Ghostly Surprise: Red Dead Redemption 2 Player Discovers New Phantom

A mystery figure in Saint-Denis.

By GamesRecon

For all the secrets hidden between its many towns and the wilderness, Red Dead Redemption 2 is simply unpredictable. But now an entirely new phantom—one that had never been seen before—has revealed itself, and not even the most experienced players among us could have predicted it.

Red Dead Redemption 2 was a 2018 prequel to the hit 2010 game by developer Rockstar Games, following Arthur Morgan, an enforcer for the infamous Dutch van der Linde gang. Rockstar is infamous for including cryptic, sometimes creepy industry secrets and questions in their games, and followers seem stuck between intrigued and screaming with this new apparition meet.

One of the game’s spookiest moments comes from the ghost of Agnes Dowd, who can be found in Bluewater Marsh. Yet a recent discovery has introduced a specter that completely recontextualizes the already fuzzy distinction between deliberate design and a digital failure.

The news first emerged when a Reddit user called yaesthete posted this downright scary video taken in the grungy back alleys of Saint-Denis. The video shows a very creepy and clear spectral figure popping up right in front of Arthur Morgan in a tight corridor.

Found something creepy in Saint Denis
byu/yaesthete inreddeadredemption

This encounter feels absolutely surreal, with Arthur being able to interact with the ghost and shooting at it—even getting punished by losing honor points. “It’s on one of the balconies near the saloon in Saint-Denis. It’s a glitch but creepy nonetheless!” yaesthete explained in response to a fellow gamer’s disbelief.

This led to a wave of speculation across the game world. Some say the shadow is deliberately shaped, a nod to the developer’s love of the supernatural and penchant for the mythological.

While the debate rages on, players are left to wonder whether this scantily clad specter is an intentional secret or just a weird glitch in the system. The spectral figure is simply another fascinating piece in the puzzle until Rockstar Games solves it.

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