The Favorite MW2 Maps Making a Comeback in Modern Warfare 3

A nostalgic blend of two Call of Duty titans.

By GamesRecon

Good news for Call of Duty enthusiasts – Sledgehammer Games has recently announced that they will be bringing back some of the beloved MW2 maps to Modern Warfare 3 (MW3), including the four most-loved ones.

Unlike other Call of Duty iterations where a new game often meant starting from scratch in terms of weapons, maps, and character progressions, the MW2 and MW3 titles have managed to share an unparalleled bond. Thanks to the innovative “Carry Forward Program”, players now have the ability to move forward with their MW2 weapon progression, operator skins, and even weapon blueprints into MW3.

Such integrations naturally led fans to ponder over the idea: Can the same be possible for the maps? With iconic maps like Shoot House and Shipment now appearing as the backbone of the Modern Warfare series, the fear was that these fan favorites might be missing in action for the upcoming years. But the developers were keen on springing a surprise.

As of October 31, Activision threw light on the future plans for multiplayer details in MW3 in a blog post. In a report by CharlieIntel, it was stated: “Modern Warfare II maps will be joining Modern Warfare 3’s roster post-launch. Fans can expect a delightful reunion with maps such as Farm 18, Mercado, and of course, Shoot House, all bundled in a dedicated playlist.”

While a specific release window remains under wraps, the developers have assured that these Modern Warfare 2 maps will make their appearance soon after the official release of MW3. Moreover, it’s worth highlighting that these map inclusions will be over and above the 12 maps already outlined for live seasons.

For those scratching their heads over this question, the developers provided some clarity. They mentioned, “While the look and feel of these maps will be reminiscent of their MWII avatars, owing to the evolved movement dynamics and gameplay tweaks of MWIII, players might experience a fresh and unique playstyle on these maps.”

However, a minor catch exists: the character Cutthroat will remain unplayable on the Carry Forward Modern Warfare 2 maps.