Age of Empires 4 Civilizations Tier List: Best AoE 4 Civilization to Play

Choose the best and right civilization to lead to victory.

By GamesRecon

Age of Empires 4 came with many civilizations to choose from, and you can build the constructions for each of them as per your style. We have to tread carefully when making those big-brain plays because every decision can make a big impact, and that’s why we love Age of Empires. Defending your kingdom isn’t just about spamming troops; you have the heavy-duty artillery and mad archers to keep things on lockdown. In addition, learning about the complete Age of Empires 4 civilizations tier list is very important so you can pick the right choice for your gameplay.

There are good and bad aspects relating to each of these tribes. To get the most out of every civilization, we have put together the Age of Empires (AoE) 4-tier list guide, which covers all available nations.

Age of Empires 4 Civilizations Tier List

So, below is the Age of Empires 4 tier list of the best AoE civilizations or factions:


The Rus

Age of Empires 4 Rus Civilization

In the Rus, you will be able to take over the wilds. They use their environment to establish a solid economic system quickly, especially for resource collection. When it comes to combat, the Rus are recognized for their assembled Warrior Monk and Streltsy, a formidable explosive group that takes them to win the fights.

Getting started with the Rus can be difficult, but they quickly rose among the most formidable civilizations in Age of Empires 4. If you choose to play with Rus, Bounty mechanics are essential. Increasing your tribe’s perks is a simple matter of killing more and more creatures. Food collection and auto wealth increase as Bounty increases.

The French

French Tribe in Age of Empires

Before their emergence, the French were the worst nightmare. However, their dominance encouraged many participants to plot countermoves that exposed this country’s weaknesses. Still, the French culture remains adaptable and influential tribe in the game. The French are the greatest because of their devastating army strength and the relative simplicity you can learn. In terms of military force, there is no better civilization than this.

Particularly for rapid attacks, the French troops are so powerful that they can blow out the opponents’ positions and severely damage them. Some specific French groups also have a few benefits, such as exceptional health and protection bonuses. One of the most important advantages of their Town Center’s economy is its ability to create units more quickly as the Ages progress. Still, despite the financial benefits, it’s a brutal enemy, so many countermeasures have been formed in response to its growing power.

The English

AoE 4 English Civ

For better or worse, English civilization in AoE 4 is more standard and well-balanced. Heavily guarded walls and longbowmen units greatly benefit from this civilization’s incentives, which do not include gimmicks. As a result, overcoming English outposts is a daunting task, undoubtedly.

Choosing the English faction in Age of Empires 4 bestows many advantages, particularly concerning the thrill of combat. Notably, English farms are comparatively less expensive than their foreign counterparts, ensuring a steady and reliable food supply and allowing them to boost their units and military groups continuously.

An alarm is raised whenever an opposing force approaches a Town Center, Outpost, Tower, or Keep; this prompts other defensive systems to start firing quickly for a brief time. They can yield units in their Keeps, which gives this civilization the upper hand during a game.


The Mongols

Mongols Tribe in Age of Empires

Mongols have returned to civilization’s peak after a short pause. Although they may not be encountered in huge groups, their army can easily overpower their enemies, even in low numbers. As a result, enemies are compelled to take the initiative in the early stage. You can only get a little during tower or fort battles, but still, Mongols provide many benefits. As with Khan and Oovo’s powers, you may produce twice as much while moving faster.

As widely recognized, the Mongols are a nomadic tribe with a unique ability to migrate their bases from one place to another at their convenience. Being able to quickly encircle and withdraw from enemy forces using horse squads and the speed afforded by their bases made a difference to their military strength. A well-executed hit-and-run strategy can make them an invincible and lethal force.

In addition, the Mongols’ society is split into different factions, giving them more than one way to attack their enemies. Moreover, even if the enemy forces overtake their command center, the Mongols could prevent loss by strategically planning their defense. The Mongols’ nomadic lifestyle and military tactics were key to their success.

The Abbasid Dynasty

Abbasid Dynasty in Age IV

The Abbasid Dynasty is an adaptable Age of Empires 4 civilization because of the House of Wisdom’s capacity to explore new enhancements. The fundame­ntals of the game can be changed and improved to attain a better strategic and tactical advantage in nation-building. The Abbasid Dynasty tribe is famous for its anti-cavalry camel forces, a great threat to opponent groups, forcing them to devise strategies involving other units such as cavalry and infantry.

The Abbasid Dynasty civilization is remarkable as they exhibit an unparalleled ability to establish Landmarks (a crucial aspect of the game) without requiring any villagers for construction. This allows them to collect resources and build structures steadily, progressing through the eras easily. The Abbasid Dynasty civilization stands as a te­stament to the game’s emphasis on strategy and resource management. Their unique ability to construct without relying on labore­rs makes them unique from other AoE 4 civilizations.


The Chinese

Chinese Civilization

After a shakeup, the Chinese civilization has become one of the most powerful races. There were improved ways of dealing with their initial shortcoming since the number of individuals who tried them grew. The Chinese had an advantage over the rest of the world in the early stages because they had more residents. So you can stably meet the economic demands of an enormous, expanding civilization.

The Chinese AoE civ presents a unique challenge to conquer due to their reliance on gold as a primary resource. This nation boasts a diverse range of research and technologies, which can make it difficult to predict their strategies and counter them effectively. Furthermore, the Dynasty scheme employed by the Chinese can be confusing for opponents as it affects the interaction between technologies and Landmarks.

The Chinese are the best gold gatherers among all the best civilizations. In addition to mining for the resource, the Imperial Official unit can also obtain it from the bases but gold can be spent on an absurd amount. They have a tremendous army of gunpowder units, the Chinese’s military strength. They possess a wide variety of weapons and armory squads, making this Civ a formidable opponent in combat.

The Holy Roman Empire

Age of Empires 4 Holy Roman Empire Nation

Because of the Prelate (a religious unit), the Holy Roman Empire had a formidable military force that defined its civilization. In the Holy Roman Empire, religion is the driving force behind the entire culture. Artifacts and spiritual strength are two of the most important aspects to consider if you want to play by choosing this faction. To maximize villagers’ production, the Prelate should be used intelligently.

Ground forces civilizations, like the Holy Roman Empire, can destroy their enemies through various tactical defensive approaches. Attacking them in the fight will necessitate proper planning. Is it possible to overthrow the Holy Roman Empire? Strengthening enhancements have made their constructions even more resistant to destruction, making them harder to take down. The tribe’s bases, towers, and keeps can take all house Relics, which provide additional weaponry and power that allow them to be an entirely indestructible empire.


The Delhi Sultanate

Delhi Sultanate AoE 4 Civ Faction

Modern technology has its origins in Delhi Sultanate culture. They hugely emphasize defense tactics and research, this makes them a unique civilization from others, and they get a massive advantage in terms of tech innovation. It has been an incredible journey for anyone who loves the Delhi Sultanate. After a little blip in the spotlight, Delhi’s players have been pounded by recent changes.

Age of Empires 4 Delhi Sultanate civilization is another difficult one to master. It’s because the Sultanate thrives in the later stages when you make wise choices earlier. Regarding the Delhi Sultanate civilization, key strategic decisions are critical to their eventual dominance. The War Elephant unit is the heart of this empire’s military, and this unit is capable of delivering devastating blows to the enemy.

Being a Delhi Sultanate, your research will be free, but it will take longer since it’s more time-consuming. Slow progress on the other groups is not made up for by using scholars to speed things up, but it’s better than nothing. To cover this, military groups can build protective buildings, which serve as pillars to keep the enemy away but slow down things and give a more fragile turtle feel. Many other civilizations trounce them.

That concludes our guide about the Age of Empires (AoE) 4 Civilization tier list. Different kingdoms and groups may have a higher or lower priority for certain players according to their own preferences when playing this historical strategic and adventure game.