Expand Your Universe: The New Mod Turns Starfield into a Builder’s Paradise

Construct, cultivate, & defend.

By GamesRecon

Have you ever thought about expanding your Starfield adventures beyond the stars? There’s a new mod uploaded on Nexus Mods, and it’s like getting a whole DLC pack for free. It’s known as TGs Galactic Colonies Expanse, and it’s the brainchild of a modder named TankGirl444. This mod is massive which lets you plant your flag on any planet you fancy and start building your own space empire.

TankGirl444 isn’t new to the modding scene; they’ve been at it for a while, making our homes and buildings in Starfield way cooler. But with this latest project, they’ve outdone themselves. Imagine being able to set up your outpost in a universe without the usual hassle of mining for materials. That’s what this mod does—it gives you a smooth, straightforward path to gather what you need so you can focus on the fun part: building!

And the things you can build – the mod comes with pre-made buildings that you can pop up anywhere. Want to add a bit of green to those gloomy, lifeless planets? Throw in a biodome kinda like giving a little piece of Earth to the rest of the galaxy. I mean, how cool is that? Building your colony, crafting mechs, and turning barren wastelands into bustling hubs of civilization.

This mod also throws in a farming system that’s just mind-blowing. Imagine this: you’re out there in space, on some distant planet, farming your crops, creating goods, and even trading fruits and veggies. It’s like Stardew Valley went to space. It doesn’t stop there; you can have your own livestock, space cows and space chickens might be a thing now. Moreover, there’s a feature called the colony food printer—it’s a workbench where you can whip up new food and recipes.

But the part that really gets the gears turning is mechs. Functional, customizable, buildable mechs. For anyone who’s dug into Starfield’s lore, mechs are a big deal, especially with their role in The Colony War. Initially, Bethesda teased us with mechs in the game’s universe, but alas, they were off-limits post-Colony War. This mod, though flips the script. Now, you can build and deploy mechs to defend your bases. And if you’re thinking, “Cool, but what about protecting my space homestead?” worry not. This mod introduces new turrets and weapons for exactly that.

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