Baldur’s Gate 3 Ceremonial Weapon Locations Guide

Here's how to find and use the Rosymorn Monastery ceremonial weapons in Baldur's Gate 3.

By GamesRecon

If you’ve been wandering through the Baldur’s Gate 3 Rosymorn Monastery’s echoing halls and stumbled upon a peculiar puzzle featuring a grand stained-glass window guarded by four stoic pedestals that required the right weapon to be placed upon it, you’re in for a treat. This puzzle is more than just a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma—it’s a quest that calls for the sharp minds of true explorers. And nothing says ‘epic quest’ quite like hunting for Rosymorn Monastery ceremonial weapons in Baldur’s Gate 3 to unlock hidden secrets.

If the thought of tracking down these specific armaments is giving you a headache, consider this guide for your potion of relief. We’re going to cut through the confusion and point you right to where those ceremonial weapons in BG3 are tucked away. Plus, we’ve got the scoop on a non-ceremonial weapon (mace) you’ll need too. Because, as they say, sometimes you need a bit of the ordinary to unlock the extraordinary.

Where to Find Baldur’s Gate 3 Rosymorn Monastery Ceremonial Weapons?

Here’s where you need to point your compass to snag these crucial weapons:

Ceremonial Longsword

First up on our list is the majestic Ceremonial Longsword. Good news—you won’t need to venture into the unknown for this one. It’s already playing ‘stay put’ on Dawmaster Welkinglory’s pedestal at coordinates X:70 Y:77.

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Ceremonial Battleaxe

Ceremonial Battleaxe Baldur's Gate 3

Next is the Ceremonial Battleaxe, and it’s got a bit of a guardian problem. To add this axe to your arsenal, you’ll need to face off against the Guardian of Faith. This isn’t just any old tussle—it’s a level 7 showdown, so be sure to come prepared. The battlefield lies beyond the Enchanted Door at X:92 Y:45. A little lockpicking finesse or some creative muscle against the furniture barricade, and you’re in. Show that guardian what you’re made of and claim your glittering prize.

Ceremonial Warhammer

Baldur's Gate 3 Ceremonial Warhammer

Our final ceremonial weapon in Baldur’s Gate 3 is the thunderous Ceremonial Warhammer, perched high in an eagle’s nest at X:82 Y:39. Now, you might be thinking, “Eagles? In a monastery?” But it’s true. Once you step outside the Enchanted Door, look to the side of the door, and what you see are the vines; use them to reach the rooftop.

As you reach the top, you’ll be greeted by a rooftop scene that’s both majestic and a little scary—a giant nest, with a few unfortunate dead Kobolds. But here’s the treasure among the feathers: nestled within this nest is your needed Ceremonial Warhammer.

Rusty Mace

It’s time to add a dash of the ordinary with the mace, which is as essential as the rest. Near the Enchanted Door, past where the Ceremonial Battleaxe was found, there’s a Rusty Mace just lying there. Go south, shimmy through a door on the left, and leap down some broken stairs. Give a barricade a good whack and then hang a left—the mace is there on the ground at X:85 Y:32, ready to play its part.

How to Use and Place the Ceremonial Weapons

Placing the ceremonial weapons in the right pedestals

With the collection of BG3 ceremonial weapons in hand, it’s time to strut back to that mysterious room with the stunning Stained-Glass puzzle. You’ve got the keys to the kingdom—or at least, the keys to this puzzle—in your pack now. All that’s left to do is a little bit of placement perfection. Each of those weapons you’ve gathered is about to find its right place on those pedestals.

  • Take that glimmering Ceremonial Battleaxe and strut over to Dawnmaster Vaseid’s pedestal.
  • Next up is the Ceremonial Warhammer, this belongs to Dawnmaster Seed’s pedestal.
  • Now, take that down-to-earth Rusty Mace—no frills, no fuss—and place it on Dawnmaster Stockhold’s pedestal.

Once you’ve slotted that last ceremonial weapon into place, keep your eyes peeled. A section of the wall is going to slide away mysteriously and a hidden pouch will appear. Inside this little pouch, you’ll find a note passed down to the future Dawnmaster and you’ll get the Dawnmaster’s Crest. Now, I know those ceremonial weapons are tempting to swing around in future battles, but they’re really just fancy keys to this whole puzzle.

Here’s the pro tip: that Crest you’ve just found is your golden ticket to one of the best Baldur’s Gate 3 weapons. Take this precious Crest over to the Creche Y’llek and head into a room that might as well be called ‘The Chamber of Secrets’, but here, we call it the Inquisitor’s chamber. Use the Dawnmaster’s Crest in this room, and you’re on your way to claiming the Blood of Lathander Mace.