Red Dead Redemption 2 Jack Hall Gang Map 1 Guide

Find the first treasure of the Jack Hall Gang quest in RDR2.

By GamesRecon

If you’re looking for some hidden treasure in Red Dead Redemption 2, you might want to try your luck with the Jack Hall Gang treasure map. It’s one of the first treasure maps you can get in the game, and it will lead you to a stash of two gold bars worth $500 each. Not bad for a day’s work, right?

But before you can claim your reward, you’ll need to solve three clues that point to the treasure’s location. In this guide, we’ll show you how to get the Red Dead Redemption 2 Jack Hall Gang Map 1 and where to find the first treasure.

How to Get the Jack Hall Gang Map 1 in Red Dead Redemption 2

Jack Hall Gang Treasure Map 1

Getting your hands on map 1 of the Jack Hall Gang treasure hunt is pretty straightforward. You’ll find the treasure hunter named Maximo perched on a ridge just northwest of Flatneck Station and a bit north of Bard’s Crossing. Maximo’s your go-to guy for the map, and he’s asking $10.00 for it.

But if you play it cool and turn down his initial offer, Maximo’s actually willing to cut you a deal and drop the price to $5. However, if you’re feeling a bit more, let’s say, unconventional, you can always decide to take him out and loot the map right off him. Or, if you miss your chance, you can buy it from a Fence later on.

Once you’ve got the map, it points you toward Caliban’s Seat, a pretty unique rock formation south of Valentine. That’s where you’ll find your next piece of the puzzle.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Jack Hall Gang Treasure Map 1 Location

Jack Hall Gang Map 1 Map Location

Closer to the Dakota River, you can easily spot Caliban’s Seat on the map by its distinctive shape. To find the treasure, you’ll want to head to the eastern side of this formation, specifically around the ‘S’ part of Caliban’s shown on your map.

In Front of the Top Cliff with Hidden Treasure Area

When you get to the top, you’ll see a path weaving through the rocks. Follow it, do a bit of jumping across gaps, and climb over some ledges until you come across this big patch of white granite with a tiny hole in it.

Collecting the treasure from the area

That’s where the treasure is hidden, along with another map that points you towards the next treasure.

So, congrats on cracking the first part of the Jack Hall Gang treasure map quest. Now, you’ve got a couple of gold bars that you could sell at a Fence for a decent chunk of change, or you might decide to hold onto them. And if you’re up for more treasure hunting, the map 2 you found will lead you to Cotorra Springs, which is up north of Cumberland Forest and Fort Wallace.