How to Write Songs in Sims 4

Show your creativity in Sims 4 by mastering the art of songwriting with our helpful guide.

By GamesRecon

Ever dreamt of becoming a famous musician in the Sims 4? The game allows you to pursue an Entertainer Career, with the choice of becoming a club comedian or a songwriting sensation. Sure, cracking jokes can be a hoot, but imagine the thrill of creating your songs and shining in the in-game limelight! Plus, you even get the chance to license your masterpieces and rake in those Simoleons. So, if you’re curious about how to write songs in Sims 4, you’re in the right place. Let’s dive into the exciting journey of becoming a celebrated virtual musician.

Here’s How to Write Songs in Sims 4

Different Music Genres to Choose from in Sims 4

To unleash the musical genius in your Sim, let’s get down to the basics first:

  • Start your journey by snagging a musical instrument from the catalog. You can choose from classic instruments like the guitar, piano, and violin. A pipe organ is a hauntingly beautiful option if you own the Vampires Game Pack.
  • Your Sim needs to hone their musical prowess. Practice makes perfect, so keep playing until you hit Level 8 of the instrument skill. This will unlock your Sim’s ability to write Songs in Sims 4.
  • When ready, interact with an instrument and select “Write Song“. Watch your Sim’s progress on the filling meter as you compose your masterpiece.
  • Choose the mood of your song. Will it be a heart-wrenching or a lively tune? The more skilled your Sim, the more genre types you have for song creation.
  • As your Sim strums away, a variety of options such as a playful tune or a whimsical tune will become available based on their instrument of choice.
  • Keep practicing and leveling up because the game rewards persistence. You’ll find that more options will start to show up as your Sim reaches higher levels.
  • Give your song a catchy title and hit OK. Write new musical pieces whenever you want or listen to your collection anytime by selecting “Play“.

Ensure your Sim’s needs bars are all filled up before they start penning their masterpiece. And don’t fret if you need to hit pause in the middle of a songwriting session. Sims 4 has got your back with its song draft-saving feature. Dive back into the creative process by heading to the inventory, clicking on the musical sheets icon, and picking the draft you’re ready to breathe life into.

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With the City Living expansion pack, you can allow your Sims to explore their hidden musical talents in The Sims 4. This feature is a thrilling extension of the singing skill, where you need to reach Level 8 for writing lyrics and Level 9 to get your songs licensed. The microphone stands as the primary tool for your Sims’ singing adventures. Yet, the game allows diversifying their skills using other tools like the digiRAD keyboard.

Your Sims will be able to hone their singing and songwriting skills in no time, thanks to the perks of City Living. Start your musical quest in the privacy of your own lavish or at singing contests, and once you’ve reached Level 2, carry on to singing into a microphone. To record a memorable vocal track, your Sim must achieve Level 8.

How to License Your Song in Sims 4

Sim is licensing a song

Gaining access to license a song in Sims 4 is a worthy goal in and of itself. To reach this milestone, your Sim must hone their musical prowess to Level 9 in any instrument, whether piano, violin, or guitar. Once your Sim crafts a melodic masterpiece, here’s what you do next:

  • Engage with your Sim’s mailbox – this is your gateway to licensing.
  • Select the “License Song” option – this is your ticket to music industry fame.
  • Choose a musical instrument – this reflects your Sim’s chosen field of expertise.
  • Pick a song from the suggestions – this is your Sim’s debut single, choose wisely.

Imagine waking up to a fresh influx of royalties each morning – that’s the life of your Sim! These monetary rewards will flow in for a week, after which your Sim should consider re-licensing the same music piece or creating a new song. But remember, you can only license a single song from one instrument at one time.

There’s also the opportunity to license lyrics for those Sims with a talent for words. When your Sim hits Level 9, they can transform their lyrical skills into cash. The best part? You can license sheet music and lyrics at the same time, opening up a whole new world of financial possibilities for you in Sims 4.