How to Get the Blood of Lathander Mace in Baldur’s Gate 3

Your step-by-step guide from removing tricky traps to getting legendary rewards.

By GamesRecon

Intrepid adventurers of Baldur’s Gate 3, you’re setting your sights on the elusive BG3 Blood of Lathander mace. It’s a delightful piece for mace enthusiasts and a powerful addition to your arsenal. This sought-after treasure is nestled within the venerable walls of Rosymorn Monastery, which now eerily looms over a Githyanki Creche. But getting your hands on this powerful weapon requires more than just a simple fetch quest.

First off, it’s key to play nice with those Githyanki. Whether you use charm, wit, or just plain diplomacy, your objective should be to reduce hostility. You’re aiming for safe passage inside, after all. And if the thought of sweet-talking the Githyanki isn’t enticing enough, remember that there is the Inquisitor’s chamber inside – a pivotal location in your quest for the mace. Remember that snagging the mace might just set off a catastrophic event involving the monastery. So, proceed with caution, plan wisely, and you’ll have that radiant Baldur’s Gate 3 Blood of Lathander mace swinging by your side in no time.

Visit Inquisitor’s Chamber and Solve the Puzzle

Go inside Inquisitor's Chamber and solve the statue puzzle

Want to figure out the Inquisitor’s Chamber statue puzzle and get your hands on the famous Blood of Lathander? Let’s go on this exciting adventure together!

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Getting to the Center of the Githyanki Creche

You’ll want to head straight to the core of the Githyanki Creche, located enticingly closer to the Mountain Pass. A little insider tip: presenting Kith’rak Therezzyn with the artifact in her office does wonders. Although if you’d rather not engage in conversation, you may always steal the key and use it on the Githyanki Barrier Disruptor beside the doorway.

Navigating the Inquisitor’s Chamber

Once inside, the Inquisitor, ever the gracious host, will beckon you. But if it’s the mace you’re after, give him the old “maybe later” and steer left. Take a daring leap down into the western chamber, where two statues silently guard secrets.

Hit left and right statues to put them in right direction

  1. The left statue bears a poetic inscription: “Lathander bids the setting sun a fond farewell”. Meanwhile, the right statue declares: “Lathander blesses the bountiful, rising sun.”
  2. Give the left statue a nudge with an attack packing at least ten damage to loosen it up.
  3. Once free, guide the left statue to gaze wistfully westward, paying homage to the setting sun.
  4. Now, turn the right statue to face the hopeful eastern horizon, greeting the day’s first light – the rising sun.

This opens a passage onward, granting access to the hidden room housing the mace. However, remember that every reward in Baldur’s Gate comes with its fair share of challenges and this way ahead is also not without further difficulties.

Where to Find the Blood of Lathander in Baldur’s Gate 3

Disarm and remove the Crystal Dawnbreaker barrier trap

On your quest for the illustrious Blood of Lathander, this phase can be a tad tricky, but we’ve got a step-by-step guide to help you navigate through the barriers and to disarm Baldur’s Gate 3 traps, ensuring you come out victorious on the other side.

  1. Crystal Conundrum: Begin by seeking out and annihilating the first crystal. With its demise, you’ll see the barrier graciously fade away, clearing your path.
  2. Dodging the Dreaded Dawnbreaker: As you progress, you’ll notice the menacing Dawnbreaker trap lying in wait straight ahead. But don’t head directly into its jaws! Instead, make a sharp left, delicately hug the cliff’s edge, and proceed with caution. This path will guide you safely to the rear of the upcoming barrier.
  3. Remove Final Trap: Having safely bypassed one Dawnbreaker, it’s time to disarm its kin. Once done, cast your gaze northwards, over the cliff’s edge. You’ll spot another crystal tucked away down below. With a keen aim, you’ll deactivate the final barrier standing between you and your reward.

Now, with these hurdles cleared, the Blood of Lathander is almost within grasp.

How to Get the Blood of Lathander in BG3

Blood of Lathander Mace Stats

You’ve come a long way, and the moment of truth is upon us: claiming the legendary Blood of Lathander mace. But remember, with great power comes great responsibility (and a bit of urgency in this case). Let’s dive into your options for ensuring you leave not only with the mace but with the monastery still in one piece:

  1. Take the Mace: Upon entering the mace’s chamber, you’ll be met with the intriguing sight of the weapon and its intricate containment setup. While you can indulge your curiosity and inspect it, here’s the gist: obtaining the mace triggers a rather explosive chain reaction. Now, you won’t be plunged into chaos immediately, but time is of the essence to prevent that rooftop lance weapon from wreaking havoc.
  2. Challenge the Lathander Solar Machines: You have four turns to neutralize the Lathander Solar Machines situated in each corner. Remember that these tricky devices can only be harmed by ranged attacks. Also, given that one of your teammates will be preoccupied with the mace, you’ll need to think strategically about which three members to involve in this task. Choose wisely!
  3. Deploy the Dawnmaster’s Crest: Did you, by any chance, tackle the Stained Glass puzzle atop Rosymorn Monastery? If so, you own the Dawnmaster’s Crest. This handy token can be inserted beneath the mace’s location, instantly disarming the looming threat. The task might have been intricate, but peace of mind is its reward.

Successfully navigate either route; the Blood of Lathander in Baldur’s Gate 3 is yours to wield with pride. And trust me, it’s no ordinary mace. The mace’s Lathander’s Light feature will be indispensable in your next game adventure. It lights up the area around you and blinds your enemies—a true asset for any gamer. That’s all in this walkthrough but you can read our other guide about Baldur’s Gate 3 Illithid Powers to destroy your enemies, learn about Baldur’s Gate 3 endings or check out how long is the game.