How to Beat Phoenix in Final Fantasy 7 (FF7) Rebirth

Ignite your strategy with these hot tips.

By GamesRecon

Facing Summon Entity: Phoenix in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is like stepping into an ancient trial, where the prize is nothing less than the creature’s own Summon Materia. But why is this fight worth your time? Beyond the glory of victory, acquiring the Phoenix Materia means wielding the power of rebirth and flames in your future battles.

So, how do you prepare for such a confrontation? It’s not just about stocking up on potions or leveling up—though, those are crucial steps. You need to understand your enemy, strategize with your team, and enter the battle arena with more than just brute force. While you don’t necessarily need Divine Intel to initiate the battle, having those Summon Crystals on your side makes a world of difference. This guide tells about the strategies, tips, and insights that will not only prepare you for the heat of battle but also guide you toward claiming the fiery wings of the Phoenix as your own.

Final Fantasy 7 (FF7) Rebirth Phoenix Fight

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Phoenix Fight

First, think about who’s bringing what to the party. It’s not simply about picking your favorites; it’s regarding the strategy. You need a mix of brawn and brains, power and finesse. And let’s not forget about Healing Materia. Since you can’t use items during this showdown, Healing Materia can be your lifeline. Make sure each party member has a piece.

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In terms of MP management in the Combat Simulator, where Phoenix awaits, your usual item-based tricks won’t fly. So, you want to splurge on the big moments—like casting Blizzara when Phoenix is staggered—but otherwise, keep that wallet closed. Save your MP for when it really counts.

Gear up with the right Materia too. Alongside Healing, consider what other spells or abilities could turn the tide; you want to be prepared for anything Phoenix throws at you. Remember, going into this battle is like preparing for a marathon, not a sprint. Patience is your best choice in the encounter. You need to watch, wait, and strike at the perfect moment. Rush in without thinking, and you’ll be toast—literally.

Understanding Phoenix’s Attacks

Phoenix delivering Flaming Geyser attack.

Phoenix has a repertoire that’s pretty… well, fiery. We’re talking a variety of attacks, each with their own flare—pun intended. From Fira, a strong elemental fire attack, to the wide-reaching Incadescent Burst, Phoenix is like a fireworks show with a vendetta. Each of its moves requires a specific response, be it a swift dodge or a well-timed block.

For instance, Surging Flame is like Phoenix’s way of saying “Tag, you’re it” but with bursts of flame targeting each party member. Then there’s the Flaming Geyser, which I imagine as playing whack-a-mole, but instead of moles, it’s flames coming from the ground. And let’s not forget the grandiose Crimson Aurora, where the battlefield turns into a deadly game of hopscotch between strips of fire.

But Phoenix isn’t only about the flashy pyrotechnics. When it pulls out moves like Breath of Creation, it’s summoning buddies to the fight. This is where strategy really comes into play. You can’t just focus on Phoenix; you’ve got to deal with its fiery minions too. So, what’s the game plan? Observation and reaction. Notice his attacks, they’re your cue on whether to dance around the flames or stand your ground and shield up. And remember, some attacks cover a very wide area. If Phoenix is winding up for something big, like the Crimson Tetrad, consider it your chance to distance yourself from the epicenter of the upcoming explosion.

Defeating Phoenix in FF7 Rebirth

Phoenix's Breath of Creation Attack

When Phoenix calls in its fiery friends with the Breath of Creation, it’s basically throwing a party and forgetting to invite us. While these summoned enemies are around, Phoenix is invulnerable. So, the game plan is to crash that party. Focus your attacks on the summoned enemies first.

For the Empowering Flame, this is Phoenix’s pep talk to itself, boosting its defenses and making it tougher to take down. However, this is also your golden opportunity. When Phoenix is in its empowerment phase, throw everything you’ve got at it. Special mention goes to Barret’s limit break, “Fire in the Hole,” which can do wonders here. Be wary of the Rebirth Flame, it’s Phoenix’s complete with health regen and a nasty frontal attack.

Once you hit it so hard, it staggers. But hold up, because this is where Phoenix pulls a sneaky on us. It lights up with Rebirth Flame, patches itself up, and summons its minions for round two. Take them down those enemies ASAP. Break out all those ice abilities you’ve been hoarding. Phoenix isn’t a fan of the cold, so it’s your chance to really turn the tide. And while you’re at it, throw in everything else you’ve got. Limit Breaks, those killer Synergy Abilities, and even your summons.

Block, dodge, or brace for impact based on what attack you know is coming. Lastly, be wise with your MP and limit breaks. Without the ability to use items to replenish MP, every spell counts. Save your heavy-hitting magic for when Phoenix is vulnerable or staggered. Follow this game plan, and Phoenix won’t know what hit it. You will receive the Phoenix Summon Materia. Now you can bring a little heat of your own to battles. So, that’s the scoop on beating Phoenix in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth.