Dragon’s Dogma 2: How to Reach High Chests in DD2

Some good loot is waiting for you on the heights.

By GamesRecon

The elusive high chests of Dragon’s Dogma 2 taunt you with their promises of untold riches and rare loot, perched atop ledges and nestled in nooks you can’t seem to reach. Although reaching these treasure chests is not as impossible as it seems, there are still ways to get that valuable loot whether you’re a nimble Thief or a sturdy Warrior. Here’s how you can obtain these lofty treasures, tailored to your vocation and available abilities.

How to Reach High Chests in Dragon’s Dogma 2

First off, we have the harpy lure technique, a universal approach that doesn’t discriminate based on vocation. The concept is simple; place a harpy lure closer to the coveted chest. These winged beasts, unable to resist the allure, will flock to the spot. Here’s where it gets fun: grab onto one of these creatures and let it whisk you upwards. Sure, it’s a bit of a wild ride (imagine trying to steer a living, thrashing balloon), and precision isn’t its forte, but it beats being stuck on the ground, right?

How to Reach Chests on High Levels in Dragon’s Dogma 2

Vocation-Specific Strategies

Now, if you prefer a touch more finesse and a tad less wildlife wrangling, there are other routes more suited to your particular set of skills:

  • Mages – The Levitate spell is your best option when it comes to reaching high places. Think of it as a magic-enhanced double jump. The catch? You’ll need to start from a spot that’s almost as high as your target. Plan your ascent carefully, and let magic do the rest.
  • Thieves – Your agility shines with the Concussive Step. This ability is great, allowing you to leap great heights and distances with ease. It’s like having your catapult, minus the whole being flung through the air with no control part.
  • Warriors and Fighters – Your go-to choices are Launch Ladder and Springboard (later evolving into Launchboard for those with shields). These moves require a cooperative Pawn to act as your springboard (or you as theirs) for launching. It’s a bit rough around the edges in terms of precision, but with a bit of practice, you’ll be launching to those chests like a pro.

Each of these strategies highlights the game’s depth in character customization and the tactical use of abilities to overcome environmental obstacles. Experimentation and a bit of creativity will go a long way in unlocking the many secrets that Dragon’s Dogma 2 holds.

Reaching high chests in Dragon’s Dogma 2 demands creativity, a bit of trial and error, and knowing how to use your strengths. Whether you’re hitching a ride on a harpy or using your vocation’s unique skills, the thrill of finally obtaining that treasure chest in DD2 is second to none. So, be ready, plan your approach, and let those high chests know that no loot is beyond your reach. Happy hunting!

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