Overwatch 2 Developers Provide an Update on Ranking Issues and Other Bugs

By GamesRecon

In a recent blog post, Aaron Keller, the game director of Blizzard’s Overwatch 2, discussed some insights into the ongoing issues players are experiencing in its ranked mode – providing a much-needed update for those engaged in the game.

Blizzard’s first-person shooter Overwatch 2 was released last year, and its 25 million copies were sold within the first 10 days. Though players loved the game, its Ranked Mode left something to be desired. Players were unable to truly gauge what their real rank was, and lacked confidence in the system – something that Jeff Keller acknowledged in his blog post. As a result of this feedback, Overwatch 2 has several changes planned for season 3 of the game, including a clearer progression system and better matchmaking algorithms. He aims to ensure that every Overwatch player will feel secure in their place on the ladder as they traverse through numerous matches.

In the blog article, he said, “The new Ranked mode suffered from poor comprehension. There was confusion around players’ real rank and how that translated to their skill level, difficulty forming groups with friends, and a negative impression of the matchmaker when players of different ranks were put in the same match (even if their skill levels were similar). We will be implementing some changes in S3 and quite a few more in S4 all aimed at creating more clarity in the system. More details on short-term changes and long-term vision will be coming soon.”

The ranking system isn’t the sole issue of the game, but the players are also unable to acquire the rewards they long for in a suitable time frame. This issue is one that the developer has acknowledged, and they have promised to overcome these bugs soon to make it easier for players to acquire what they want from the game easily. There will be additional changes coming soon that players can look forward to. It’s clear that Overwatch 2 dev team is dedicated to making sure their players are satisfied with the gaming experience they get.

The ult refund will decrease from 75% to 25% when switching heroes, and other adjustments will be made to ult prices in season 3. Keller also mentioned balancing, saying that bug and hot fix patch notes may have let the team “address balance faster and would have enabled us to modify Hog earlier in season 2.” More he added, “We’re still planning an initial and midseason patch each season, but now have the full ability to fill in between those as necessary.”