God of War Ragnarok Mine Puzzle Guide

Give your Axe a nice throw.

By GamesRecon

There’s a good chance that a God of War Ragnarok mine puzzle in Svartalfheim is the first time you are seriously stuck in the game and unable to progress further. You should have to solve all available puzzles to move forward in your search for Tyr, but don’t worry—they are not very difficult because of their similar gameplay mechanics. If you succeed in completing the first two or three of them, it will be easy for you to break this hurdle. Kratos must employ a novel strategy with his Leviathan Axe to solve this perplexing maze.

Every challenge requires you to divert or cut off the water supply to specific machines by freezing over waterbodies using Kratos Axe. On the other hand, some of these mine puzzles involve destroying the green-colored sound stone (ore) – you can do that with the help of Atreus’ new Sonic Arrows. However, you may become frustrated if you are new because the game doesn’t provide much information about puzzle solving. Do not worry; we are here with the guide to solve the mine puzzle in God of War Ragnarok.

God of War Ragnarok Mine Puzzle: Quest for Tyr

There are many puzzles included in the game, but the players can solve most of them without much trouble. The one we are talking about here is the only mine puzzle in Ragnarok that can give you a hard time and become a serious barrier in your game’s adventure. This puzzle is available during the main questline, “The Quest for Tyr,” when you arrive at the Applecore.

As Kratos and Atreus travel through Svartalfheim, they will come across a small cave with many synthetic water sources. You must divert this water to flip a crank that will raise a bridge for you to walk across. However, this is something you are doing for the first time in the God of War series, which can be tricky for you.

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Solving the Puzzle

As this puzzle takes place later in the game, you have reached this part of the tale after completing many other challenges, and the trick to solve them is not different than the one applied here. You may have already used the Kratos’ frosty Leviathan Axe to redirect or stop the flow of the water and flip the cranks. If you have solved any mine puzzle, you understand the Axe is the key to freezing the water, which causes it to spill over the edges; it is the trickiest part of the mission.

After reaching that tunnel, you will see two water bodies, one on the left and the other on the right. You will need to freeze both of them to spin the wheels. Each one serves a different purpose: the left crank lowers a lift, while the right one raises a rope from which you can access the lift. The main concern is that you cannot engage with both water channels at the same time; you have to freeze them one by one. Because the ice will melt down until your Axe returns to your hand, you need to play with tactics here. Below we have discussed in detail what you need to do.

Atreus climbing on the wall in God of War Ragnarok
Kratos climbing Atreus on the climbable wall.

The first step is to send the Atreus to the crank present on the other side, and you can do this by helping him to reach the climbable wall. Get closer to the wall and press Square when prompted on the screen. The next step is to throw your Axe towards the left watercourse, where the snow impact will form a reservoir downstream from the wheel and release the water. Now is the Atreus’ turn to flip the crank which is closest to him. Doing that will send a few pieces of ore moving down the water and crashing into your improvised ice dam. After that, the platform will come to the center, and you can pick up your Axe now.

Throwing the Axe towards the water source
Throw the Axe at the given point toward the water source.

When the job is done on the left side, you will now move to the right water source and do the same thing by throwing the Kratos Axe into the water channel. Stop the water from reaching the wheel by freezing it with ice. Every movable platform can now move to its correct destination without requiring Kratos to have more throws. After that, you can go to the other side, although there’s still some work to complete.

Once there, you need to return the initial platform to its original location, which is to your right. To do that, you need to instruct Atreus to destroy the ore in the water by using his arrows. Doing so will restore the natural water movement, bringing the platform again to its former location. Hop over there, and you will be reunited with your son.

A lot of the game’s goodies and surprises are hidden in its swampy caves, so it’s worth a second visit even though navigating is a headache. You won’t need to repeat it all from scratch on your next visit here, as these challenges will stay mostly resolved, and new locations will open up with the help of correct God of War Ragnarok equipment. You can also check out the God of War Ragnarok Berserker Gravestone locations guide and learn how to beat Dreki in God of War Ragnarok.