How to Use Vow of Mineru in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK)

Explore Hyrule at lightning pace with your new mech friend.

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So you’re cruising through The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom? During this adventure, you possibly have tackled the four main dungeons and unlocked those awesome sage avatars you can call up almost anywhere. But there’s a secret fifth sage you can find out, and she’s a game-changer. Head over to the thunderhead islands floating above the Faron region. There, you’ll encounter a quest line called “The Depths.” Finish it, and you’ll get to meet Mineru. She’s a Zonai spirit hanging out in a mech you get to create and control. However, putting Mineru’s build to good work can be a bit of a challenge despite its obvious brilliance. This guide aims to provide helpful tips on effectively harnessing the power of the Vow of Mineru in Zelda: Te­ars of the Kingdom.

How to Control Mineru’s Construct in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

  1. Whenever Mineru’s around, just get to her construct and hit the ‘A’ button and you’re in control.
  2. Sure, this mech isn’t winning any races. It’s slow, but that’s not why you’re using it. The goal of Mineru’s construct is to make it possible to traverse perilous landscapes with ease.
  3. Walking in high places? You don’t have to worry. The build doesn’t take fall damage, so feel free to take some shortcuts.
  4. Forget about autos and gimmicky travel methods when crossing hazardous places like lava or gloom. Mineru’s construct has got you covered.

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Gear Upgrades: Fans and Rockets

  • While riding the construct, hit the run button. This lets you attach Zonai devices like fans or rockets to the construct’s hands or back. Yes, just like how Link attaches weapons and shields.
  • Have a fan? Hit ‘Run’ and then ‘Y’ to attach it. Your construct will speed up a little at the cost of some Zonai energy.
  • Need to get high? A rocket will do the trick. Connect it just like you did the fan, and you’ll be lifted to higher spots.

Using the construct will drain your Zonai energy – keep an eye on that meter. It’s a good idea to have Zonai charges or a bunch of Energy Wells handy. This means you can re­ly on TOTK Mineru’s construct for extended periods without any concern of deple­tion. Now you’re fully equipped to take Mineru’s construct for a spin and make the most of its awesome capabilities.

Controlling Mineru's Construct in Zelda TOTK

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How to Control the Arms

  • You’ve got two arms and two buttons, ‘L’ and ‘R’. To equip an item or we­apon, they can choose to attach it to either the left hand (L button) or the right hand (R button).
  • However, there’s a constraint — each arm can only hold one item at a time. So you’ve got to choose between the desired gear, not both.
  • Normally, if you hit ‘L’ or ‘R’, the construct will do a melee swipe. But here’s a pro tip: Alternate between ‘L’ and ‘R’ quickly, and you can perform up to three quick moves in a row.
  • If you attach a ranged Zonai device like a cannon or an emitter, hitting ‘L’ or ‘R’ lets you aim with the right stick instead. Say hello to long-range firepower!

These arms aren’t just for fighting. They possess great utility for various tasks as well. Interestingly, the weapons themselves lack any kind of durability limitation, making them a risk-free choice when it comes to breaking apart ore­ deposits. Save your best weapons for the big fights. Need to break some big rocks? Attach a cannon to make it a breeze. Do you have a mess to clean in the Lanayru region? Slap on a hydrant attachment, and you’re good to go.

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Fighting with Mineru’s Construct

Mineru’s construct might look like a beast, but it’s not all smooth sailing in combat. Here’s your cheat sheet to becoming a combat pro with this mechanical wonder.

First things first, the ZL button is your go-to for defense. Press it, and you’ve got a shield up. Similar to the shield, your construct can parry. Hold down ZL and then hit A just as an enemy attack is coming in. You’ll deflect the blow and can counterattack in style. Sure, your construct can crush basic mobs and even some minibosses like a Hinox.

But against the toughest enemies, particularly the shiny silver ones, you might find yourself in a pickle. One thing that’s kind of annoying is every time you hit those hard creatures, they go flying, making it hard to land a combo. Try cornering enemies against a wall. Then, attack with your three-hit combos, and they won’t stand a chance. Near a cliff or water? One good smack can send enemies tumbling into the abyss. Easy win!

If your construct is lacking in the long-range department, remember Link also has arrows to shoot. So, there you have it! Whether you’re parrying blows, cornering foes, or sending them flying off cliffs, now you’ve got the information and equipment to succeed. Moreover, read our detailed Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom review or you may want to know how to get the Tunic of Memories.