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Overwatch 2 Venture’s Game Breaking Bug Leads to Infinite Point Contest Exploit

A recent bug in Overwatch 2 lets Venture to indefinitely contest points, causing endless matches.

Overwatch 2: Season 7 Official Trailer

Overwatch Season 7, "Rise of Darkness," is about to roll out. We're getting a fresh Control map named 'Samoa', some cool tweaks to our gal…

Overwatch 2 Developers Provide an Update on Ranking Issues and Other Bugs

In a recent blog post, Aaron Keller, the game director of Blizzard's Overwatch 2, discussed some insights into the ongoing issues players are experiencing in…

Blizzard has Removed Another Overwatch 2 Hero Because of Bugs

The Overwatch 2 hero Mei has been taken from the game by Blizzard until the developers can fix a fault affecting her performance. With the…

Overwatch 2 Review: Great Fun Playing Together

8 out of 10

Heroes are back in action with more intense battles.

In Just 10 Days, Overwatch 2 has Drawn Over 25 Million Players

Even after facing issues on launch day, the game is still getting a lot of success.

On Release Day, Overwatch 2 Hits by Second DDoS Attack

The game's director Aaron Keller said that Overwatch 2 is being hit by a second DDoS attack on its launch day, despite the team's best…

Malevento: A New Overwatch Map has been Added to the PC PTR

Despite the fact that Overwatch 2 is on the road, the game is getting fresh content for now. For that, a brand new Overwatch map…