How to Redeem All the Pride Month Rewards in Valorant

Celebrate Pride Month with exclusive in-game gear: redeem items before June 25.

By GamesRecon

June is here, Pride Month too, and that’s when Riot Games starts handing over Rainbow goodies to the Valorant community for free. Well, if you want to add some flair to your gameplay with some Pride gear, you won’t be disappointed. For the year 2024, there are a few unique items for Valorant, such as a special “Better Together” title and the cute Tactibear Gun Buddy available along with other items as well.

Riot has already always made sure to celebrate Pride in all of its games with different rewards every year, and Valorant isn’t going to be the exception. Continue reading to discover all these high-octane rewards you can get your hands on during June and how can you claim — them.

How to Claim your Valorant Pride Month Rewards

Redeeming your Pride Month rewards is easy. Here’s a quick guide on how to do that so you don’t miss out:

  1. Start by logging into your Riot account. You have to reach the particular redemption page for these rewards.
  2. You can redeem each item with a unique code. Here are the codes for this year’s rewards:
    • All 8 Pride Player Cards: CC-VAL24-PLAYR-CARDS
    • Tactibear Gun Buddy: CC-VAL24-HEART-BUDDY
    • “Better Together” Title: CC-VAL24-BETTR-2GTHR

    Make sure to enter these codes as they appear in the text box on the redemption page.

  3. After you’ve entered the codes, click on the ‘Redeem’ button. You will see a notification that will let you know if the codes were successfully redeemed.
  4. To make sure that your new items show up in your locker, log out of your Valorant account and then log back in. This refresh should make your new goodies visible. Now to see the new stuff in your locker, you need to logout of your Valorant account, and then again login. This will refresh the game and show the new items.

A Few Things to Note

  • The Tactibear Gun Buddy, unlike most gun buddies from Riot, can only be equipped with one gun at a time—so choose wisely where you want to flaunt it.
  • Remember, the rainbow-themed Gun Buddy from last year’s Pride Month isn’t making a comeback; it’s been replaced by the Tactibear.
  • The Pride flags remain the same as the previous year, ensuring everyone can represent their identity.

You can claim these festive items from June 1 until June 25, 2024. It doesn’t matter what your account level is, as long as you have a Riot account, you can join in the celebration and claim your free rewards.

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