Sweeping Edge in Minecraft: How to Get It and What it Does

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Sweeping Edge in Minecraft permits the players to make their swords do more damage to other enemies. Sweeping Edge enchantment makes the sword attack more powerful. This enchantment can sometimes be added to any sword through an anvil, enchanting table, or game command. You can fight with the enchanted sword and see how it makes your sword more powerful.

In Minecraft, players can add many cool things to their tools, weapons, and armor by making them enchanted. The enchantments in Minecraft can do things that make you stronger or protect you from fire. Most of them are very clear about what they do. An enchantment called the Sweeping Edge Enchantment in Minecraft might be a little more complicated.

You can do more damage to the enemy group when this is used on a sword. Many mobs can be killed with a single hit when you have equipped this. So it’s beneficial when you are fighting a group. Minecraft can be very frustrating when you die because you lose all of your items. Minecraft Sweeping Edge Enchantment is an excellent way for the game developers to help the player fight off a group of mobs. It increases the chances of the player making it out alive. So, this guide completely explains how to get Sweeping Edge in Minecraft and what does it do in the game.

What is Sweeping Edge in Minecraft?

Minecraft has a lot of different enchantments. One of them is called the Sweeping Edge Enchantment. It makes things move. When a player swings their weapon, it does more damage. A player can only use sweeping attacks when their attack recharge meter is at 84.8% or more, and the player is either standing still or walking.

A sweeping attack will not happen if you have less than 84.8% of your charge left or move faster than a walk. The attack is when a sword moves down and hits an enemy. It usually sends them back.

Only One Version: Java

Only in the Java version of the game where you can get the Sweeping Edge. It does not work in the Pocket edition, Windows 10 Edition, Education edition, or console version. People who play Minecraft on their favorite console. They can’t add more damage to their favorite weapons with this.

How to Get Sweeping Edge in Minecraft

The Sweeping Edge enchantment can be added with a command in Minecraft. Just like the commands to make items or move in the game, they might not; Sweeping Edge Enchantment can be added to any sword with an anvil or enchanting table.

It can also be imposed to any sword through an Enchanted book. Sweeping Edge enchanted books can be found in treasure chests worldwide and can also be found inside of them. You can fish, go dungeon crawling, and even trade with some villagers to get emeralds.

It’s also possible to disenchant items with Sweeping Edge and combine them with other enchantments like most of the other found and used in Minecraft.

What Does Sweeping Edge Do in Minecraft?

Sweeping Edge is one of the powerful enchantments of Minecraft when they equip with the sword, they increase the level of damage which the players impose to their opponents. But the amount of damage depends on the enchantment type which is in use.

Attack damage is how much damage the sword does after things like sharpness and smite are added to the sword’s base damage amount. This is the third level of this enchantment. Depending on type of equipped enchantment

  • Level 1 – 50% Sweeping damage
  • Level 2 – 67% Sweeping damage
  • Level 3 – 75% Sweeping damage

We conclude that Sweeping Edge Enchantment in Minecraft is an excellent way for the game developers to help the player fight off a group of mobs. It increases the chances of the player making it out alive. Many mobs can be killed with a single hit when you have this enchantment. So it’s beneficial when you’re fighting a group.

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