How to Wake Up Art Callugh in Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3)

This poor guy is keeping some information in his mind. Wake him up and know the details you should know.

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Baldur’s Gate 3 is packed with tons of complex quests and interesting or friendly NPCs. One of the best side quests in Act 2 is figuring out how to wake up Art Callugh (a Flaming Fist). He is affected by a powerful magic Shadowfell and that’s the result of his current condition. This task is very important because it lets you move forward with the story and get the help of Halsin in BG3, the Druid. In this guide, we’ll walk you through every step you need to take to wake Callugh from his strange sleep and move forward in your journey.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Art Callugh

Map showing the Art Cullagh room location in the Last Light Inn.

First off, you need to head to the Last Light Inn and go to the location shown on the above map to find Art Callugh, who’s in a deep sleepy condition lying on the bed. Waking him up is crucial for lifting the Shadow Curse in Act 2. While you’re there, you’ll also meet Fist J’ehlar, chatting with both of them gives you some background info on Art’s condition and drops a hint about Thaniel, another important character. Afterward, head back to your camp and fill Halsin in on what you overheard. Halsin will agree to join you back at the inn to look into Art’s situation further.

How to Wake Up Art Cullagh in BG3

After returning to your camp and telling Halsin about the Thaniel details that you got from the Last Light Inn, Halsin will declare his willingness to assist and will accompany you to the inn. Without adding him to your party, he will join you automatically to proceed with this next part of the quest.

Travel to the House of Healing

Map showing House of Healing in quest to wake Art in BG3.

Next, make your way to the House of Healing to investigate it as per the above map location. Starting from the Last Light Inn, head towards the southwestern end until you come across the Rethiwin Mason’s Guild. Beyond the wooden hatch and elevator crane, you will find an iron gate with an NPC named Arabella on the other side. She has a small favor that is related to yet another side quest, but for this time, continue ahead towards the Mausoleum and fight your way past whatever Shadow-cursed harpers and shadows lie in your path.

Inside the House of Healing

Sister Sinda allowing to go and see the doctor.

Once inside the House of Healing, your first encounter will be with Sister Sinda who will tell you to join the line and wait until your time comes to meet the doctor. Use the dialogue option that you don’t have time and need to see him right away and then use Bard and Performance checks to show the patient’s symptoms. She will now pity you and let you go to the theatre to meet him.

Further, in the first room to the right, you’ll also find Sister Lidwin, who is acting as a merchant with a few useful items and who will buy and sell you items for gold. Move to the back of the house to encounter Malus Thorm in the operating theatre.

Encountering Malus Thorm

Meeting Malus Thorn in the underground theater.

Malus Thorm is not an easy boss to face in Baldur’s Gate 3. If you’re ready for a challenging battle, go ahead and fight him. If you’d rather avoid combat, use Persuasion checks to convince the nurses to operate on Thorm instead, a difficult check but it can be made if you have a few bonuses. After dealing with the enemy in whatever way you prefer, loot his body to find a Battered Lute with the initials AC – the key to waking Art Callugh.

Waking Art Callugh

Playing Battered Lute to wake Art in BG3.

Return to the Last Light Inn with the Lute in hand. Art will be spilling some beans regarding Thaniel in his sleepy state and then Halsin says he keeps saying his name and he definitely knows something and urges you to recover him. Then choose the dialogue option mentioning the Lute and start playing it. It will wake Art Callugh and in a shocking condition, he will talk about Thaniel who is trapped somewhere according to his words.

Art giving some clues about trapped Thaniel.

Once Halsin talks to him, he will remember him and ask him to help Thaniel. The problem is he doesn’t exactly know the location where he is trapped in Shadowfell but the only he remembers is the smell of lavenders. It gives critical information to progress Halsin’s quest to put an end to the shadow curse.

Dealing with Art Callugh’s scenario in Baldur’s Gate 3 brings Halsin quest and you can now recruit him as a companion in your party who brings his unique skills and shape-shifting abilities.

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