and Fire Giant’s attacking range, this stage of the fight starts immediately. At first, the boss remains very agile and continuously rolls over all across the battle arena to make a clear view and a reasonable distance from you. He takes this move when you get under him or stay on his backside for quite some time. In this phase, he smashes his feet on you or uses his sheet to launch the danger strikes at you.

Fire Giant Elden Ring Boss Snow Attack

As already discussed above, one of his initial and terrible blows is the snow avalanche he launches toward you by striking his sheet on the ground. Once you figure out how to avoid them and adequately utilize your shield, you can easily protect yourself. Torrent will be your best companion in this fight by moving quickly and getting closer to the boss immediately. But don’t remain mounted or use the horse all the time during combat because the boss’s assaults are more brutal to parry. So, play strategically by calling back the horse at the right time to get near the boss or to move on his back and then leave your horse again to deliver some blows on the boss.

His left ankle is the weakest area to target in this situation which you can see is bandaged crudely. These stitches indicate that the Giant had an accident in the past, and you can take advantage of this injury to reduce his health. Use your selected weapon and hit on his damaged feet as hard as you can. In this way, you will hurt the boss heavily, and after some strikes, these bandages will be removed, and the wound will open and be clearly visible to you.

Be aware of the Fire Giant's fire orbs which he launches at you

You should remain behind the Fire Giant when attacking him and be aware of fire orbs and foot smashes. When he launches fire, try to move away from them so that you should keep yourself safe from the burning fire when the fireball explodes and spreads the flames all over the ground. Keep damaging him by regularly attacking his injured feet until he reaches 50% of his health level. From here, phase 2 of the fight will begin.

Fire Giant Boss Fight: Phase 2

In this phase, the boss will lose his feet, and Fell God’s eye, which you can locate on his chest, will open. He has two new types of attacks for now, but this phase isn’t particularly challenging as the previous one. This open eye is the weak point in this stage of combat. You will note that Fire Giant casts two Flame of the Fell God fire orbs simultaneously. The approach to staying away from them is still the same – summon Torrent and go away the spherical fire to leave its reach.

Look for the eye on chest of Fire Giant

Also, be aware of the fireballs that he will throw at you from his hands. The best way to avoid these blows is always to keep yourself at the back of the Elden Ring Fire Giant boss. In phase 2 of the battle, the perfect way to eliminate the boss is to remain mounted on Torrent and not stop at any place for even a single moment. By continuously moving here and there, protect yourself from his attacks and use your weapons to strike him 1-3 times every occasion you get closer to him. His body slam is the area we want to strike since it will instantly bring him to his side and his chest eye will be visible to you for the target.

Stay on his back and close to him as much as possible to impose maximum damage and dodge his fire attacks. Be careful not to overhit and apply the body smash approach regularly to hit the chest eye for most of the fight. Furthermore, keep imposing the attacks in the short passes, and don’t stay too long near his body or eye to give him the chance to burn you with his dangerous fire orbs. If you continue your attack & move strategy, you will soon eliminate the Fire Giant and collect his reward, “the Remembrance of the Fire Giant.”

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