Pokemon Insurgence: A Few Best Things You Should Know

By GamesRecon

Those who have been following the Pokemon series will be pleasantly surprised by the content of Pokemon Insurgence. It’s no secret that the Pokemon series has experimented with numerous new mechanics throughout the years in an attempt to keep up with the competition.

Pokemon Insurgence is one such game that takes players on a brand-new journey across the Torren Region. Insurgence Pokemon brings the classic title experience to a whole new level by introducing new Pokemon variants, difficulty levels, and an online presence.

Legendary Pokemon are worshipped by cults, the gameplay is improved, and new tales are introduced. Here are a few things to know about Pokemon Insurgence before diving in, for those eager to go on a new adventure. Russ Boswell has added an update for June 15th, 2020: Since its release, the Insurgence has gained a devoted following thanks to the game’s producers and their excellent Pokemon fan tribute.

There are a lot of unique mechanics in the game. It may keep players entertained for a long time. As you progress through the game, you’ll encounter new and exciting Pokemon and their evolutions. You will also get the opportunity to trade with other players across the world. However, some gamers have taken it upon themselves to create their own unique titles based on the games they grew up with. All the information you need to know about the fangame is right here.

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Armors: A New Held Type

In Pokemon Insurgence, there are many new and exciting mechanics. One of the most curious (and often overlooked) is the ability to purchase, find, or equip specialized “armors” to a specific Pokemon.

These armors are used as held items and usually boost the defense and special defense of the user by a large amount, granting them a special “armored form.” While there are only six of these armors (and only for specific Pokemon) are available in the game, it’s impossible to dispute their value.

It’s also important to note that once the correct armor is held by the matching user, that armor cannot be “knocked away” as a traditional item can. Even it protects against moves like Switcheroo and Knocks Off. Currently, armor is available for Tyranitar, Leavanny, Flygon, Zekrom, Delta Volcarona, and Mewtwo.

Online Trading System

In the Pokemon series, trading used to be a major pain. To trade their Pokemon back in the original releases, players needed a special device called a Link Cable. They had to be in the same area to do it. Player-to-player trading has only been possible since Generation 6. Although the most recent revisions make it even easier.

The good news is that Pokemon Insurgence has fully accommodated the demand of players to trade in-game items. Trading with friends and other players has never been more convenient, until the addition of specialized Delta Pokemon and new Mega Evolutions.

Use HMs as Items

HMS is one of the least favorite things from the original Pokemon releases. Since these unique moves were required to get over certain of the game’s barriers. Players were discouraged from exploring specific sections until they had learned them.

To address this problem later Pokemon games removed the requirement for using HMs in order to proceed. So players no longer had to dedicate a Pokemon solely to the purpose of serving as an HM tool.

However, even if the Hearthstone (HM) system is incorporated into the game, players are not required to teach their Pokemon the HM movements that correlate to those abilities or moves. Instead, players can employ HMs directly through the usage of HM items.

A Whole New Region

Pokemon Insurgence introduces the Torren Region, which has its own league, the Torren League. The Elite Four, in contrast to the Gym Leaders, have built their teams around certain moves, such as Baton Pass, Sandstorm, Hail, and Trick Room.

A player’s adventure begins in Telnor Town. It has 15 cities/towns and continues down one of its 13 paths. Sylvan (the region’s professor) and Damian (one of their opponents) are introduced to the player here. Later in the game, they’ll run into Nora, their other main rival.

Extensive Endgame

Endgame content in Pokemon has always been a fan favorite. There have been some very memorable moments in the latter stages of Pokemon games. These stages start from meeting Mewtwo for the first time to tracking down all of the Ultra Beasts. With 13 more adventures for players to complete, Pokemon Insurgence intends to carry on this history of post-game content.

It is recommended that teams of Pokemon level 95-100 be used for several of these missions.

Character Customization Is Back

A popular feature of Insurgence, which is launched in Generation VI. It allows players to change the appearance of their characters. To begin the game, players are given the option of selecting one of three avatars with different hair colors and skin tones. “Boy” and “Girl” gendered options are still available in this game.

Later on, as the player progresses, they will be able to alter their appearance. Pokemon Centers in the major cities can be used to replace these.

Delta Pokemon Insurgence

It is only in the fangame that you will encounter Delta Pokemon Insurgence. Pokemon of this sort and look are distinct from those of their original counterparts. These Pokemon’s backstory revolved around the idea of “perfecting” them through scientific means. It was reminiscent of regional variations. Each Delta Pokemon has its own shiny version.

Delta Bulbasaur (Fairy/Psychic), Delta Charmander (Ghost/Dragon), and Delta Squirtle (Dark/Fighting) are all starting Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. A total of approximately 200 Delta Pokemon can be spotted and captured by the player during their journey.

Darker Themes And Plots

Pokemon Insurgence, in contrast to other Pokemon games, provides features with darker themes and gives players the option to play in a Lighter or Darker mode. There are no character deaths in Lighter, but there are in Darker. There are also some plot details that are not suppressed.

At the Cult of Darkrai’s headquarters, the player is awakened. A different Legendary Pokemon is revered by each of the game’s several cults. They are a far cry from the comic Pokemon villains seen in other games, with violence, human sacrifices, and questionable morals.

New Mega Evolutions

Mega Evolutions, a staple of the Pokemon series, make an appearance in Pokemon Insurgence. Players can only Mega Evolve their Pokemon once during a battle if they have the Pokemon’s Mega Stone. Just like in other games where Mega Evolved Pokemon appear.

For several well-deserved fan favorites, new Mega Evolutions have been added to it. Gen II starters like Milotic and Froslass are also part of this group as well as a few Delta Pokemon.

Unique Pokemon Moves

There are 26 new moves in this game, making it one of the most diverse. Several moves, such as Crystal Rush, which is only available to Delta Metagross, are trademarked (Ruin).

All Pokemon have access to the Custom Move option, which allows the player to change the move’s name and type. There are 130 TMs in all, including both new and returning maneuvers.

Your Favorites are Still Available

There’s good news for Pokemon fans who want to relive their beloved characters’ journeys in a fresh setting. All Pokemon from Generation I through Generation VI are included in Insurgence. There are now 925 Torren Pokemon in the Torren Pokedex thanks to the addition of Delta Pokemon and new forms. Pokedex completion should be difficult in Pokemon Insurgence Pokedex.

It is possible to trade and communicate with friends online in Insurgence Pokemon to obtain Pokemon that can only be obtained through trade-based Evolution. It is also possible for these Pokemon to evolve through an NPC (known as the Witchdoctor). It’s a drawback that their sociability diminishes as they mature.

Challenge Modes

Among Pokemon lovers, custom challenge modes are a popular feature. Pokemon Insurgence made the regulations more definite by allowing players to select from a variety of alternatives. All Pokemon (trainer-owned or wild) as well as presents, eggs, NPC-given things, and items found on the ground are randomized in Challenge Mode examples like Nuzlocke. This restricts players from depositing any fainted Pokemon until the play runs out of usable ones.

Some game modes can be mixed and matched. But you must make your mode selections before the game begins. Some of these modes are the egg challenge (solo), mystery challenge, non-technical challenge, PP challenge, Bravery challenge, and Ironman challenge.

Secret Base Features

In Insurgence, players can build their own Secret Base, which is similar to the gimmick introduced in Generation III. They can select from a variety of foundation themes, including Evil Base, Forest, and Frost Castle.

Pokemon Insurgence Secret Bases allow players to populate them with beneficial NPCs, unlike in other games. It has Daycare Agents (who have access to Metchi Town’s daycare and can bring the player their eggs), as well as the ability to delete and learn moves, a nurse, and an IV changer.

Difficulty Levels

Many Pokemon fans have complained about the difficulty of the games. For this reason, Pokemon Insurgence has three difficulty levels: easy, normal, and hard.

With Normal as the default setting, the difficulty levels of Easy and Hard are based on the norms of the genre. Trainers have fewer Pokemon and lower levels in Easy, while the player has level caps they cannot surpass for big encounters and opponent Pokemon have higher levels in Hard.

Final Words

We concluded our article by saying that the Pokemon Insurgence series has experimented with numerous new mechanics throughout the years in an attempt to keep up with the competition. Some gamers have taken it upon themselves to create their own unique titles based on the games they grew up with. All the information you need to know about it is right here.