Elden Ring Confirms How Many Bosses Will Be in Shadow of the Erdtree

Challenging and thrilling battles are on the way.

By GamesRecon

FromSoftware has finally lifted the curtain on how many bosses we’ll be facing in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree expansion, and while the figure might not be as high as some expected, it’s sure to pack a punch.

FromSoftware has confirmed that Shadow of the Erdtree will introduce 10 new bosses. This might sound modest compared to the base game’s total 165 boss fights, but remember, quality often trumps quantity. Historically, FromSoftware has done great and delivered some of their best and most memorable boss battles in DLCs such as the intense confrontations in Dark Souls and Bloodborne DLCs. So, expectations are sky-high for what’s to come in Elden Ring’s latest chapter.

In true Soulslike tradition, not all these bosses will be mandatory to finish the story. This means you can probably expect some hidden horrors lurking off the beaten path, and will test your skills if you dare to seek them out.

Who Are We Up Against?

Shadow of the Erdtree Boss Fight in Elden Ring

While the actual details of these new enemies remain under wraps, the community is filling with speculation. The name on everyone’s lips? Messmer, The Impaler. Based on the promotional material, many believe this ominous figure probably be the final boss fight of the DLC. With a name like that, you can bet Messmer is going to be one tough cookie, waging war against those beneath the Erdtree’s branches.

More Than Just Boss Fights in Shadow of the Erdtree

But Shadow of the Erdtree isn’t only about boss battles, this DLC is bringing a lot more including a good amount of new content including a new area that’s roughly the size of Limgrave—yes, that’s pretty massive. This expansion will also introduce new systems for players to master, such as the Shadow Realm Blessing system. This new mechanic is designed to help balance the gameplay, ensuring your journey through the game remains challenging and engaging, even with your new abilities.

Lucky for us, a few players have already had the chance to get their hands on the DLC. Our team member who got the chance to play the expansion shared his early impressions, and it sounds like we’re in for a treat. According to him, Elden Ring fans will find lots to love in Shadow of the Erdtree, but if you thought the original title was tough, get ready for even more challenges.

Other than new bosses and locations—the new DLC is also expected to bring great closure to Elden Ring’s narrative. It will be centered around The Tarnished character, who receives a call from Miquella and tries to stop Messmer, the Impaler, and his war. FromSoftware’s approach to storytelling and their habit of providing the most challenging gameplay possible translate to players being able to expect an adrenaline-fueled, albeit frustrating, experience.

Shadow of the Erdtree is set to launch on June 21. It is difficult to turn a blind eye to the forthcoming events as the date draws nearer and one looks forward to the challenges and possibilities coming ahead.

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